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No need to be credited for my review I think that the multiple interpretations in the movie makes one of my favorites. I've known Mr. Willis for over 24 years now meeting him in Idaho. He played the role well. The several added details to his character and how he was able to manipulate, read every character to get what he needed as a narcissistic psychopath who enjoyed killing and not just a hired assassin and was able to use each character for his own need/gain for profit and sadistic needs shows with each character he came across and ability to observe different situations again only to fulfill his need was well played. It doesn't take a profiler to see that but I was able to get more out of the movie and also each time watching it I noticed something new. This also goes for the whole cast as well. With him watching the hyena bit at the beginning, those animals are known to hunt, stalk and kill basically everything and that was very fitting as well when his character was introduced.

I checked out this movie from the Library.

I never saw the original film from the 70's. In fact I didn't even know there was one till I watched this.
But I did enjoy this film. It was well written and engaging. It's nice to see Willis is capable of playing a very sinister villain and did a great job as such.
I really enjoy films like this. I do recognize some flaws with it and it wasn't super amazing or anything. But very enjoyable all the same.

Mistake Status: I went through it with a think comb twice, finding anything I could. I'm pretty confident that I found everything, but I could have missed something here or there. I would like to see if someone else is able to find anything I missed.

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Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, the Jackal tries to kill the first lady in Washington. This is where the hospital opening takes place. When he flees into the subway station, the name it has is indeed of a station in Washington (Capitol Heights), the subway-cars however are from the Montreal subway system (which ride around on rubber tyres). (01:45:10 - 01:47:55)

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Isabella: Some nights I can close my eyes... and sleep... and no dead faces come to wake me. That's... that's more than I ever had. You wouldn't have me give that up, would you?
Declan Mulqueen: Give me some credit, will ya?

Quantom X Premium member

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Trivia: The scene in which the Jackal kills Douglas was re-shot at Bruce Willis' request. He wanted to show that Douglas was killed because he knew too much about the Jackal's identity, instead of simply because he was gay. (01:32:00)

Cubs Fan

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Question: What is the title and author of the music played at Isabella's house on the stereo?

Answer: It's called "Red Tape" by Agent Provocateur.

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