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Can anyone tell me the name of a golf comedy movie involving a black person referred to as the ethnic. One character was asking "where is that ethnic".

Answer: I believe that it is called "Who's Your Caddy?"


I watched this movie maybe 10 years ago but I can't remember the name or any of the actors. The only two scenes I remember is in the beginning there are a lot of people in this big warehouse/laboratory type room and in the middle is this circular glass room with a little blond girl inside and she seems frightened, I think she may have been crying. And off to the side these two men are looking at the glass room and talking about how the girl is a fantastic scientific discovery or something like that and one guy seems to be worried that the room isn't secure enough and the other says the glass is reinforced super glass and there's no way in Hell she can escape. At that moment the girl punches a hole through the glass and escapes, killing or injuring a few people along the way. The girl ends up outside and she sees a train but I can't remember if she gets on it or not. The other scene I remember is the girl is an adult and she's kissing this guy and her tongue some how busts through the back of his head killing him. If someone knows this movie or knows where I can find it I'd greatly appreciate it, It's been killing me for years.


I'm looking for title of American comedy I've seen few years ago in Polish TV channel called "Polsat". I'm pretty sure it's from 1990 (or early 2000). I remember that two main heroes were black guys who wanted to visit their girlfriends to have sex. Unfortunately they forgot to buy condoms so their girlfriends send them to a store. Something happens which prevents them from buying the condoms. Later they decide to have "French sex" but their girlfriends send them to purchase protective "plastic sheets" (or something like that). They walk around all night and have many adventures. I also remember that in the end one of them finally has sex in hospital and uses a plastic glove as a condom. Anyway it's kind of dumb little comedy but I'd really like to know the title. Thanks in advance for help.


What is the name of the movie where one of the main characters has the ringtone on his cell phone set to the wicked witch of the west when his wife calls? The only other thing I remember about this movies is that one of the characters is completely bald except for a blonde ponytail on his forehead. Hope somebody can help me out.

I been looking for the name of a romantic comedy about a man who creates a perfume that attracts people and he gives it to a girl who begins use it and eventually they fell in love. what the name of this movie?


My brother and I have been trying to remember the name of an animated children's movie we saw that was made possibly during the late 80s or early 90s. We can't remember the protagonists. However, we recall the antagonists being a man who I believe dressed in black and his daughter, who I think was named Ivy and wore a green dress. She was able to control vines. I also think they lived in a castle or at least a similar dwelling.

Answer: I might be wrong, but this awfully sounds like it could be an episode from any Batman animated show featuring Poison Ivy as the villain. I don't know about her working with her father, but she does collaborate with other villains and often has henchmen, and usually lives in a castle/greenhouse/remote laboratory. See

I am looking for a movie from the 80's or 90's that I believe is set in Australia. It features a boy in a mining town that has a legend of a beast living in a lake or deserted and flooded quarry. At the end of the movie we learn the beast is actually an old, sunken mining back hoe or other large piece of mining equipment.

I saw a European movie circa 1970. It was a comedy about a henpecked husband who unexpectedly becomes a widower when his slave driving wife dies. He decides to go to bed and stay there which he does for the majority of the movie. He sends his dog to the store to get supplies and has ropes set up to get things around his room without having to actually get out of bed. The name of the movie was the name of the character and I can remember neither. It was a single word like "Arthur" but it wasn't that.

Answer: The film is "Alexander", original title "Alexandre le bien-heureux" with Philippe Noiret.


I watched a movie (in the nineties, maybe late eighties) and I could have sworn a character was played by Kevin Bacon, but I have checked his films. The movie was based on a young woman who moved or arrived back into a town and she keeps on seeing a ghost of a little girl. There was also maybe an apparent murder or mystery in that town and Kevin Bacon was a young local who worked in a car workshop. From my memory she was warned off him, he was somewhat frowned upon, maybe from locals? She eventually got into a relationship with him and as I recall they had a love scene in a lighthouse? I just cannot remember the name of the movie or any actors. (This is not Stir Of Echoes as previously answered. In Stir Of Echoes Kevin Bacon and his son see the ghost of a teenage girl murdered in their house. He was already married and no scene in this movie took place in a lighthouse). So another answer to this question will be appreciated.


Chosen answer: Could it be "Buried Secrets" ( If that is the case, the actor was Channon Roe, not Kevin Bacon.


Not sure why the name of this movie is so elusive. It was a 90s family film about a kid who is able to test out different moms to find one better than the one he has. I remember that they each go by a different name: "Mother," "Mom," etc., and that one is too outdoors-y for him. Of course, at the end he picks his real mother. Anyone remember this one? Thanks.

Answer: I think the movie is Trading Mom. (1994) A trio of kids are tried of their no nonsense, workaholic mom (Sissy Spacek). So they go to the Mom Market. All the other Moms have different personalities. All played by Spacek.

I'm looking for the title of a movie about a racist black man. He even goes as far in his racism as joining the KKK. However, he doesn't know he is black because he is blind.


I am looking for the name of an old film, the only thing I know is an scene in which a clown tries really hard to make a little kid laugh but it doesn't matter how hard he tries the kid doesn't laugh, at then end the clown gives up and began crying at that same moment the kid begins laughing because he has never seen a clown crying., My father has talked about this movie since I was a kid but he does not remember the title or anything else, and through the years I have been looking for it, but I have never been able to find it. He claims that the main character was Jerry Lewis, but I an not sure about that, so if anyone can help me it will be great, I really want to give him that movie as a present. Thanks.

Answer: This sounds like it's the 1972 Movie, The Day the Clown Cried. Never been released in any form at all due to contract issues. The only other thing Jerry Lewis has done that was clown related was 3 Ring Circus, from 1954. Can't say whether that's what you're after though. Good luck.

Neil Jones

Looking for a movie about the end of current civilization, maybe Los Angeles, a woman buying frozen food even though there is no power to keep it cold, bikers raiding, and a man saving books double bagged in sewers?

I watched a Lifetime movie a few years ago, I don't know what it's called, but this is how it goes. There was a couple who were married and had a baby only I think it died, no clue why, anyways I believe they move to a new house. Only weird things start happening, like things moving on their own, baby cries stuff like that, only it was only apparent to the woman. She ends up contacting a seer, who tells the family that it indeed is a baby ghost, who has latched onto the woman thinking she is his mom. The woman ends up setting fire to the house after the guy left, and died to be the baby's mom. Does anyone know the name of this movie? Thanks.


Chosen answer: Its called The Crying Child.

My wife is looking for the title of a film involving a deranged old man and a little girl going on different adventures, on of which involving a giant floating head. The old man also has a horse and gives the little girl a rose. It looks as if they're journeying through different dimensions or time periods. Any thoughts?

I am looking for the title of a movie I watched back in the late 70's/ early 80's. It centered around an old man who told his life story (in a flashback) to a young kid. In the end, the man showed a white feather from a box on his mantle. There had been two white feathers and they were used in a race. The one who survived the race with the white feather was the winner. But, the boy was very surprised that the old man had the feather. It seemed to have a western flair. (Very Disney-esque like "Hot Lead, Cold Feet") Any ideas?

Answer: It was The Incredible Rocky Mountain Race. Made for TV (1977). An old Mark Twain tells a young boy the story about he and the town braggart raced across the Rocky Mountains, collecting items along the way. One of which is an eagle feather.

Okay it is a 70's-80's movie. I don't now how it starts, but the story leads to two girls kidnapping a older guy and holding him hostage in a house and making him their "sex slave". If I remember correctly, one of them says something like this "I want to check, it is possible f*ck a men to a death?" I also recall him speaking at the end - something like "more, more". IT WASN'T A PORN MOVIE. I watched it on normal TV. Anybody know the title?


Need help remembering the title of this film. An American film, possibly late 80's early 90's, in which a grandmother passes away but she is a main character in the film as a ghost, and she guides her grandchildren into burying her body where she wanted to be buried, not wanted to be buried where she died.

Answer: Could be Bury Me in Niagara, a 1993 Canadian film released in the US under the title Ghost Mom. Starred Jean Stapleton and Geraint Wyn Davies.

Jean G

What is the recent movie(2007-2010) where a guy is at a wedding and has to sit at the kid's table because he has no date?

I watched this movie when i was small (in the 90's),wherein the lead actor or the villain (I'm not sure)has a severely burnt face and wears a mask always.towards the end there is a scene showing him without his mask, his lips have been burnt off and you can only see the teeth. The last scene shows him walking away as the woman he rescued (not sure) stares at his retreating figure. I really have to know the name of this movie. I know it's not adequate,but this is all i can remember. Hopefully you can help. Thank you.

Answer: That sounds a lot like Sam Raimi's "Darkman":


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