Licence to Kill

Other mistake: When Loti is shot three times, all three bullet holes appear on her at the same time.


Continuity mistake: When the four blokes get covered in the crop dust there's a big white patch on the ground. When they get up and run at Bond the white patch is gone.

Continuity mistake: When the tanker is blown up by the rocket, the driver runs off to the left. Cut to the long shot of the tanker blowing up and the driver is gone.

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Suggested correction: The driver was engulfed and killed by the explosion, as he wasn't able to get away in time. That's why we cannot see him, as the scene was supposed to point out that the driver didn't survive.

Continuity mistake: When Bond forces the tanker off the road the front wheels come off and Bond's tanker stops. Switch to inside the cab with Bond and he's moving again.

Continuity mistake: When Sanchez gets in the petrol tanker at the end the two drivers from the crashed one are in front of the one that's on fire. One is lying down, the other injured, but when the trailer blows up both men have disappeared.

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Suggested correction: These men disappear because the explosion kills them. They are in a state of immobility and are unable to escape the explosion.

Continuity mistake: Around the time Lupe starts dealing at the casino table, we see a woman in a purple, red and yellow dress walk away. In the next shot, a close up of Bond, the woman is standing behind Bond, and in the next shot she is walking away again.

Continuity mistake: While Bond attempts to pass a tanker during the chase scene, he forces another tanker into the ditch. In subsequent scenes, you can see the crashed truck appears to have had the engine removed and replaced with a dark object meant to simulate the appearance of an engine.

Continuity mistake: When Bond's unhooked tanker trailer collides with another tanker, you can see the tanker truck involved has pulled to the left side of the road with its wheels pointed left. The truck also appears to be intact through out the scene. During the second explosion, as Sanchez is escaping in another tanker, you can see the disabled tanker truck now has its wheels pointed to the right. The disabled tanker is also missing an exhaust stack and you can see daylight through a portion of the grill, indicating that its radiator and engine have been removed.

Continuity mistake: When Bond and Pam are in the pool at the end of the film, Pam asks him, "Why don't you wait until you are asked?" You can see Pam's right hand on Bond's back when she asks the question, but in the next shot her right hand is now on his shoulder.

Continuity mistake: When bond takes the tanker onto one side to avoid the stinger its not Dalton in the controls it is visible because the stunt driver has a shorter and a fatter face.

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Audio problem: When Bond takes the 'belt' off his tux, in order to get the concealed rope, there is a scratching sound, as velcro ripping. But the belt is not closed with velcro. We can see metal clamps when the belt lies on the ground and Bond removes the rope.

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Audio problem: When Bond captures the seaplane with the money, he knocks out the pilot and throws him out. We can see that his body is limp when he falls from the plane. Nevertheless there is an 'aaaarrrrgghh' sound, as he falls. If he was awake, he would not have been as limp as we see - and in that event it is then clear it is a dummy being thrown from the plane.

Jacob La Cour

Franz Sanchez: SeƱor Bond, you got big cojones. You come here, to my place, without references, carrying a piece, throwing around a lot of money... but you should know something: nobody saw you come in, so nobody has to see you go out.

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Trivia: This was Timothy Dalton's second and last appearance as James Bond. He initially agreed to play Bond for a third time in "GoldenEye" (1995) but resigned from the role in 1994, believing that too much time had passed since "Licence to Kill".

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Question: When Cary Lowell arrives at the religious compound run by Wayne Newton to "donate" money, they don't let her in at first. She begs and says "But I came all the way from Wichita Falls." Being from Wichita Falls, Texas (a city not real well known throughout the US since it's relatively small) I'm curious as to how this line got into the film. Does someone working on the film have some connection to Wichita Falls?

Answer: Just why they chose this city is not known. It was probably chosen for an inside reason, i.e. one of the writers or producers was from there, and they wanted to give a nod to their hometown.

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