A Series of Unfortunate Events
Show generally 0
Season 1
Season 1 generally 1
1 The Bad Beginning: Part One 2
2 The Bad Beginning: Part Two 1
3 The Reptile Room: Part One 0
4 The Reptile Room: Part Two 2
5 The Wide Window: Part One 1
6 The Wide Window: Part Two 1
7 The Miserable Mill: Part One 0
8 The Miserable Mill: Part Two 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 0
1 The Austere Academy: Part One 0
2 The Austere Academy: Part Two 0
3 The Ersatz Elevator: Part One 0
4 The Ersatz Elevator: Part Two 0
5 The Vile Village: Part One 0
6 The Vile Village: Part Two 0
7 The Hostile Hospital: Part One 0
8 The Hostile Hospital: Part Two 0
9 The Carnivorous Carnival: Part One 0

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Violet Baudelaire: Why do you hate us so much?
Count Olaf: Because it's fun.



During Count Olaf and his theatre troupe's performance in the front hall, the bannister and the newel post wobble when Count Olaf grabs it.



The series stars Neil Patrick Harris, with Cobie Smulders appearing in a recurring guest-role. The two had previously co-starred together in the long-running sitcom "How I Met Your Mother." In addition, Smulders and Will Arnet play a couple in this series, and coincidentally respectively voiced DC superheros Wonder Woman and Batman in the "Lego Movie" film series. Additionally, Nathan Fillion has a guest-spot in several season two episodes. Fillion co-starred with Harris in the web-series "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog."