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I saw this movie on Netflix.

Well since I watched the first film, I followed through and watched it's sequel. Again, I didn't have any prior attachments to this film and saw it over 20 years too late. This film, however, is still pretty good. Not as good as the first, but does take the situation further. Now the film is poking fun at and celebrating slashers, as well as doing the same for sequels in general. Though especially horror and slasher sequels.
This is a genre I like just fine, but am not a super fan of.

So over all, I found this to be enjoyable and OK. Noting major or super special, at least in my eyes.

Mistake Status: Found a few in my viewing again. And also, like the first, it's not very high priority to revisit again.

Quantom X Premium member

7. 9/10. The best of the franchise. If anything, this one's script showed it capable of having the right mix of suspense and terror down, much better than its predecessor. I liked the idea of it taking place on a college campus as there's lots of places for a killer to spring out of onto a victim. Neve Campbell delivers here, in what I felt was the best performance she gave of the character in the franchise. Clearly she's made the character stronger since the last one and has the right mix of inner strength with vulnerability, The two killers themselves were more interesting here, with the latter one, Mrs Loomis, having that always great motive of avenging her child. If I were asked which of the four Scream movies were the best I'd strongly recommend the second one.


Audio problem: When Dewey is being stabbed up against the soundproof glass, you see a shot of Gale shouting "No." You can see a reflection of the killer in the glass standing motionless, but you can hear Dewey being stabbed. (01:18:45)

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Mickey: Oh come on Randy, with all due respect, the killer obvious patterned himself after two serial killers who were immortalized on film.
Guy 2: Thank you!
Film Teacher: So, you're saying that someone is trying to make a real life sequel?
Randy: Stab 2? Why would anyone want to do that? Sequels suck!

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Trivia: If you watch right at the start you will see Sidney watching the TV in her dorm room when Cotton is talking on a show. Look at the interviewer he is talking to - it's the writer of Scream and Scream 2 Kevin Williamson.

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Answer: It's when Dewey and Randy are talking about the movie Stab. Randy says to him "At least you get played by David Schwimmer, I get the guy who rode the stage coach through one episode of Dr Quinn".


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