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Corrected entry: Twentieth Century Fox had wanted Eric Stoltz for the part of Martin Brundle from developing stages on the film. When the first script was written, Stoltz refused it. After numerous rewrites, Stoltz agreed to star in the film.

Correction: The practice of re-writing a script and re-submitting it to a prospective star is commonplace in the motion picture business. This does not qualify as trivia.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: In the scene where Martin Brundle (Eric Stolz) is watching the video recordings of his father's telepod experiments, he comes across one where his father is being interviewed by someone just after he's successfully teleported himself across a room. When Seth Brundle actually did this in the first film he was alone (no press coverage or witnesses) and nobody else knew he'd done it because he forgot to tape it. Also he's speaking in a very clear, controlled voice on the tape even though the only reason he tried teleporting himself was because he was pissed drunk on champagne at the time.

Correction: There is nothing in the film to indicate this MUST be the same tape. He could easily have taped this later. The fact that he is NOT drunk and NOT alone would support the assumption that this is a later tape made as part of the documentary process Geena Davis' character is conducting.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: After discovering the hidden camera in his apartment, Martin breaks into the monitoring room and chances upon a recording of the infamous scene from the first film where a mutated Seth explains how a fly got into his telepod and was fused with him. Problem is, that particular scene wasn't actually recorded by any character in the first film so there's no 'in-story' way it could conveniently pop up here.

Correction: There are many times in the first film where it's apparent that Seth is followed about all the time by the camera just at certain stages in his mutation, so he could have recorded this at any time as a warning to someone trying to reproduce his experiments.

Revealing mistake: When Beth is helping Martin out of Bartok's cocoon, you can see Martin wearing pants inside the cocoon. Surely he should be naked. (01:35:15)

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Beth: You can't walk... and you're getting worse.
Martin Brundle: I'm getting...better.

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Trivia: In one version of the script, Martin finds another videotape of his father Seth. This tape would show Seth (who is in his part-fly form) explaining the "cure". This scene would have required Jeff Goldblum to be in make-up for five hours, and he didn't want to go through that, so he dropped out, and the scene was cut from the script.

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