Inglourious Basterds

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they are playing 20 questions, the barmaid and the barman are invited to join in, in the next shot they are back behind the bar and then a few moments later they are playing 20 questions again.


Factual error: When the real German soldiers are playing 20 questions in the bar, one of the cards shows the name of Genghis Khan. This is an English-language word; as Germans, they would have written Dschingis Khan instead. As the whole scene deals with exposing the British/American spies and subtle differences in their language or behaviour, this is especially unfavorable here.


Factual error: Near the end, when Lt. Raine is being interrogated by Col. Landa, there is a phone on the table with a coiled phone cord. Coiled phone cords were not used until the late 1950s.


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Continuity mistake: The German Feldwebel, who gets beaten to death with a baseball bat, has a badge over his left breast pocket which disappears and reappears during shots.


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Continuity mistake: Shosanna is dropping the letters onto the ground while talking to Zoller. In the last two or three high angle shots before she descends the ladder, they're suddenly positioned differently from how they were before.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Col. Landa hands himself over to Lt. Raine, Utivich cuffs Col. Landa. Then when Lt. Raine is carving the swastika into Col. Landa's forehead, you can see him clutching at grass with his right hand, which isn't cuffed. (01:09:20 - 01:11:40)

Character mistake: Hicox salutes General Fenech, who returns the salute. But Fenech is bareheaded and therefore under British military protocol cannot salute. He would instead acknowledge the salute with a nod.


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Continuity mistake: In the final scene between Brad Pitt and the Nazi officer before he carves the swastika into the German's forehead, Pitts' tie changes three times. First scene it is on both sides of his neck. Second scene it has disappeared from the right side, and the third scene, it is back completely around his neck again.

Continuity mistake: When Colonel Hans Landa is talking to the dairy farmer at the start of the movie, the glass he drinks his milk from changes position from shot to shot.


Factual error: In the opening scenes by the farmhouse, the fields in the distance have "tramlines" - used for accuracy when crop spraying. The scene is set in 1941 however tramlines didn't come into use until the 1950s.

Continuity mistake: As Landa and his men approach the farmer's house, they pass the same trees on the dirt road several times. (00:02:30 - 00:03:15)

Factual error: During the baseball bat beating scene, the "hitter" says something about Teddy Ballgame going yard. "Going yard" is more like a 1990s term, not one used way back in 1941.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene in which Colonel Landa and Shosanna are talking in the cafe, Landa orders an espresso for himself, along with a glass of milk for Shosanna and two strudels. When the order arrives on a tray, the cup of espresso is seen briefly in one shot. The film then cuts to a close-up of the tray, and the espresso has disappeared, despite no-one having put it down. In the next shot of the table, the espresso has appeared beside Landa. (00:50:05)


Continuity mistake: In the Operation Kino briefing scene, in the shot where General Fenech and Lt. Hicox drink to "down with Hitler", Fenech is holding his staff in his left hand along with his blue file folder. In the next shot, as Fenech asks Hicox if he is familiar with German cinema under the Third Reich, the staff is suddenly no longer in his hand, but being held pinned under his left arm. In the following shot, Fenech is instantaneously once again holding both the folder and staff in his left hand.


Factual error: In the opening credits for "Stolz der Nation," Joseph Goebbels' name is spelled "Goebbles." This is easily visible both in the actual film and in the "Stolz der Nation" bonus film on the DVD.


Continuity mistake: In the tavern scene, when the SS officer tells Lt. Hickox that he is no more German than the scotch they are drinking, Hickox is sitting back against the back of his chair. In the following shot, which shows Eric the bartender slowly reaching for his shotgun, Hickox can be seen in the background leaning forward in his chair. In the next shot, Hickox is suddenly once again sitting back in his chair as he was before. It is implausible that Hickox would have or even could have changed seating positions so quickly or abruptly.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where the Bear Jew beats the German Sergeant to death with a baseball bat, the sergeant's head basically explodes into a mass of blood at the end of the beating. In a later shot, the sergeant's body is shown lying on the ground with the head intact.

Continuity mistake: When in the farmer's house, Landa's gloves on the table keep changing from wrinkled to straight depending on the angle.

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Lt. Aldo Raine: The German will be sickened by us, the German will talk about us, and the German will fear us.

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Question: Does Emmanuelle Mimieux know of the Bastard's plan to blow up the cinema and do the Bastards know that Emmanuelle Mimieux is going to burn it down, or are the plans not connected at all?

Answer: They're unconnected. As happens often in Tarantino's films, their storylines are completely separate until they intersect at that point.

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