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I'm looking for a year 2000+ movie about childhood friends, a boy and a girl, that were separated because the girl's family had to move somewhere. Then many years passed, the girl forgot about the promise they made to be together. The boy finally finds the girl but she already had a serious boyfriend. The boy was desperately searching for the girl only to be broken hearted when they met.


When I was younger I watched a lot of Cartoon Craze DVDs. My mom always bought them from the dollar bin at Walmart. There was one movie and I can't remember what it was called. I've been trying to find out what it is for the longest time. Could you help me out? There was a boy and a girl. I think the girl was a peasant or something. There was a bird that would say something like "If you ever need my help just call my name!" Somewhere in it there was this giant robot that enforced some law in these caves. Also at some point in it the boy and girl were running from some people through some stairs and they called for the bird. That is all I can remember. Please help!


I can not remember this movie - the plot was that someone was trying to capture a human soul. A boy dying of cancer was in the movie and so was a girl; it was on the former Sci-Fi channel some time between 1983 and 2000. One of the lines was that when the light pluses she speaks. I have no idea of the title or who was in it.

Answer: You're looking for The Lifeforce Experiment (1994) [], based on Daphne Du Maurier's story "The Breakthrough." There's a detailed write-up at and here's a preview clip:

I'm looking for the title of a movie. I watched it as a kid, on TV, sometime in the 90's. It was based on a mom and her two daughters. The youngest daughter was really into swimming. She walked around with a swimming cap on. I want to say the mom drank a lot, but I don't remember that for sure. I believe the mom went out with a guy that her oldest daughter had a crush on. The older daughter leaves one night with her younger sister, to meet a guy. Possibly the same guy. The younger daughter almost drowns in the river while her sister is up in a tower with the guy. I don't believe the little girl dies. That's about all I can remember. Kind of vague, but I hope someone can help! Thanks!


Looking for a movie where a man is paid by his landscaper to marry his sister. The man is American and the landscaper and his family are Spanish.

Answer: I think it is called Loco Love.

Looking for a movie I watched on HBO about ten years ago, can't find it anywhere. It's about a kid (10-13 years old?) who works in a restaurant and he steals all the money one night. He gets caught and gets to keep the all the things he spent the money on, but at the end of the movie he goes to jail. I want to say that he buys a record collection with the stolen money (or he might have stolen the record collection), which he hides under the porch, but I could be mixing that up with another movie. At one point in the movie, a kid who bullies him comes into the restaurant while he is working, so he pees into his dinner. After watching him eat it, he vomits. Another scene I can specifically remember, he orders a lot of food with the stolen money, and half way through the meal he stops and vomits and can't eat anymore.

Answer: I found the movie! It's Joe the King (1999).

I think the film was French. It starts with a bank robbery. The visitors of the bank have to put brown paper bags over their heads. When the money doesn't come fast enough, the robbers shoot one of them. His blood splashes on the glass. I think the robbers then hide in some apartment. There is a girl. And I think they took some journalist as a hostage, who later decides voluntarily to stay with them, probably to be able to write an article about the whole story. In the end, there is a car chase and two trucks block the street from both sides. Then the side of the truck falls away and police with machine guns on stands brutally execute the robbers (and the journalist) in their car. It is not Mesrine (1984), even though it ends with a somewhat similar scene.

What is the name of recent film or TV series pilot with woman who can read minds and by the end of the film reluctantly teams up with a policeman. She saves his life from being shot in a building, which was a trap to kill him, but she felt that. Up to that point she had tried to hide that she can read minds, even though, I seem to remember, she had caught some thoughts of that policeman earlier.

Answer: It was Thoughtcrimes (2003)

I'm trying to find this movie from the 70's. Might even be a made for TV movie. From what I remember it was about a happily married couple that lived in their car or they were poor with little money. The car was this tiny sports car. Maybe in NY city. One scene I remember they were parked on a main street in front of a big building sleeping. It was the morning and lots of people were standing around laughing at them. They get into a car accident and the husband dies, but he is able to communicate with his boss or older uncle or friend. Any help would be great - thanks.

Answer: I believe what you're describing is a TV remake of the movie Topper. Andrew Stevens and Kate Jackson play a rich couple, who party all night and wake up in their car the next morning. On the way home, their car crashes and both are killed. To get into heaven, they must convince his lawyer boss to embrace life and not hide from it.

Trying to remember a certain Christmas movie. A woman stops celebrating Christmas because when she was a child, she was going to mail a letter to Santa and I can't remember if she did or not. As an adult she loses her faith in the holiday and suddenly, all of the lights in her neighborhood go out. It's not until, with the help of an angel, that she mails the letter renewing her faith in Christmas and the lights come back.

I saw a film maybe in the 80s or 90s, it started with a woman stripping down to underwear in a guy's office, then she pulled a gun out and shot him, that's all I can remember, can anyone tell me what it was called please?


There was a movie about a bed that seemed to be possessed by evil. In one scene in the movie a woman is lying in the bed when suddenly, what looks like a huge black claw comes out of the bed and through her stomach killing her. What is it?

My daughter wants to rewatch a movie or TV show that had these elements (or something similar, she is only 5 and might be a bit off on the details). A yellow Bunny that rolls fast, a blue stretchy guy who helps a flying whale land. A unicorn or Pegasus hero and maybe a dinosaur hero.


Answer: It sounds a lot like the kids show Animal Mechanicals.

There is a movie that I saw a couple years ago, it was about this troubled teenage girl who had curly bleach blonde hair - she dressed like a guy in school but one night she goes to a club type place and removes her hat so her hair comes down, her and her guy friends break into a jewelry store, and her boyfriend calls the cops on her.


Trying to find a movie. I saw just bits of it on STARS years ago (pre 2001). The part I remember was a girl with blonde hair walking up to someone in the dark in the desert or outback or something. She's naked and she stops and pees right there in front of the person. It's driving me crazy that I can't remember the name.

I want to know the name of a movie I saw many years ago. It was a boy who studies business at a university and tries to find his role model, which at the end of the movie turns out to be one of his teachers (he met with the teacher in a vineyard in the end).


I'm looking for a movie I watched when I was kid. Only remember some flashes. There was a girl in black and a slim guy as both of them are in the jail. There was a cellar door, and an inspector and some journalists always taking pics for those two characters.

Looking for the title of a early or mid 1990's movie that involves a young woman that is in some kind of trouble and hides out in an elderly man's apartment, and winds up sleeping with him.


Chosen answer: Might be "The Last Good Time'. You don't give much info but a younger women lives with an older man briefly and has sex with him.

What was the Christmas short film in the late 80s or early 90s about a lonely bachelor, a doll maker and a young woman? The man sees a lovely doll in a shop window and buys it. Via some 'magic' involving his doll (moving his car keys closer to him or leaving a note with an address on it), he drives to the address and the young woman who lives there looks like his doll. Coincidentally she has a male doll who looks like the man. The entire thing was arranged by the doll maker, and presumably they ended up happy ever after as a result.


Chosen answer: It was an episode of the TV show "Amazing Stories" entitled "The Doll," starring John Lithgow. (

Captain Defenestrator

I am trying to find a movie set in early Russia during the famine. Bad guys break in and kill parents, but while robbing they are starving. The bad guys end up killing the younger brother and eating him. The older brother later hunts each of them and kills them. Which movie is this?

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