17th Sep 2022

Final Destination (2000)

Question: Why was Clear Rivers' father killed for turning around? What is the reason for the robber telling him not to turn around?


14th Sep 2022

Moonraker (1979)

Question: If the nerve gas doesn't infect animals, what about people's pets? How would they survive without being fed if all the owners are dead?


Answer: They would die or escape and go feral, as would zoo animals, farm animals etc.

12th Sep 2022

The Adam Project (2022)

Question: Why did Adam leave his dog Hawkins behind in the damaged house after fighting with Sorian's soldiers? Can't he just bring it with him to protect it from getting hurt or running away?


5th Aug 2022

Hobbs & Shaw (2019)

Question: Didn't the Snowflake virus also infect other life besides humanity, such as animals and plants?


Answer: Many viruses are specific to certain types of species and do not cross over and infect others. The Snowflake virus was a programmable super virus that apparently was genetically engineered for a particular target.

raywest Premium member

19th Jul 2022

Bride of Chucky (1998)

Answer: He mentions in the movie that he sees Jesse as a trailer trash low life and didn't think he was good enough to date his niece.

13th Jul 2022

Transformers (2007)

Question: Didn't the little girl who saw Ironhide out of the pool report what she saw to her parents or anybody?


Answer: Thieves, vandals, drunk teens take your pick. They would believe any of that, before they'd believe a giant alien robot.

Answer: It's unknown if she did but if she had, being a little girl, her parents or other people would have either thought of it as being nothing more than a child's playful imagination, or her just having a strange dream.

What about the damages to the pool and the property?


Last Hope - S5-E15

Question: Why is it the guys at the diner wanted Cahill and the teens out of there? What is up with them?


Question: What was in the package that Ace was carrying at the very beginning of the movie when he deliberately breaks it?


Answer: We're never told. Nothing important since it was just a ruse to snatch the dog.

Brian Katcher

17th May 2022

Toys (1992)

Question: How Did Leslie escape from the Sea Swine pit?


Question: How come the animals didn't get attack by the Darkness too along with the humans?


26th Mar 2022

Liar Liar (1997)

Question: After Fletcher beats himself in the bathroom, he describes himself to the judge what his attacker looks like. Didn't the guy who walked into the bathroom report the whole thing after seeing Fletcher beat himself up?


Answer: The person that saw Fletcher do that is probably totally unrelated to the trial going on. He was kind of freaked out by the whole scene so it's not unlikely he just left the building.


8th Mar 2022

Better Off Dead (1985)

Question: Why did the basketball teams at the cafeteria eat baby food?


24th Feb 2022

Critters (1986)

Question: Why does Brad take the blame for Charlie for shooting April with the slingshot? If he tells dad that Charlie had done that, he would've told him it was an accident.


Answer: Charlie had become a chronic drunk and the town considered him a crackpot with his claims about alien abductions being foretold through his dental work. Even though it was an accident, he could have been declared incompetent and a danger to himself and others; he possibly could have been involuntarily committed. Brad is protecting him.

raywest Premium member

23rd Feb 2022

Jumanji (1995)

Question: When Carl found his police car smashed into the tree, shouldn't the airbag be deployed?


Answer: I'm not sure about Carls cruiser because he appears to be the only Officer in a small town, I doubt very much he's getting into high speed pursuits. However, in my cruiser I have the option to disable the air bag system. This is due to the possibility of the air bags deploying if a suspect vehicle stops and then deliberately backs into the pursuing cruiser.

Answer: It should have deployed, that model Caprice came with an airbag standard. Airbags will sometimes fail to deploy due to equipment malfunction.


Question: What is Hannibal doing on the fifth floor and what is he's shooting at when 3 shots were heard after he kills two guards and escape?


Answer: Hannibal swapped clothes with one of the guards (Pembry), cut his face off, then threw him down the elevator shaft and fired several shots. He was trying to make the arriving police believe that Pembry had shot and hit Lecter as he tried to escape. He then put Pembry's face over his own, posing as him and was placed in an ambulance. As per his plan, the police believed it was Lecter on the roof of the elevator, until they opened the roof hatch and saw the removed face. By then it was too late, and Lecter had killed the ambulance crew and escaped.

Sierra1 Premium member

27th Jan 2022

Human Zoo (2020)

Question: Why can't the contestants be released after they cross their arms that they quit as the TV producer said?


7th Jan 2022

Tommy Boy (1995)

Question: Why can't the kids at the back of the school bus just tell the driver to stop for Tommy instead of letting him chasing it?


Answer: He was the fat kid. I was teased in school for being the nerd who wore glasses and read books.

Answer: Because they're being mean and wanted to watch Tommy chase the bus.


He's an overweight doofus, which makes him a prime target for bullying.

Phaneron Premium member

4th Jan 2022

Howard the Duck (1986)

Question: Why is the secretary was so rude to Howard when he tried to find the job?


Answer: As she said to Howard, she believed that he was using his "outlandish" appearance to be unable to find work and collect money through unemployment. She's probably dealt with people who did the same thing and was eventually sick of it.

31st Dec 2021

Home Alone (1990)

Question: How come Kevin never told his parents or his family about the Wet Bandits? He also never told them in the sequel either.


Answer: If your kid came to you and said he single handedly captured to two robbers, you'd believe him.

Answer: He never tells them onscreen, nor does the movie give any indication that they know, but realistically, Kevin was a witness to their crimes, and he would be called in to give statements and testimonies in order to put them away. So his parents would have to know about his encounters with them, otherwise it would be a major plot hole. Perhaps the film-makers thought it would be funnier and more in line with his character for Kevin to be secretive about it.

Phaneron Premium member

Not necessarily. The police caught them red-handed and one of the cops said their habit of flooding houses was proof as to which houses they hit. It's possible no-one knew Kevin's connection.

Brian Katcher

Mr. Marley, the elderly next-door-neighbor, knew about it. He, too, was also a witness. It's highly unlikely that it would not come out that Kevin had some involvement. The burglars did break into the McCallister house, further adding to their crimes.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why can't Kevin just call the police that Harry and Marv is about to rob Duncan's toy chest at midnight instead of stopping them himself?


Answer: There is no reason other than it would be an incredibly boring movie if he did that. Obviously that's what one would do in real life, but if one buys that Marv and Harry can survive the multiple fatal traps they encounter, then one can suspend disbelief enough to accept a questionable decision to advance the plot.

Answer: I think it's the same reason he didn't call the cops in the first film, he was afraid of the cops because he committed a crime himself. While it could be considered a stretch, it's not really explained in the films. In the first film he is chased by the cop for stealing a toothbrush and in the second film the hotel has found out Kevin was using a stolen credit card, so he flees. Of course, he ends up calling the cops in the first film and makes a recording of their confession for the cops in the second film.


Answer: What cop would believe a little boy that he knows that two escaped convicts, he single handedly captured before, we're going to rob a store.

Police are required to follow up on reports. They can't just disregard a report because they think it's unlikely.

Phaneron Premium member

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