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Corrected entry: The Jackal did buy a van earlier in the film. But to get to the US with his weapon, he bought a boat and sailed it in the boat race across one of the great lakes. When Declan and him see each other and he gets into a short fire fight with Koslova, he runs to a van sitting there waiting on him and takes off... Where did that van come from? He didn't bring it on his small boat. And it appears to be a slightly different make and model to the one he had before. He only had just arrived at the docks and had about only enough time to change, and put his weapon into the van from his boat. But the van seems to come out of nowhere. (01:12:50)

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Correction: Actually quite a lot of time has passed since then, moving from Canada to the US by boat. He simply had rented a similar van as the last in the US to be waiting for him at the dock, he called from the boat.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce Willis and the guy take the tripod and shoot at the pumpkin, he says the tripod is off by 3mm. Even if the tripod WERE off by 3mm, the camera was mounted on top of the gun, so it would have still been lined up correctly.

Correction: Just because the camera is on top of the gun does not mean it is aimed at the same spot as the gun.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie, the Jackal tries to kill the first lady in Washington. He is wearing a police uniform and you can see the bullet proof vest underneath his shirt. When he enters the subway station he is still wearing his clothes, and gets shot in the stomach by Richard Gere. But where is the vest?

Correction: He's not wearing a vest - what appears like it, is simply the cut of the jacket. Throughout the park scene preceding the subway scene, where he's just wearing a shirt, there's no vest suggested under the shirt.

It's clear when he is sitting on the park bench that there is a vest under his shirt.

Corrected entry: When the jackal has just painted the van, there is no paint over spray visible on the taped up windows. (00:21:25)


Correction: You can see thinner layers of paint on the covers.

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Factual error: Just before Declan and the Jackal start shooting at each other in the subway tunnel, one of the trains starts coming from the opposite direction and begins passing Declan. This train continues to pass him at full speed for a full 35-40 seconds while they shoot it out. Subway trains are not nearly long enough for that. Also, during this time another train comes from behind him and he has to get between them and hold onto the light for a few seconds while they pass. But the second train then passes first while the first one passes fully about 2 seconds after the second one came... and it got there first, by about 15-20 seconds. Subway lines are about the same length as each other as well. But the first one was way longer and way wrong. (01:49:30 - 01:50:05)

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Declan Mulqueen: Preston, what about letting me have a gun?
Preston: Are you crazy? If the right people knew I was letting you walk around without cuffs, I'd have forced retirement.

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Trivia: Just a few months before his death at age 91, Fred Zinnermann, who directed the original The Day of the Jackal (1973), on which this movie is based, actually fought Universal Studios to change the name of the film. Saying that the original had stood the test of time and he did not want the remake to bear the same name. (00:01:25)

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Question: Why didn't Koslova try to fight while the Jackal is talking to her?

Answer: Because she's dying, in shock, losing blood, and in pain.

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Answer: She's in too much pain to fight. He also just helped her to slow her bleeding, after that she seems to weirdly trust him.

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