A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Austere Academy: Part Two - S2-E2

Continuity mistake: In season 1 whenever count Olaf's tattoo is shown, it is always on his inner left ankle (the reptile room part 2, Mr. Poe wipes the makeup to reveal it on the inner ankle, and In the Wide Window part 2 when Sunny chews through the broomstick and Olaf's lag is revealed it is also on the inner ankle. In this episode, after Sunny loosens the laces on Olaf's shoe and the Baudelaires defeat Olaf in the arm wrestling, the tattoo is on the outside left ankle.

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Trivia: Most of the episodes are written by franchise creator Daniel Handler, whom wrote all 13 of the original novels under the pen-name "Lemony Snicket." Handler also appears in a cameo in Season One as a fish-merchant, who quotes the song novelty comedy song "Fish Heads." ("Fish heads! Fish heads! Rolly-polly fish heads!").


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