Free membership

By Jon Sandys

Thu 5th Feb 2009

Finally got this up and running - membership now comes in two flavours, free and paid. The differences are spelled out here but essentially, free membership gets you credited for your submissions, makes the timecodes visible and grants access to lots more pictures, while the extra benefits of paid membership (for just $10 a year!) are access to all the pictures, no ads, access to the forum, etc.

So now there's no reason for people not to become free members (all it takes is a name and email address, and I'll never pass your details onto anyone else), while paid membership has enough extra benefits to make it worthwhile too. Having usernames for people also makes it a lot easier to add more features like discussion pages for movies, and maybe even individual threads for pictures, entries, etc., but I don't want to get ahead of myself just yet. Suffice to say that building more of a community can't be a bad thing, and will hopefully open up new improvements to the site, in a "web 2.0" [pah - hideous phrase] way. Let me know any thoughts you have about what other member benefits you can think of...

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