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Fracked - S11-E8

Trivia: The plot of this episode is similar to the plot of "Erin Brockovich" - a water supply being contaminated. Ecklie even calls Catherine Erin Brockovich at one point. Marg Helgenberger, who plays Catherine, was in "Erin Brockovich" as Donna Jensen, one of the people who became sick due to the contaminated water.

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1st Sep 2021

Spy Kids (2001)

Continuity mistake: When Carmen and Juni change from their uniforms to casual clothes in the store, Carmen is wearing a 3/4 length sleeved red top and a black jacket with matching cropped trousers, which she continues to wear up until they're at Machete's. But later on, when she and Juni ditch their wetsuits at Floop's castle, she's suddenly got a different top on.

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24th Jul 2021

Summer Holiday (1963)

4 x 4 - S5-E19

Question: In Nick's case, why is nothing shown happening to Jackie at the end? I mean, if it wasn't for her kicking out Chase and Andy, so that she could have the house party (while her parents are on vacation), they wouldn't have ended up at the laundromat where Chase dies.

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Answer: There are not enough jail cells or funding for them to waste time and money charging people for crimes who are an indirect puzzle piece as opposed to being the person who directly committed the crime. While Nick is not a cop, he knows enough about solving crimes to know the law comes down to who is directly responsible. The law doesn't put much focus on who you could put some of the blame on indirectly, hypothetically speaking. No one in law enforcement is going to waste their resources charging Jackie. Particularly when all her lawyers would need to say is, by law, she didn't commit a crime.

Audio problem: When Sir Rodney Ffing is disguised as Robespierre, his lips don't match what's being said. Plus when him, Darcy and Pommefrit are leaving, as he says "You two, come with me", his lips aren't moving at all.

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8th Dec 2020

South Park (1997)

Ginger Kids - S9-E11

Continuity mistake: When Stan, Kyle and Kenny are going to Cartman's house to turn him back to normal and get surrounded by the Ginger Kids, Kyle is wearing his pyjamas with a coat over the top. But by the time he and Stan reach the barn to shelter from the attacking Ginger Kids, he's suddenly wearing his normal green trousers.

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23rd Oct 2020

The Monkees (1966)

Question: When Doc comes back at the end, it's to say goodbye to Marty, but what's stopping him from just staying in 1985 with Clara and their two sons? I mean, before Clara turned up at the train in 1885, Doc was all set to go to 1985 with Marty, and then when Clara showed up, Doc said that they'd have to bring her too because there wasn't much time left before the train ran out of track, and he couldn't just let her perish. So why doesn't he just stay in 1985 - that's where he was going to go before Clara turned up, and now that he has her, and a family, why not just settle down in 1985?

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Answer: Because like Doc Brown, Clara has a thirst for adventure. An Old West lady being offered the chance to go back and forth in time. Also, to go to the final frontier, outer space. Besides traveling for them is like a vacation. They could settle in 1985 anytime they wanted.

Answer: Doc was never content living in the modern world. Once he met Clara, he'd found a time and place where he fit in. Also, Clara and the two boys do not belong in the 1980s. They are people of the 19th century and likely want to stay there.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Doc actually explains in Back to the Future: The Game. I recommend playing that as it continues where part 3 left off. Doc actually tells Marty that he wanted him to live his life without the complications of time travel. So he left and moved to another time period. I don't want to spoil the rest of the game if you haven't played it but it gets into most of your question in the game definitely should give it a playthrough.

19th May 2020

Death in Paradise (2011)

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Suggested correction: As someone having to wear such a mask I can only say that from time to time you do not wear it - it is not a very comfortable thing to do. Especially if one is drunk as Cedrik, he may have skipped wearing the mask that night. So I would not count it as a mistake.

As a fellow mask wearer myself, agreed. Its entirely plausible with Cedrik being that intoxicated he just simply didn't put his mask on.

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4th Jan 2020

The Monkees (1966)

2nd Nov 2017

The Monkees (1966)

The Prince and the Paupers - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: When the Monkees (excluding David) and Ludlow come out of the cupboard that they hid in when Wendy Forsythe came to visit, you can see some items in there on shelves and neatly stacked. When David (as Ludlow) and Michael accidentally open the door a bit later (thinking they're going into a different room), they get covered in the items as soon as they open the door. Plus some of the items that fall on them were not even in there before.

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Continuity mistake: When the Beast shows Belle to her room and then says she will join him for dinner before shutting the door, Belle is wearing her cloak. She's still wearing it when she runs over to the bed, kneels down and starts crying. When we see her again (after the Gaston scene which is in-between), she's no longer wearing the cloak, and she couldn't have removed it at any point because her position next to the bed hasn't changed since she started crying and she doesn't move again until Mrs Potts taps on the door to offer her a cup of tea.

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23rd Jan 2017

La La Land (2016)

Continuity mistake: When Mia arrives at the cafe she works at the morning after her and Sebastian first dance together, she has a yellow bag, but when her and Sebastian walk out of the cafe later, she has a larger red bag.

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9th Sep 2016

South Park (1997)

My Future Self n' Me - S6-E16

Question: When they get back at Motivation Corp at the end, how did Cartman manage to get into the building, along with his Mexican painting crew, and also how did they manage to paint the whole place in crap so quickly before any of the staff came in for the day?

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Chosen answer: Cartman has a knack for getting into places he's not supposed to be. We don't need the details. As for how they worked so quickly, either Cartman worked them mercilessly or it's a cartoon, your pick.

Captain Defenestrator

28th Jun 2016

The Simpsons (1989)

Kamp Krusty - S4-E1

Question: When the kids take over Kamp Krusty, Lisa hands out all the kids' confiscated mail to them and one of them says "My insulin." How did that kid survive at that camp all that time (whilst it was being run by the bullies and Mr Black), without their insulin and not become ill due to not being able to treat their diabetes?

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Chosen answer: He assumedly arrived at camp with a supply. The shtick is that the counselors are so cruel they'd withhold his lifesaving medication.

Brian Katcher

30th May 2016

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Revealing mistake: After Angel leaves Skinner's office to confront the shoplifter, (before Angel arrives next to him at the shelves) the shoplifter isn't putting any items into his pockets - he's merely miming the gesture.

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Suggested correction: Watch closely. At Least 1 packet of biscuits is put into his jacket pocket.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Near the end when Indiana and Marion are tied to the post and the Germans are about to open the Ark, Indiana closes his eyes and tells Marion to close her eyes so they can't look. But how did he know when they should open them again? He wouldn't know the Ark had been sealed again afterwards unless he took a risk and opened his eyes to see.

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Chosen answer: The events were quite loud. Once the noise had stopped, and the sound of the ark slamming shut had been heard, he slowly opened his eyes to check it was definitely safe.

Question: Why didn't Buttercup leave Humperdinck's castle and search for Westley? When Westley and her are surrounded in the woods by Humperdinck, Rugen and the soldiers, she only agrees to return with Humperdinck if they spare Westley's life and asks that they return him to his ship etc, and then after Humperdinck tells her he's going to send a messenger out to look for Westley, she asks him each day if they've heard word, to which he says no. So couldn't Buttercup have just left and looked for Westley herself? She is shown to be able to look out for herself, think on her feet and if she really wanted to find Westley again, she would have done everything in her power to search for him.

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Chosen answer: Even if Buttercup was able to leave the castle (she was probably under house arrest at the time), she wouldn't have much luck finding him. She has no money, no tracking or survival skills, and no experience beyond the castle and her farm. Besides all that, she's the typical storybook "damsel in distress", waiting for Westley to save her.

Continuity mistake: When Wallace and Gromit are being chased by Preston in the sheep truck and Gromit grabs the window cleaning ladder, he puts it up in the sidecar before climbing it and having the bike do a 360 degree turn. But after the turn is complete and he climbs back down (the bike is still in motion at this point), the ladder has magically moved onto the motorbike.

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Question: Why was this movie released in the UK through Warner Bros (at least on DVD), and not Paramount? I'm getting the Paramount information from a corrected entry about how the Paramount logo changes into the South Park Mountain.

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Chosen answer: Viacom and Time Warner jointly owned Comedy Central, and Comedy Central owned the rights to South Park. Paramount is the parent company of Viacom and Warner Bros is the parent company of Time Warner. So essentially they agreed to split distribution, in what has been described as a "jump ball", with Paramount taking the US and WB taking the international markets.


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