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Corrected entry: Charlie and Santa get to the North Pole for the first time and they land. Santa gets out and starts talking to the one Elf. When Bernard comes over, he asks "who's causing the trouble here?" There is a red headed kid with a yellow shirt on sitting in the Sleigh just staring at Santa and Bernard. However, a moment later when it goes back to Bernard, the kid is mysteriously gone. (00:30:00)

Jarrad Trythall

Correction: The cutaway from Bernard to Scott Calvin was long enough for the elf in the yellow shirt to exit the sleigh or duck down inside it.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie when Scott is leaving the Millers' the final time, when the camera pans through the crowd of kids, some of the kids have pointy ears from when they played elves earlier in the movie.

Correction: That's entirely the point. The elves are blending in with the kids to watch what happens.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Santa arrives at the north pole he asks an elf who is in charge. She tells him she has shoes older than him and turns to walk away. Santa goes after her and camera angles change. The elf is a different actor in the second part of the scene.

Correction: The first elf Scott Calvin asks is Larry the Elf (who is later ordered by Bernard to get Charlie some chow) who says he has pointy shoes older than Calvin. Calvin then turns to another busy elf, who is female and asks her who is in charge. Two different elves.


Corrected entry: The morning after Scott goes to the north pole, he goes outside with no boots on. When he goes back in he has boots on.

Correction: When Scott goes out to look in the snow he comes back with bare feet. When he goes out to car to talk to Charlie you can actually hear his boots going down the steps outside the house, so he obviously put them on before going out.

Corrected entry: On the table at Denny's is a little plastic holder with a card advertising egg nog. In all the shots of the table the plastic holder is facing toward Scott. But in the very last overhead shot, it is facing towards the empty seat to Scott's left.

Correction: Scott picked it up and put it down in a different position.

Corrected entry: When the "dead" Santa is on the ground, his suit has a belt, which is buckled. Scott picks the suit up and heads to the sleigh. Later when he's in the sleigh and puts the suit on, Charlie says "you forgot the sash" and Scott ties the sash. There is a sash now where there used to be a belt and a buckle.


Correction: The suit Scott wears at the end is also completely different from either of these suits, the elves telling him they've made some modifications to the suit for Scott. The belted suit the dead Santa wore featured his own modifications. When the current Santa dies, the suit reverts to its default form until the next Santa adds his own personal touches. The belt disappeared (just like the former Santa's body disappeared) to be replaced with the sash which the suit originally featured.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Scott Calvin is looking in the window at Charlie after he is not permitted to see him, you see his Scott Calvin's face, and it is snowing. The shot cuts to Charlie-in-the-window, and it's not snowing, then back to Scott Calvin, and it's snowing again.

Correction: It's snowing in every shot. It's difficult (almost impossible) to see the snowflakes when the camera is zoomed in on something. You can see the effect the first time we see through the window; you can still see the snowflakes, but just barely. After another zoom in, they essentially become invisible.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, just as Scott Calvin takes over the Santa duties, he visits the house of a little girl named Sarah. Right before Scott rudely asks Sarah if she still wants the doll and flings it into her Christmas tree, Sarah asks Scott why he doesn't look like Santa, why he has no beard, etc. You can easily tell her two front top teeth are missing (loss of baby teeth). However, towards the end of the film and seemingly a year later to the date, Scott (now full blown as Santa Claus) visits Sarah's house again and he is now very kind to her. When she tells him that the milk she left him this time was soy milk, you can easily see her two front top teeth are still missing. Very unlikely a year later.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected - it's unlikely but it sometimes takes that long.


Corrected entry: When the elves are tying up the security guard, one of the elves is holding his ribbon-sprayer, but nothing is coming out of it.


Correction: Watch closely. Three of the elves are spraying the police officer and one is standing next to Charlie watching and laughing. The three doing the spraying all have ribbon coming out of the guns.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: At the soccer game, the activity behind the bench Tim Allen is reclined on changes.

Correction: This is way too vague. I have now watched this movie dozens of times and, since they are in a public place, naturally whatever is going on behind Scott changes from shot to shot. There is nothing unusual about it.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Scott Calvin and Charlie have got in the sleigh and Scott has shouted 'Let's go', the sleigh flies off the roof and moves onto the road along side a truck. At first glance the sleigh looks like its moving on the ground, then in the next shot it looks like its off the ground, and then it goes back to moving back on the ground before flying off to deliver presents.

Correction: Scott cannot control the sleigh, so it makes sense that it's moving up and down and occasionally hitting the ground.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: During the jail break scene, the ELF cuts the jail door hinges with tinsel. Then they lift the door out of the way. When they pull the door out, the bolt is flush with the door and was not locked.

Correction: The bolt is flush because it was cut too.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Scott and Charlie are at the North Pole, you can't see their breath.


Correction: Snow doesn't have to mean temperatures below freezing. We have a lot of snow where I live, but you don't always see your breath, even in December. It is not just a matter of cold, but also of humidity.

Corrected entry: When Scott is looking at the huge list of names with "Armand Asante" on it, you can see that the second page is the same as the first.

Correction: The elves told him to check it twice that is why the page is the same.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Santa is getting his new equipment for his run, the elf giving him the stuff is named Quentin. This is a reference to the James Bond films - the guy who issues Bond's equipment is named simply Q.

Correction: Without any evidence that the filmmaker's deliberately intended this, it could also just be a coincidence.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Corrected entry: When Tim Allen shouts to Santa on his roof and he starts to fall, you can tell by the speed that he's falling that when they cut to the next shot (view looking down from the roof), Santa should be further down on the roof than he actually is.

Correction: The shots are showing the exact same moment, just from two views, which is a common filmmaking technique showing a single action from different angles.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when Neal is hanging up stockings on the mantle, he only hangs one up for Charlie. In the next scene, there are three stockings hanging (one for each family member).

Correction: We only SEE him hanging up Charlie's stocking, that doesn't mean he didn't hang up the other two as well.

Corrected entry: Santa's card said to put on the suit and the reindeer will know what to do. Scott did not put on the suit, but the reindeer flew him to another house. He was not yet bound by the Santa Clause, he was not yet Santa Claus, the reindeer should not have flown.

Correction: He said "Let's go.", so maybe the reindeer assumed that he meant to fly to another house.

Corrected entry: When Scott shouts at Santa he falls off the roof because of the slippery snow. Minutes later both Scott and his son climb on the roof via a tailor 'presented' ladder and both have absolutely no problem walking on the slippery snow.

Correction: Santa was startled and lost his balance when Scot shouted.

Corrected entry: The girl who left out milk the first Christmas and buttermilk the second Christmas for Santa had a tooth missing, pretty prominently in the front. The next year, everything is the same, including the missing tooth. Wouldn't it have grown back?

Correction: When my sister lost her front teeth it took her about two years to grow them back. Maybe this little girl took a while to get her teeth back, too.

Factual error: Finishing his rounds on the morning of Christmas Day, flying over downtown Chicago, the sun is over the horizon west of Chicago, Sunrises occur in the east, not the west. (00:26:10)

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Charlie: It's Santa! You killed him.
Scott: Did not! And he's not Santa.
Charlie: Well, he was.

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Trivia: Another Elf sighting is when Calvin and Charlie are first entering the dining room at Denny's - an Elf boy is putting on his coat to their left (our right). (00:08:50)

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