The Little Mermaid

Question: I once heard that there's a shell somewhere in the movie that has a profanity written on it. Is this true?

Answer: Yet another Disney urban legend.


Chosen answer: They are all throughout the film but the biggest one is when Eric is steering the ship to stab or skewer Ursula.


Question: What are the names of Ariel's sisters? It's very hard to hear it during their song.

Answer: Their names are Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, and Allana.


Question: When Ariel rescues Eric from drowning, he still has boots on, but when she brings him to shore, he is barefoot. What happened to his boots? They couldn't have slipped off, as they appear tight on his feet, and Ariel couldn't have removed them and kept Eric above water at the same time. Later during the climax, Eric spends a good amount of time in the ocean with boots on, but after he defeats Ursula, he's barefoot again. Why and how do his boots keep coming off?

Answer: Co-director John Musker was asked this on Facebook. He said that they had Eric wash up barefoot because they thought he looked more like he'd "been through Hell", and didn't really think about how or why his boots came off.

Answer: This appears to be a continuity mistake and not anything that happened in the film.


Question: Why didn't Triton kill or at least try and hurt Ursula with his sceptre instead of trying to destroy the contract? If destroying her is all it takes to nullify the contract, as seen at the end when Eric drives the ship into Ursula, killing her, then why didn't he do that instead of signing his own name saving Ariel and becoming one of Ursula's garden along with all the other merpeople she transformed too? Or better still, use his sceptre to turn the merpeople back to normal and then they all overthrow Ursula together?

Answer: 1. He's not a murderer. 2. As we see, he's not able to break Ariel's contract, so he wouldn't be able to break the other merpeoples' contracts either.

Question: When Ursula is posing as a human, does her 'unsinging' voice change to Ariel's as well, or just when she is singing?

Answer: Well from what I remember Jodi Benson, who is the voice of Ariel, disguised her voice for Vanessa so in a way she has the same speaking voice as Ariel but a little bit of Ursula's real voice seems to come through.


Question: Why did king Triton have to destroy all of Ariel's stuff? That only makes it worse.

Answer: Because he was angry. People sometimes overreact when they're angry.

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Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Ariel is watching the sailors dance on the ship the dog comes over and licks her face, but she wipes off the wrong cheek. (00:19:00)

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Ursula: Come in. Come in, my child. We mustn't lurk in doorways. It's rude. One might question your upbringing.

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Trivia: The King and Grand Duke from Cinderella (1950) appear in a brief cameo while attending the attempted royal wedding of Prince Eric and Vanessa, and can be seen when Max runs past the guests just before he bites Vanessa.

Super Grover

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