The Jackal

Corrected entry: When the Jackal is flipping through weapon options (online with his mafia connection), a machine gun equipped with 7.62 mm bullets is described as 'suitable for anti-aircraft ground defence'. This is wrong. The 7.62 mm is standard NATO anti-personnel ammunition, considered too light and short range for defending air space. However, the Jackal ends up with a very effective 19mm gun, which has been used as a light anti-air weapon in European armies since WW1.

Correction: In the Army, we were taught how to effectively utilize the M-60 machine gun (which uses the 7.62mm NATO round) against aircraft.

Corrected entry: When his minivan is white, it has the plain base-model gray plastic bumpers, but when it is red, the bumpers are the same color as the car.

Correction: He got a new Van.

Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis is doing his time run for washing the paint off the car, there is tape covering the windows. But when he finishes up the job and goes to stop the watch, the tape has been removed. (00:22:16)

Correction: The tape was blown off by the pressure washer.

Corrected entry: Richard Gere shoots the camera of the Jackal's remote controlled cannon thereby ruining his aim, but before he fired, the Jackal had the gun perfectly aimed. After he lost the picture all he had to do was press the fire button, thereby disintigrating the first lady, and get away in the fallowing riot.

Correction: A bullet striking the camera would be enough to throw off the gun's aim slightly. Given the van's distance from where the First Lady is making her speech, the Jackal would not have known whether or not he was still aimed accurately. Yes, he could have pulled the trigger anyway, but given his previously shown perfectionism, it's likely that he would have held fire unless he was certain.

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Continuity mistake: When the Jackal shoots Lamont, only the lower arm is shot off. Then we cut to the Jackal, who says 'I told you it was off', and when we cut back to Lamont, the arm is cut way up at the shoulder. (01:00:30)

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Terek Murad: Here's what I can do! [Kills a man with an ax to the head.] I loved this man like a brother... He was a dear friend and partner to me. So I took no joy in that! But just think... If I could do this to one I love, what could I do to someone I hate? So the American F.B.I declares war on us? Then war it is. (00:09:20)

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Trivia: The scene in which the Jackal kills Douglas was re-shot at Bruce Willis' request. He wanted to show that Douglas was killed because he knew too much about the Jackal's identity, instead of simply because he was gay. (01:32:00)

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