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I remember seeing a movie in cinema when I was very young (about 1996-1998 I think). It was set in Medieval times and the main character was a boy. The movie had to do with hawks - I think the boy wanted to become a hawk-trainer. I remember a scene, where someone was hiding under a rug, and some guards came in and were looking for that person. They were told that there was a bear under the rug and they ran away. Also, the movie ends with a scene of the boy running in a field with a hawk.

Answer: Its called LadyHawk with a very young Matthew Broderick.

I'm looking for a name of a movie that I only remember the trailer for. The basic plot was either a weather forecaster, or a television anchor, goes out in the street to do a forecast and is told that the morning next it will either hail or snow (I can't recall) and then she dies a few days later. If anyone can recall the title, I'd appreciate the enlightenment!

I'm looking for a movie that came on HBO in the 80's. The movie was about a group of people who discovered that, I believe, a logging company was somehow getting chemicals in the water which caused everything to grow extremely large. They showed a tadpole that weighed about 5lbs, and at one point the group was attacked by an extremely large bear.

Answer: Prophecy,


Scene in this movie shows a girl standing in a circle of people and a large bell falls on her. Any ideas?

Answer: I believe you're thinking of The Watcher in the Woods. It's one of the first movies that stretched Disney away from the over-cute movies they are most known for. I very much enjoy it, but it can be creepy for the young'uns at times.


Hi, I'm looking for a title on a movie from the 90's. It's basically a teenage movie. It's about two girls - one is rich (I think her name was Vanessa) and the other one is poor. They both go to college. The poor girl works in a deli. The girls get into a fight and are sentenced to switch places for a month, so the rich girl lives at the poor girl's house - takes care of her job at the deli and experiences the poor girl's parents being home alot (nice feeling) - and the poor girl lives at the rich girl's house (and enjoys the good side of life - she also experiences Vanessa's parents as never being home opposite what she is used to). I can't remember all, but I remember that the poor girl in the end gets the rich girl's big brother as her boyfriend and the two girls are best friends. Can anyone help?

Answer: The movie you are looking for is called 'The Great Mom Swap' a low budget telemovie but one of my all time favourites.

I remember seeing a movie and I think it was by Stephen King, I'm not sure though. It was about these aliens and things turned green randomly in the movie. I remember this kid doing a magic show and under his table was a foot peddle that turned green. I also remember some kind of barn thing in some ones back yard where the aliens captured people and held them there and there was a green glow in and out of it. I think I remember these people at a store and one goes up to a vending machine and vaporizes. Please tell me what movie this is.

Answer: The Tommyknockers.

Grumpy Scot

About ten years ago, I was watching a movie or show while trying to fall asleep. I was only 6 years old, so it is no wonder why I cannot remember anything about it other than this: A female was tied to a tree and she was being tortured. She at one point, she had twigs replaced for her hands, in her head, and her feet. This was not a cartoon so it scared me alot. Then there was a dinner scene, and a large group of people were sitting and a fight broke out and someone stabbed the other person with a fork in the throat. Then large white laundry looking bags were put over all the dead bodies. I could have sworn that I saw Alan Cummings but I was very young at the time so who knows.

Answer: It sounds a lot like "Titus", starring Anthony Hopkins. It's a somewhat different take (visually, at least) on Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus".


I saw a movie ten years ago. It had a female house worker, or nanny, taking care of a family. The women is given a grandfather or cookoo clock at the start of the film and weird stuff startes happening. The father is attacked by a dog. The son kills the same dog and shoves it down a drain pipe. A person hangs themselves outside the house, and the father starts to bleed black ooze. The women eventually traces all these events back to the mysterious clock. The women goes inside the clock and destroys it. When she does, the lady wakes up at the start again, like the whole movie was a dream. A few minutes later, the women is given the same clock. she goes crazy and destroys it in a rage. Does anyone recognise this movie?

Answer: Seems like this plot summary for "Amityville 1992: It's About Time".

This film was probably from the late '70's. A group of twenty-somethings were on a sailing trip in the Bermuda Triangle. They see a person, who is a priest,in the distance who appears to have survived some type of catastrophe with his own boat and is floating around on some wreckage. They rescue him, but one by one the passengers start dying. In the closing scenes, a Coast Guard chopper starts to fly back to the mainland with the only survivior, the priest, when the other Coast Guard people still on the sail boat radio to the chopper "who did you say you had up there?" The chopper pilot replies, "we have the priest, over". As the camera looks down from the chopper to the boat, you can see that a priest is hanging from the rigging, dead. The chopper pilot sees this and turns around to face the rear of the passenger area and says "if they have the priest, who have we got?" The "priest" sits there giving a very evil laugh. This movie may have been on Tales of the unexpected, but I think it was a proper movie. It has haunted me for over 25 years! What is it called?

Answer: Satan's triangle: See IMDB.

Answer: You have the right answer, but the wrong person. It starts with the Coast Guard finding the boat with only one survivor, Kim Novak. She tells the story in flashback about what happened. The priest and everyone dying mysteriously. The Coast Guard officer, Doug McClure, gives a rational explanation for everything. Then the rest of the rescue crew arrive. As they take over the investigation, Doug and Kim board a helicopter and leave. In the air, the rescue crew radios that they found another crew member entangled in the sailing mast. It's Kim Novak. At the same time, Kim on the helicopter has a wicked grin on her face. When Doug confronts her, it's revealed she is actually the priest. After throwing Doug off the chopper, he goes after the pilot. The helicopter goes into a nosedive. As the pilot prays, the priest says that if you worship Satan, he will save your life. The chopper crashes, and Doug floats in the water with a wicked grin as a cruise ship approaches.

Back in 1980 I remember watching a Charles Bronson movie on cable. A key scene occurred at the beginning with a man's fingers being cut-off. The phrase "chop, chop" was said. What is the name of this movie? It is driving me crazy.

Answer: This movie is called THE PASSAGE. Charles Bronson is not in it. The guy who says chop chop is a nazi officer played by Malcolm McDowell.

In the answer to another question, someone (with screen name Tailkinker) wrote, "filmmakers aren't going to inflict actual harm on human beings during the making of their films (intentionally, anyway - James Cameron notwithstanding)". What's this about? I know who James Cameron is, but is he renowned for injuring his actors or something? Thanks.

Answer: Cool, a question about an answer to another question. Like it. While intended humorously, Cameron has achieved a degree of notoriety for putting his actors through hell in the course of making a film. This is principally due to making "The Abyss" (also known on-set by various nicknames, including "The Abuse" or "Son of A Byss"), where actors and crew alike were expected to spend a considerable period of time underwater, to the extent that they sometimes needed to decompress at the end of the day's shoot. Ever since, Cameron has had a reputation as being a hard taskmaster while making films.


I remember seeing a closing shot of a movie (possibly an opening shot) but I don't recall what the movie was. The shot was viewing a baseball field, and the picture was incredibly gold-tinged. There were people and kids moving around in the foreground of the shot, and some melodic music was playing. I'm trying to find what movie it's from. Thanks.

Answer: Your best bets are "Angels in the Outfield", "Sandlot", or "Field of Dreams". The opening and closing shots of The Babe are of a baseball stadium.

I was wondering if anyone could give me a Scarlett Johannson fan mail address (Snail mail, please)? Thanks for any help.

Answer: Scarlett is represented by the William Morris Agency, who can be written to at the address One William Morris Place, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA. This is probably the best avenue for sending fan mail.


I am wondering about a film, or some kind of TV series, I don't know what it is. It's a boy and a girl and they are wearing clothes from the 18th or 19th century (eg; the boy has a low ponytail, the girl has those typical corkscrews in her hair.) She seems to be quite wealthy. The scenes I remember is one when she is sitting on a swing which is attached to a large tree, and he jumps down from the tree, starting to chase her around. They are both quite giggly and she falls down, the boy falls on top of her and he kisses her. Someone sees them, I think it's some kind of servant to her father, and the boy gets whipped. It's all I remember, does anyone know which movie / TV series this is?

Answer: It sounds like the story 'the turn of the screw'which has been made into two or three movies, the most famous 'the innocents' 1960s, black and white, with Deborah Kerr as the governess who looks after the two children. the kissing scene involves the small boy kissing the older woman.

One time I was watching a movie and I don't remember the name of it. But at one point in the movie there is a young girl putting on mascera and an older man sitting on a bed. The young girl bends over and the man spanks her and she cries and her makeup runs all over her face. I belive someone comes into the room. Any help would be appericated.

Answer: Could this be Lolita?

Jason Feng

I recall a rather cultish movie which had something to do with the main character, a young boy, being blind. At times, however, it seems like the whole town is blind, and he is the only one who can see. Might have been English subtitles, I can't recall. Sound familar to anyone?

Answer: "Tommy" the Roger Daultry "The Who" rock film. Deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball. 1975.

Can anyone tell me if "Land of The Dead" is the long awaited "Twilight of The Dead", or if "Land." is a different idea from "Twilight."?

Answer: Land of The Dead is the sequel to Day of The Dead, it went by many different names and had many different plots before it was made, one of them was Twilight of the Dead.


I saw a movie in the 1990s it may have even came out in the late 80s. All that I can remember was that it is a cartoon with the characters living underground. I remember they are running away from something and that there was lava. Also, at the end two of them fight a dragon and eventually reach paradise. I am also pretty sure that they got caught somewhere along the movie and something happen to make them slow and groggy. Anyone know what it is?

Answer: The dark crystal?

I'm looking for the name of a movie with a man called Ernie. It's a comedy and Ernie is gonna defeat some kind of monster. He gets a clue on how to defeat it and I think the clue is mlk, but he doesn't understand that it's supposed to be milk. I also have a little memory saying that the monster thought that Ernie was his mom or something in the end (after he got the milk) but I might be wrong on that. The movie is probably from late 80's or 90's.

Answer: The is "Ernest Scared Stupid" - he actually thinks the clue is MIAK instead of MILK.


I saw a movie in the mid to late 70's(i think). It was a psycho - thriller of a guy in a coma. I believe the title of the movie was Patrick, but i'm not sure. Can you verify my attempt of long term memory?

Answer: Yep, looks like your memory's on form. 1978 film of that title deals with a comatose patient, the titular Patrick, using telekinetic abilities to harrass and kill those around him in order to claim an attractive nurse as his own.


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