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Corrected entry: Obviously done deliberately to show how ridiculous the Oscar-winning film is, but it's not likely that the last scene of a film would be show at an awards ceremony. It would be a bit of a spoiler.

Correction: Not really. For a film to be eligible for an Oscar nomination it has to have been on general release during the previous year. While it is true that some films get round this by being shown in December this is still three months prior to the ceremony.

Correction: When Christoph Waltz won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for "Inglourious Basterds," the clip from the film that was shown before the winner of the award was announced was the scene towards the end in which Hans Landa berates Aldo Raine for violating the terms of Landa's surrender, which would be a spoiler for anyone that hadn't seen the movie yet.

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Correction: He probably doesn't care if his clock says AM or PM, just the fact that it has the time.

Corrected entry: Is it really likely that in America in 1997 a teacher would be sacked for being gay? Surely the school could be sued for a fortune for unfair dismissal.

Correction: In Indiana, like in most states, workplace discrimination against gays is not illegal, according to the Indiana Code. In fact, type in the words "Cracker Barrel" and "Homosexual" into an internet search engine, and you'll find articles about how this restaurant chain fired gay employees in the 90's.

Other mistake: The day after the Academy Awards, there is tall corn in the fields and the kids are dressed for warm weather. The Academy Awards are in March, not a warm, corn-growing time in Indiana.

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Emily: Is everybody gay? What is this? The Twilight Zone?

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Question: Here is a user comment from the "In and Out" imdb listing. It's about Tom Hank's drama teacher Rawley Farnsworth being the inspiration for this film: "although he provided the idea behind the character, the character as written in the film is not based on Farnsworth himself. The name, the quirky character traits, the Shakespeare lectures, the bicycle, the Midwestern background (Farnsworth was from Oakland CA), the sports coach connection all come from a long term USC theater professor." Does anyone know anything about this?

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