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Corrected entry: Even though the karate tournament again is for participants under 18, Daniel appears to be in his late 20's and Mike Barnes is at least 25.

Correction: Just because Daniel looks older than 20 does not mean to say that his character actually is. It is not a mistake for someone to look older than the character they are playing, as it is common for actors to play characters much younger than themselves.


Corrected entry: When Barnes is knocked out in the dojo fight, he falls to his left, in the next shot he is laying as if he fell to his right.

Correction: Mike was thrown into a wall, so he probably rolled over to his right when he hit the floor.


Corrected entry: Jessica tells Daniel she's immediately leaving to go back home to Columbus. She's supposedly gone the rest of the film, however after the tournament ends and Silver and Kreese storm out angrily, Jessica is seen in the stands.

Correction: That's a different redhead. She's not even applauding.

Corrected entry: For a good duration of the movie, Daniel gets threatened in many ways by Mike Barnes to sign the form to enter the tournament as if there was no way out once signed. However, once signed, Mike tells Daniel "don't even think of backing out now!", and in addition, Daniel later tells Terry Silver he's decided he's not going to enter after all. If Daniel can get out that easy, what was the point of all that energy Mike went through to get Daniel to sign?

Correction: Because Daniel can't compete if he doesn't sign. He had to sign in order for entering the tournament to even be an option. Getting Daniel into the tournament involved both getting him to sign and getting him to show up.

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Corrected entry: When Daniel is being taught by Terry Silver in the Kobra Kai Dojo, just after Daniel hurts his foot on the training instrument, Terry decides to show him how to do it. The left plank of the instrument, just before it breaks, you can see it's been pre-cut to break easily. (Zoom in necessary.) (01:10:05)


Correction: Zooming in to catch something has the same rules as slow-mo. Not considered a mistake.


Corrected entry: Immediately before the rest period before the beginning of sudden death overtime, the announcer says there are ten seconds left in the period. However Mike begins kicking Daniel and only two seconds later the buzzer sounds for the end of the period.


Correction: The clock doesn't stop running in tournaments like this. If you start counting seconds from the time the announcer says that to when the buzzer sounds, it is 10 seconds.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Daniel gets beat up at the dojo, Daniel escapes and Mike follows him to bring him back. When Mike gets thrown through the doors by Miyagi, you can see the bench he jumped from before it gets pulled from view.

Correction: I just got done watching this movie. After watching this scene 5 times, I could not see and bench being pulled out of the way or that he could have jumped from anywhere in the scene.


Corrected entry: In the first minute of the film, Daniel is seen walking into the King Cobra Dojo alone, and is wearing a red Blazer. The sensei then asks what the problem is with Johnny, and looks over at Daniel. In the next shot, Mr. Miyagi has appeared, and Daniel is wearing a flannelette shirt, and has new grazes on his head and a bandaid. (00:00:15 - 00:00:50)

Correction: What you're seeing is a flashback of two separate events from the first film. When he was wearing the red blazer, he was checking out the dojo just before joining his mom for dinner. When he was wearing the flannel shirt, it was the day after the Halloween dance, when he and Miyagi went there together to issue their challenge for the tournament.

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Corrected entry: When Mike is beating up Daniel in the Bonsai store, Miyagi shows up and Mike says something like "Take him", then shouts or points for Dennis. Dennis approaches Miyagi, but in the following shot it is actually Mike fighting Miyagi instead of Dennis. (00:46:40)


Correction: Mike shouts "nail him" and it was Snake who goes after Mr. Miyagi and gets beat up. Mike then goes after Mr. Miyagi and gets kicked in the butt and out the door. Dennis never goes after Mr. Miyagi.

Corrected entry: After Daniel finally signed the application at the bottom of the cliff, he tells Barnes and his two buddies to pull him and Jessica back up. If Daniel and Jessica needed to depend entirely on somebody at the top in order to come back up, why did those two dummies both descend by themselves?

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Correction: When Daniel and Jessica went down the cliff, it was with the intention of climbing back up at a slow, careful pace. However, because of the delay they got from Barnes & co., they risk getting caught in the flash flood and therefore need help getting up fast.


Corrected entry: Jessica is with Daniel when Silver tells him that tournament guys are suckers for the front sweep. However, later in the movie at the Bonsai shop, Daniel decides that he will tell her the exact same thing as if she's never met Silver nor was ever there when he told Daniel. She also seems very surprised and excited when Daniel tells her.

Correction: Maybe Daniel was overly excited about the front sweeps that he forgot Jessica was with him when he told her. She also doesn't seem that surprised. She looks at him like she already knew but was going along with what he was saying just to be nice.

Corrected entry: By the time we see Daniel in Karate Kid III, Daniel has gained a lot of experience in karate. In Part I, Daniel won the championship for the All Valley Tournament, which supposedly means that he knows karate best in the Los Angeles area. In Part II, Daniel defeats Chozen in a fight to the death, and Chozen is a real karate master (as is evident when he beats up his students in Part II). With all this experience in karate, why is Daniel so easily beaten up by Mike and his friends? With all he's learned, he should be able to defeat them easily. (With Mr. Silver and Kreese, that's understandable since they are very experienced as well.).

Correction: It is pointed out by one of the trio of bad guys that the techniques he uses will not work against Barnes; they even make fun of the move he used to win in the first movie. So he is easily beaten because they have come up with different moves, and counters to his moves, so he will have to learn new techniques.


Corrected entry: Why is Daniel risking his life to get the bonsai tree to sell to help the shop when he has that shiny yellow classic car? He can easily sell that for enough to help out. Then when he brings the broken tree to the shop Mr. Miyagi says he sold his truck to pay for them. Later at Mr. Miyagi's house, in the background are Daniel's car and two other classics easily worth more money then Miyagi's old truck.

Correction: The classic cars are practically irreplaceable and they would hate to lose them, while they don't really care that much about the bonsai or the old truck.


Corrected entry: During Daniel's match with Barnes, Barnes kicks Daniel in the groin and the referee warns him that one more illegal move will get him immediately disqualified. After the warning, Barnes sucker punches Daniel in the back of the head. This should have gotten Barnes an immediate disqualification but the ref lets the match continue.

Correction: Actually the kick to the groin was the first infraction that Barnes committed. It was the punch to the face (not the back of the head) that got the final warning.


Corrected entry: After Daniel wins, the announcer says, "The first ever to win two years in a row!", but Johnny was the reigning champion throughout high school.

Correction: It was never said in the first film that Johnny was the champion through high school, it was only mentioned that he was the previous year's winner. It's possible he may have won more than once but he might not have won back to back titles, which would make Daniel the first person to win consecutive titles.

If he was the previous years winner, doesn't that mean he won two in a row?

Johnny won the previous year, as in, he won the tournament last year. He didn't win against Daniel, so no, it doesn't mean he won two in a row.


Corrected entry: We know based on the 'movie time frame' of things and various timeline events within going back to the previous two Karate Kid films, at least a year (and possibly upwards of a year and a half) of time has transpired between the end of Karate Kid 1 (which ends in December of 1983 - movie time) and the ending of Karate Kid 3 (early to mid 1985 - movie time) The ending fight was advertised as an 'under 18 ALL Valley Karate Championship.' It is almost impossible at this juncture that Daniel is still under 18, especially because of his '17th birthday' celebration he and Mr. Miyagi had over a year (and longer) previous in the first Karate Kid film. It was likely Daniel had to still be 18, (possibly closer to 19), by the 'movie time frame' at the ending of Karate Kid III.

Correction: It was the next year, not two years later. Remember, Daniel was still the champion from the previous year. Daniel turned 16 in the first movie (he shows off his new license) and the second takes place during the summer after. The third film takes place the following school year, so Daniel would have turned 17.


Correction: More than likely incorrect. Daniel was not "turning 16" as the first Karate Kid begins. He was starting his senior year, and more than likely was 16 (turning 17). While not impossible, it is very unlikely he would be starting his senior year at still 15/not yet 16. The time "reference points" of the first entry are all pretty accurate. By the time Karate Kid 3 takes place (still in movie time), at least a year of time - if not more - would have passed, making Daniel now just over 18 at minimum.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the final match, the announcement is made it's the first time in history the defending champion kept his title. Yet in Karate Kid 1 Johnny Lawrence had already won the championship twice and was there for his 3rd time.

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Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Inside you same place you karate come from.
Daniel Larusso: My karate comes from you.
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Ah. Only root karate come from Miyagi. Just like bonsai choose own way grow because root strong you choose own way do karate same reason.
Daniel Larusso: I do it your way.
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Hai. One day you do own way.

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Trivia: When Daniel is persuading Myagi to use his college money to buy a store for selling Bonsai trees, he takes a wad of cash, smells it, and says, "Hmm. Looks like money.smells like money." Ralph Macchio has practically no sense of smell at all, so just for fun he always makes a point to smell something in every movie he does.

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Answer: He lost all his students after he flipped out on Johnny. Without students, he couldn't pay his bills.

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Answer: Kreese strangled Johnny, after the latter lost to Daniel. This proved just what kind of teacher, as well as person, Kreese is. His students after seeing this, realised just what Cobra Kai puts in their head, as well as just what kind of person and teacher Kreese is. Specifically, after seeing Kreese strangle Johnny, they thought, "I WON'T be your student, if you're gonna treat me like that!" Therefore, they left, and Cobra Kai went out of business.

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