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Corrected entry: When Meg Ryan and her boyfriend are making out at the airport terminal before she gets on the plane, watch the pillar in the background. Just to the left of it Billy Crystal is standing, waiting for a cue to walk around the corner and see them.

Correction: The person standing just behind the pillar is a man who is wearing a dark brown suit. He is standing looking down, and emerges right after Billy Crystal does. It is not clear where Billy was coming from, but he wasn't behind the pillar. He is also wearing a gray suit.

Corrected entry: Harry and Sally are talking to their respected friends (the split screen scene) about how they just had sex, in Harry's split screen is a mirror. Watch in the reflection as a crew member walks by as if nothing has happened. He actually walks by twice, in different directions. The film's director Rob Reiner walks by carrying some equipment seconds later. (01:13:55 - 01:14:20)

manthabeat Premium member

Correction: Harry is in a public place using a public phone. The scene implies that both Harry and Sally have called their friends right away after Harry leaves Sally's place. The type of phone Harry uses, plus the mirror to see the people passing by helps reinforce this theory, and thus the rush of his call. Seeing passers by in a mirror (even if they're cameos by members of the crew) fits the scene.

Corrected entry: When Billy and Meg are leaving from the college campus, Meg barely talks to Amanda. They only say a quick hello. I realize Amanda is enamoured with her boyfriend, but the girls don't even act like they know each other, and when Meg drives off neither one of them say goodbye or wave goodbye, not even a smile or a look. I thought they were supposed to be friends?

Tiffany Fife

Correction: Sally could be upset for having to drive Amanda's boyfriend, or it could be awkward because they don't know how to say goodbye. There could be a number of reasons why things appear tense between Sally and Amanda, but it's not necessarily a plot hole.

Corrected entry: When the women are in the open air restaurant and Carrie Fisher's character takes out the index cards to read off eligible guy's names, after she mentions the first one is married, she goes to bend the corner of the card. If you look closely the corner of the card is already creased before she goes to fold it over.

Correction: She folds it over because she finds out that the man is married. He might have been married before and then divorced, hence she may have had the card folded before.


Corrected entry: When the three women are sitting in the open air restaurant and one takes out the rolodex of boys' names, she takes them both from the front even though, because of alphabetical order, they should not be near each other.

Correction: The first card is taken from the very front and that man's surname begins with A (Alex Anderson). She passes over several cards before pulling the second card, where the man's surname begins with D (Ken Darman). Alphabetically speaking, A and D are near each other and the second card should be taken from near the front considering the size of her card file. Therefore they appear to be taken from the correct positions.

Corrected entry: Their cross-country drive supposedly took place in 1976 or '77, but when they stop at the diner, the credit card decal on the door advertises "VISA." Bank Americard didn't change its name to VISA until 1979.

Correction: Has the dubious honour of being the longest-standing misconception - added years ago, and only corrected October 2002 - the name was changed in 1976. Check out VISA's website..

Corrected entry: When they are with their friends arguing over the ugly coffee table, Sally is wearing black trousers. When she goes outside to talk to Billy Crystal, she's wearing blue jeans.

Correction: They're dark blue - they just look black in the low light indoors

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, they are leaving the campus of the University of Chicago to drive to New York. The next shot is of the car driving north on Lake Shore Drive, north of downtown. This route would take them to Evanston, not New York city.

Correction: OK, now it gets complicated. They are actually driving south, not north. However, Lake Michigan is in the foreground and the downtown skyline is in the background which means that they are driving south towards the University of Chicago and would pass it on their way to New York. Since they've left the U of C to drive south (to the Indiana and Ohio tollroads, Pennsylvania Turnpike, etc) to go to New York they cannot have started north of the U of C and once again pass it.

Corrected entry: When Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan drive from Chicago to NYC, she drops him off in front of Columbus Arch. In order for her to be parked in the direction and on the side of the street that she is, she would have had to driven the wrong way against oncoming traffic.

Correction: I believe it is the Arch at Washington Park. She would be going down the street in the right direction.

Continuity mistake: When they are playing win, lose, or draw, Sally is trying to draw baby talk, and if you keep your eye on the drawing the baby looks different all the time and has eyes, and then doesn't have eyes, etc.

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Harry Burns: How long do you like to be held after sex? All night, right? See, that's your problem. Somewhere between 30 seconds and all night is your problem.
Sally Albright: I don't have a problem.
Harry Burns: Yes, you do.

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Trivia: When they are in the museum and Harry says "For the rest of the day, we are going to talk like this...", the last thing he says is ad libbed. "But I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie." is not in the script. You can see Meg Ryan look off-camera at the director and say "Oh, no" but she continues with him. It's obvious that she wasn't expecting it. [This is confirmed as true in the documentary on the DVD.]

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