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Corrected entry: The Jackal has a clever way of trying to fool any would be pursuers by using a paint on his van that he is shown to easily be able to spray off in about 35 seconds to completely change the color of it. He is shown using a pressure washer to remove this paint, which works when the paint is fresh, as well as when it's been dry for a while later on in the film. It washes off, indicating that it either comes off from water, or high pressure, or both... So what would he have done if it rained? Or he had to go at interstate speeds? (00:21:40 - 00:49:20)

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Correction: As a loose re-imagining of Day of the Jackal, I think it can be inherently inferred that screenwriter Chuck Pfarrer would retain most of the Jackal's basic character traits. In both the original film and the novel, the Jackal is highly intelligent and methodical, meticulously planning every aspect of the assassination down to the minutest detail; surely he would anticipate and have contingencies for things like the weather and issues regarding his getaway vehicle.

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Corrected entry: The Jackal did buy a van earlier in the film. But to get to the US with his weapon, he bought a boat and sailed it in the boat race across one of the great lakes. When Declan and him see each other and he gets into a short fire fight with Koslova, he runs to a van sitting there waiting on him and takes off... Where did that van come from? He didn't bring it on his small boat. And it appears to be a slightly different make and model to the one he had before. He only had just arrived at the docks and had about only enough time to change, and put his weapon into the van from his boat. But the van seems to come out of nowhere. (01:12:50)

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Correction: Actually quite a lot of time has passed since then, moving from Canada to the US by boat. He simply had rented a similar van as the last in the US to be waiting for him at the dock, he called from the boat.

Corrected entry: As the Jackal is checking out the tripod with the gun mounted on top, we see that the camera on top still has its lens cap on, but when we flick to the next angle that cap is missing. (00:55:30)


Correction: Those shots are not back to back. There is a 9 second gap between him taking the cover off the gun while it shows Lemont talking about it, before it shows the next angle of the gun. During this time you can hear the Jackal still moving some fabric around before he reaches down for ammo. There was about 2-3 seconds worth of time there after we see the lens cover that he could have slipped it off while Lemont was talking.

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Corrected entry: When the jackal has just painted the van, there is no paint over spray visible on the taped up windows. (00:21:25)


Correction: You can see thinner layers of paint on the covers.

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Corrected entry: When a Marine helicopter deposits Sidney Poitier atop one of these skyscrapers, his trouser leg rides up and you can clearly see the stuntman (his back is turned to us) has a pale white leg. (01:40:10)

Correction: Sidney is fourth in queue to jump. The person with a pale leg is second on the roof, after a person in uniform.

Corrected entry: When the Jackal gets the stolen Canadian passport doctored in England, the wrong form/spelling of the French word for "Canadian" (as in citizenship) is written in the passport. The doctored passport says Canadienne (extra n and e) which is the feminine form of the word, when it should read Canadien, which is the masculine form of the word.


Correction: I'm a Canadian male, and I just looked at my passport. It reads Canadienne as well. The nationality of a person is feminine, it doesn't matter what sex they are.


Corrected entry: In the final confrontation scene where Isabella appears at the subway station, she shoots the Jackal with a Glock handgun (easily distinguishable in the close up show due to its square shape.) Yet, when she runs to Declan, she is now carrying a Sig Sauer pistol which has a different appearance. (01:54:30)

Correction: The close up of the gun that Isabella uses is a flashpaper version of the SIG Sauer, hence its strange "boxy" appearance:

Corrected entry: When the Jackel is scouting out the construction site for his future shot, he holds a camera to his face and we see the big blue banner 'Grand Opening 2 Weeks' in the viewfinder. He zooms in and the big blue banner has changed to 'Gala Opening 2 Weeks'. Zooms out again, and its back to 'Grand'. (00:39:20)

Correction: This is no mistake, there are two banners, one above the main entrance and another above the notice board. They can both be seen in the shot in between the shot of the "Gala Opening in 2 weeks banner" and the shot of the notice board.

Corrected entry: Towards the end, where Declan has chased the Jackal into the subway, the other people are just calmly walking along, not a care in the world. This is despite a mass shooting just happening pretty close by outside and everyone out there screaming and running around in mass hysteria. Most of the people in the subway would have been in the vicinity of the shooting so probably wouldn't be admiring the scenery of the subway station.

Correction: It's surprising how little people react or even notice things like that. A friend was at a movie theater where 2 people were shot and killed, and 3 more were wounded. People were still ordering food from the concession stands, playing video games in the lobby, or making their way to the screens. None of them began running around in hysteria. Once police arrived, they had a difficult time finding witnesses, and some of the witnesses even said they thought it was a promotion for a movie, and didn't think it was real.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, the Jackal tries to kill the first lady in Washington. He is wearing a police uniform and you can see the bullet proof vest underneath his shirt. When he enters the subway station he is still wearing his clothes, and gets shot in the stomach by Richard Gere. But where is the vest?

Correction: He's not wearing a vest - what appears like it, is simply the cut of the jacket. Throughout the park scene preceding the subway scene, where he's just wearing a shirt, there's no vest suggested under the shirt.

Corrected entry: When Richard Gere is in prison, eating his meal, he drinks from a cup, but does not swallow, which shows that the cup is obviously empty.

Correction: His swallow is partially hidden by his beard, but there is definite throat expansion. Note that swallowing liquid simply doesn't expand your throat as much as swallowing solid food.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce Willis and the guy take the tripod and shoot at the pumpkin, he says the tripod is off by 3mm. Even if the tripod WERE off by 3mm, the camera was mounted on top of the gun, so it would have still been lined up correctly.

Correction: Just because the camera is on top of the gun does not mean it is aimed at the same spot as the gun.

Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis is dressed up as the policeman at the end of the film, he has a significant amount of make-up to make him look paler, older and bigger. In the underground station, all this has vanished and the only thing he is seen doing is taking his wig off.

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Correction: No make-up was applied but the wig just gives that effect.

Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis shoots the Russian Major he says "The blood's black, that means the bullet is in your liver." He then draws on her with significantly darker than usual blood. Why then, is all the blood on her clothing and chest normal coloured?

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Correction: The blood is as dark on the shirt as is on his fingers and that is darker then what's on her face.

Corrected entry: The Spanish woman loses and regains her accent all the way through the film, often halfway through sentences. I wouldn't normally complain as an accent is difficult to keep, but hers is shockingly bad.

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Correction: That is because she's lived in America so long her accent is changing.

Corrected entry: Why does Bruce Willis not take the plans for the tripod from the guy's house? After all, he killed him to shut him up.

Correction: When Major Koslova says that every man makes mistakes and that was how Decklin was caught, that was one of his mistakes.

Corrected entry: This film supposedly takes place in Washington, D.C., which, if the movie is to be believed, is populated by skyscrapers. Tall buildings are expressly forbidden in Washington, D.C.

Correction: Those buildings were not skyscrapers.

Corrected entry: When they show the White House there is a crane on the left side of the dome, seen many times from the same angle. When the Jackal calls Doug (who he met at the gay bar), Doug's office window looks at the same view of the White House and the crane is gone. But it reappears when the helicopter flies near the White House.

Correction: The trees are in the way.

Corrected entry: When introducing himself to Isabella's husband, Richard Gere muffs his line and says something like, "Mr. Decker? I'm Decker Mulqueen." He even grins guiltily at the Russian major when he realizes what he said, but everyone covers it and goes on with the scene. Very stage-like, for a movie.

Correction: Gere hasn't messed up the line, as Isabella's husband is credited as "George Decker" in the end credits, and Gere refers to himself as "Declan Mulqueen." Also, he grins at the Russian major because he introduces her as "Major Koslova," referring to the previous scene in which Gere asks the major her first name and she replies, "Major. Major Koslova."

Corrected entry: If the calibre of the weapon Willis uses is big enough to blow Jack Black's arm off (which it certainly is), how come Sidney Poitier's leg wasn't blown off. I really dont think he would be up and walking so quickly either.

Correction: It's never shown or suggested that he got shot in the leg, it could well have been a piece of shrapnel that hit him, not a bullet.

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Continuity mistake: When the Jackal shoots Lamont, only the lower arm is shot off. Then we cut to the Jackal, who says 'I told you it was off', and when we cut back to Lamont, the arm is cut way up at the shoulder. (01:00:30)

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Declan Mulqueen: Preston, what about letting me have a gun?
Preston: Are you crazy? If the right people knew I was letting you walk around without cuffs, I'd have forced retirement. (01:08:45)

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Trivia: The scene in which the Jackal kills Douglas was re-shot at Bruce Willis' request. He wanted to show that Douglas was killed because he knew too much about the Jackal's identity, instead of simply because he was gay. (01:32:00)

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