Scream 2

Randy is killed whilst on the phone to the killer.Dewey is stabbed repeatedly and supposedly killed.The killers are revealed to be the weird Mickey,and Debbie Salt the reporter,who is actually revealed to be Mrs.Loomis,Billy(killer in Scream)'s mom!Mrs.Loomis' motive was simply that Sidney killed her son.Mickey is just a hired-nut!And Mrs.Loomis holds Sidney hostage,holding a knife to her neck.Both women pleed for mercy,but Cotton shoots whacko MrsLoomis in the neck.Just to make sure she's dead,Sidney shoots her head.Mickey wakes up screaming,and Sidney,and Gale repeadetly shoot Mickey,killing him.After Sidney, Gale and Cotton emerge as the only survivors a group of medics come out bringing with them a barely conscious but alive Dewey. We learn that he is gonna make it. Sidney tells reporters that Cotton is the real hero and that he should be interviewed. He tells the reporters to call him and finishes the movie by saying that 'it'll make one hell of a movie'!

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