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Question: I am looking for a foreign film about a woman who lets a stranger who is also a woman live with her while her husband went off to war, I believe. I just remember at the end of the film the stranger kills the woman and takes her child. The husband comes back from war to find his wife dead in a tent outside of there home. The movie ends with the stranger woman on a boat with the child. I would like to know the name of this film.


Question: What's the name of the John Wayne movie where an actor has his eyes burned out by Indians?

Chosen answer: Hondo.


Question: I watched this movie a long time ago about these young kids and they all went out on a boat on the lake for this boy's birthday. The boy couldn't swim and got knocked off the boat and he drowned and died. The teens took the body and went to bury it - they all swore they wouldn't tell, but then they got guilty and told the cops.

Chosen answer: I'm pretty sure this movie is Mean Creek.


Question: I'm trying to remember the name of a movie from the late 70s that I saw while I was in a Children's hospital here in Nova Scotia, Canada back in 1978. I believe it was a TV Movie, probably on CBC or CTV. It was about a white cobweb or some sort of white substance that spread and no one could touch it or they would get sick or hurt. I believe the setting was a cabin in the woods type setting(centered around a family), with a lake, canoes.etc. I remember there is a point in the movie where they think they have gotten rid of the white substance but then it comes back as part of the anti-climax of the movie. It haunts me to this day. Would really love to find out what it was called.

Question: This is a movie I saw in the 90's - I can't remember its name but it was about a little girl who can't talk and uses sign language. I remember a scene where she was sitting in the garden with her nanny or teacher, I think learning the word love in sign language, and wrote it on her hand.


Chosen answer: "The Miracle Worker", about Helen Keller.

Question: I don't know if it's a show or a movie but there's a scene where a boy and a girl are at the movies and the girl is really into the movie. She keeps reaching in the bag of popcorn which is on the boy's lap. The boy then proceeds to dump the popcorn so the girl can touch his penis. The bag has red and white vertical stripes.


Chosen answer: Not sure if it's the scene you're thinking of, but the movie "Diner" uses a box of popcorn that way.

Question: I'm looking for the title of an classic animation movie about people living in a space consisting only of clouds, with no gravity, and the people travel using aircraft. The story is about a young boy who got trained to be a soldier, wearing a glider suit to movie about the clouds, and then later on met a professor and helped him build a jet engine which he used to power a jet plane to fight against a giant robotic monster that was apparently also a creation of the professor. The story is a little blurry, but that's all the information I have.

Question: I am looking for the title of a movie about a divorced father with a teenage daughter who live in a apartment, and the father has a female neighbor he doesn't get along with at all. They often had arguments, and she wants him to move out of the apartment. One day the father got an invitation from his ex wife to attend her wedding - she was getting remarried and asked if he would bring someone with him or not, he then said that he would bring someone just to let his ex wife think he moved on. He spent days calling women to see if he could get a date to go to the wedding with, just to impress his ex wife, but all the women he called rejected him, leaving him the final choice to ask his female neighbor. At first she didn't want to, but later she told him she would do it if he agreed to the terms to move out of the apartment. He agreed and she even had him sign a agreement contract...and I don't know the rest! Please answer if you know, thank you.

Chosen answer: "The Neighbor" (2007) with Matthew Modine: Trailer:

Question: I saw a short animated film back in the 80's shown at an animation film festival. About 2-3 minutes long. Basically simple pen & ink with almost no color. A drawing of a muscular man, chained to a concrete slab, who is dragging it through a desert for some unknown reason (to reach a destination to be freed of it?) and all the while he is tormented by a creature (ghost? goblin? spirit?) riding on that slab who tries to give him words of encouragement, but is way too happy to do the man any good. The end of the film shows that the man dragging the slab is, in fact, going around in a perpetual figure-8. Any idea what this short animated film is called and where I can see it again? YouTube?

CCARNI Premium member

Chosen answer: The short film you described, was featured in MTV's animated short television show "Liquid Television" from the 90's. there was no title given for the short.


Question: I only remember bits of the trailer for this British film of the 60's or 70's (?). It's an espionage or a possible spy spoof that starts by showing a man running down a street wearing a formal British teacher's robes (like "Mr. Chip's"). A voice-over says, "See this man? Very good. Carry on." He is then in a classroom with all beautiful college-age girl students. He asks a question to the class and then, after they answer, he exclaims, "Right, my children!" He then asks one girl a question up close, to which she replies the teacher's name, which spells out on the screen, AND is also the name of the film. Any help here?

Question: I'm looking for the title of a very old Asian film. At the beginning, a man was running from a mob who shot him on a dead end alley. The movie resumed with a young man looking for his kidnapped blind sister. He eventually finds her within the kidnappers' fortress where she was instantly shot by machine gun. Toward the end of the movie, the hero and villain fell off a cliff where the hero inserts a diamond in the villain's eye.


Question: I saw a movie when I was little, but I can't find out what movie it was. I think it was made in the 1990, based on a true story. There's a girl that's a little crazy and has a control issue, and another girl gets in trouble with her. The other girl likes to paint, and in the middle of the movie she is really afraid that the first girl is going to kill her, and she paints her own grave, believing she's going to die. But at the end she believes it's all over and paints over her grave, but sadly she dies at the end (killed by the other girl). The only thing I really remember of the other girl was that before, nobody noticed her, but then she changed - she had brown eyes before but used lenses to be blue-eyed.


Question: I'm trying to find the name of a movie I saw in the 90's, about this drifter who's a musician and goes to a bar where a fight ensues. The musician starts playing guitar and he stops the fight as everybody is having a good time, and ends up working for the bar owner. He starts having an affair with the owner's wife, eventually plotting with her to kill the owner. They become the bar's owners, but the woman starts plotting against the musician.


Question: I am looking for the name of a movie made in the 70s or early 80s, I believe set in Italy, in which, at the end, a woman's lover boards a plane after kissing her goodbye, and as the plane takes off it blows up due to a bomb which she placed in his luggage. I believe the song "All by Myself" played over the closing credits.

Question: I'm looking for a movie where a husband and wife are kidnapped by two men, one middle aged and the other one was younger. I'm not sure if it was in a cabin or a boat that they were on. Anyway, the wife is raped by the younger kidnapper and apparently falls in love/feels attached to him. The movie could have been made in the 90's I'm assuming. I believe it was an American made movie. Grateful for any assistance rendered, thanks.

Chosen answer: There have been many movies, but two are similar to what you described. Sweet Poison (1991) - A couple are kidnapped by two convicts and the wife seduces one for thrills, then to murder her wimpy husband. He fights back and she ends up with nothing. The second one is Captive (1991) - True story of a couple kidnapped by crazed thugs, the wife does feel some compassion for the younger one because he is slow and bullied by the older one.

Question: I remember part of this movie from the late 70's. There is a woman with long hair in the woods being hunted by a man after she escaped from a shed. I remember her being caught and hoisted upside down like she were a deer. I also remember her going through the woods and getting caught in a bear trap, then crawling into the bushes to hide. I though is was the movie "Rituals" but where is no woman in that film. It is in that same time frame - '75-'77ish.

Question: I can't seem to remember the name of a movie that features a group of kids going through an obstacle course. The only things I remember are the obstacle course and a girl that has diabetes but doesn't tell anyone and falls or faints. I would assume it is from the 1980s or early 1990s but I could be wrong.

Question: I am searching for a title of a film. I watched this particular film on HBO or Showtime in the early 90's. Do not believe that this film made it to the theaters and was probably released anywhere from '88- '92. The film is a comedy/dark comedy that starred an adult teenage girl who falls for a drifter guy and follows him to a different city. In the beginning of this film, the teenage girl hilariously breaks up with her boyfriend. Shortly later, the now ex-boyfriend approaches the girl's father who was leaving for work and states something similar to the following, " your cunt daughter broke up with me." I believe the drifter guy/new boyfriend may have been a mechanic. Otherwise, I do not remember any other information. For some reason, I thought this film was titled something similar to " True Romance" or "True Love".

Question: I watched this movie when I was younger, it started when a woman was sentenced to her death by hanging. Her lover was about to save but he was too late, so she died and her lover can't accept this, so he chopped her up then stitched her back together so she lived again. I don't know what happens after but I'm looking forward to know if anyone can tell me what movie this is

Question: Which Jimmy Stewart movie has a scene on the front porch with an aunt saying something like, "People move to the city to make enough money to buy the farm they left in the first place."

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