The Little Mermaid

Corrected entry: In the beginning when the fish squirms out of the fisherman's hands and dives into the water, the fish exhales out his mouth. Fish inhale through their mouths and exhale through their gills.


Correction: Fish don't sing and speak though either, so I'd say this fits within the nature of the characters.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Ariel is watching the people on the ship Ariel says to Scuttle "Not that one, the one playing the snarfblat." (Snarfblat is a pipe) the person that Ariel would be talking about (Eric) doesn't have a snarfblat, and even if she was talking about Grimsby (who does have a pipe later on in the movie) who at that point in time he doesn't have one ether.


Correction: Scuttle tells her that a snarfblat is used to make music. She obviously sees Eric playing his little flute and assumes it's another kind of snarfblat. She associates "snarfblat" with the music, not with the exact image of the pipe she found in the shipwreck.


Corrected entry: When Ariel is turned back into a mermaid after the sun sets and Ursula jumps overboard with her, Ariel is still wearing her dress. A second later underwater however, not only has the dress disappeared but her seashell bra has magically reappeared. (01:10:00)


Correction: Completly true. However, Ariel was going to be changed back to exactly how she was when Ursula first changed her(with the exception of her voice) That explains how her seashells returned also it's a DISNEY film they can't realy show a person topless! As to her dress, Ariel just got of the ship and into the water before the transformation was complete.

Corrected entry: When the wedding is taking place, the priest's cross turns upside down for one frame.

Correction: He does not wear a cross, and there is no cross on his clothing. I wanted to provide a screenshot, so in every shot he was visible I went frame-by-frame to see what the submitter could have meant, but found nothing.

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Correction: She is a octopus because of her 6 legs and 2 arms.

Corrected entry: When Ursula is Vanessa and turns into her sea form, Eric is in his wedding suit. Then he is in the life boat paddling out to save Ariel in his normal clothes. When someone you love is in dire need of help, you wouldn't stop and change clothes first.


Correction: The trousers have yellow stripes on their sides, which shows that he is still in his wedding suit. He just might have gotten rid of the jacket, which is quite understandable if someone intends to swim.

Corrected entry: When Scuttle flies into Ariel's room at the castle on the third day, he tells her and Sebastian that the whole town is already buzzing with the news that Eric is getting married that afternoon. But it's not decided that the wedding will be then until a few seconds later - Ariel and Sebastian see Eric instruct Grimsby that he and Vanessa wish to be married that same afternoon.

Correction: Maybe they told the town before telling Grimsby, or Scuttle just heard a rumor.

Correction: It's plausible that she was a fast learner to walking. Ariel's motivation to learn to walk changed quickly as she feared the dog. "Fight or Flight" response resulted in her becoming a very quick study and she found the way to run away from the dog - note that she does not run far or very fast, in keeping with her newly acquired skill of flight.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Ariel has just been made a human and she throws her head out of the water, you can see that she has her bra on, so that, of course, no one sees anything rude. However, when she steps out of the water, she doesn't have anything on.

Corrected entry: When Sebastian has to pull himself free when trying to sneak into Ariel's cave, the force slams him lengthways into an hourglass. When he picks himself up he rubs the top of his head - which never hit the hourglass.

Correction: When one gets flung that far, it can make one's head swim or throb. Besides, I rub my head out of habit, as it looks cool.

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Sebastian: Jeez, man, I'm surrounded by amateurs. You want something done, you've got to do it yourself.

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Trivia: When King Triton enters the concert hall and passes over the audience, you can see Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck sitting among the audience. (00:03:33)

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Chosen answer: They are all throughout the film but the biggest one is when Eric is steering the ship to stab or skewer Ursula.


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