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On movie and TV sets, what position is typically the "boss" - who has the final authority on decisions or changes?

Answer: That would be the director. Although technically the boss of the director is the producer (who pays the bills) but they are hardly on set.


I remember seeing a "Star Wars" knockoff on TV years ago. I believe it was from the late 70's or early 80's. I don't remember much about it other than a scene that was copying the Death Star trench-run scene, where a couple spaceships were flying down this sort-of mechanical tunnel with really iffy special effects. I seem to remember the scene being overly red/orange tinted. I also think this may have been a foreign film (like Japanese), but I'm not 100% sure. Ring anyone's bell?


Answer: There is a Japanese one called Message from Space.

I looked it up on YouTube. This is the closest answer at this point because there is a somewhat similar scene, but I'm still pretty sure that's not it... it doesn't really match up perfectly with what I remember.


Answer: In 1978 there was a short film parody titled, "Hardware Wars," made on a very low budget and used carpenter tools as space ships.

Answer: OP here. Another detail of the scene that I remember is that the scene looked kinda like it was done with cut-outs. Like pictures of the spaceships instead of models, if that makes any sense. Like the ships all looked "flat." And most of the camera angles seemed to be either POV's of the "hero" ship, or shots from behind. If memory serves, there were also some enemy ships. The tunnel was more of a cylinder than a trench. Like it went completely around all the ships. And like I said, the entire scene had kind of a red/orange tint.


Answer: If it was blue light instead of red/orange, you may be thinking of Starcrash. Although I would think you would have remembered Caroline Munro wearing what the Mystery Science Theater crew described as "vampire lingerie."

I don't believe it was "Star Crash." I scanned through a couple movies looking for the scene in question before posting this and couldn't find it in that movie.


Answer: There is a, I believe, Turkish version out there as well.


Definitely not "Turkish Star Wars." I've seen a fair bit of that movie.


Answer: This could be "Spaceballs," the 1987 Mel Brooks film that parodies "Star Wars."

raywest Premium member

Definitely not "Spaceballs." This movie was probably made before it and wasn't a parody from what I can remember.


I once read about a film about an immortal woman that the townsfolk thought was a witch, so they sealed her in a barrel and threw it on the ocean. The ending showed her coming back to life, drowning and coming back to life. Does anyone know what this movie is called?


Answer: There is an Italian fairy tale movie, "Move than a Miracle." (1967) A cinderella type story. A prince, Omar Sharif, falls in love with a peasant girl, Sophia Loren. There is no witch, but through a series of misadventures she gets stuck in a barrel, falls over a cliff and into the ocean. When it washes ashore, a group of boys find her and thinks she is a magical creature. Witch, fairy or angel.

No that's not it. This was a lot more modern.


I remember seeing part of a movie or TV show in the 90s, and it showed a boy and girl on the Haunted Mansion ride at either Disneyland or Disney World. When they got to the part of the ride featuring the wedding, the girl started crying and said it's because she always cries at weddings. Anyone know what movie or show this was?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: There is a 1997 Disney movie, "Tower of Terror." A man wants to reopen a hotel but can't because it's haunted. A group of ghosts have to discover how they died, once they do an elevator takes them to the ballroom at the top floor. One ghost finally gets to propose to his girlfriend.

What sketch comedy show had a bit I believe titled "American History As told By The British"? I don't remember much except for 2 guys talking and saying,"America is boring".

What is the name of that made-for-TV movie in which there is a scene where a woman is whipping children out in the rain before she is pulled apart from them?

Answer: The Divine Secrets of the Yaya Sisterhood.

There was a music video that had scenes from the movie Silent Fall, but I no longer remember the song or performer, and have had trouble finding either on Google - can anybody help?

Answer: "Healing" sung by Wynonna and Michael English.

Looking for the title of a movie where Olivia D'Abo played a figure skater - she had Keanu Reeves for a co-star.

Answer: You're probably thinking of "Ice Castles," starring Lynn-Holly Johnson and Robby Benson. The look alikes to Olivia and Keanu. There is a remake but don't know who is in the cast.

Answer: This could be Flying (, a movie from 1986 that starred both Keanu Reeves and Olivia D'Abo. However, Olivia D'Abo in this movie is a gymnast, not a figure skater.

Casual Person

There was a TV movie that I believe had Clancy Brown in it. In the movie, Clancy is married to a woman and has a teenage daughter. Eventually, Clancy cheats on his wife with her sister. Eventually, he gets his daughter and the sister that his wife is trying to kill him and that they should kill her first. They eventually succeed but, Clancy is eventually found out and is put on trial.

Answer: It sounds like the TV miniseries "Love, Lies, and Murder" (1991) based on the true story of David Brown. Brown's teenage daughter confesses to killing her step-mother (Brown's wife) and Brown was having an affair with his teenage sister-in-law (his wife's sister). Brown was eventually convicted of murdering his wife.


Looking for a movie title (most likely made after 2000) where a zombie/robot takes in a lost little red-headed girl. The girl then leaves to kill the man who killed her mother. In the end, flies away with a man in a homemade red airplane. It's a futuristic movie and in one scene the girl and the man eat Twinkies that expired 1,000 years before. England is a moving tank on wheels. Title anyone?

Looking for the title of a movie somewhere between the 90's and now. It involved a musical group (maybe a rock band) hiding out in an older royal English couple's manor/castle for peace and quiet and to record an album there (possibly). Anyone familiar with this movie title?

The name of a movie about a French girl who runs away from home after she just got out of prison, gets tricked into getting robbed by the guy who drove her to Paris and falls in love with an American soldier? It's set close to WW2.


Answer: If you're looking for a 50's movie, maybe "Act of Love" (1953) with Kirk Douglas and Dany Robin? A French woman (Robin) starts to fall in love with an American soldier (Douglas), who loves her in return. She does go to prison, bust she's an orphan so I don't think she runs away from home when she gets out. He gets transferred out of Paris and ends up missing the chance to marry the woman.


It was made somewhere between the 50's and 70's, and was in color (true color, not colorized).

I remember a comedy Western about a bandit leader who is tempted into going straight by a rich blond heiress, she gets him caught, he tries to go straight but reverts. There is an attempt to catch him by a retired sheriff who sets letters to catch him on fire, at one point he says "I learned never trust a beautiful woman or a lonely midget'. He finally escapes by wearing the heiress' petticoats?


Answer: That's the TV Movie Evil Roy Slade (1972).

I saw a movie years and years ago. I think it was a kids or family movie from the early/mid-90's. I just remember either the opening scene or the second scene introducing the hero (who was like a teen or pre-teen boy) playing Nintendo... and he was using his index fingers on the controller instead of his thumbs. I could swear the main character was played by Tobey Maguire, but I can't seem to find the scene anywhere, so it was probably someone else. (Maybe he was in the movie but didn't play the main character?) Does this ring anyone's bell?


Answer: As has happened a few times now, I stumbled onto the answer between submitting the question and it actually being posted, haha. It was evidently "Revenge of the Red Baron" that I was remembering. I was going through Maguire's filmography trying to find the answer and found that someone had gone ahead and posted the whole movie on YouTube. Watched a few minutes and the scene I remember was there. (I thought it might have been "The Wizard" too at first).


Answer: It sounds like "The Wizard" (1989) starring Fred Savage and Luke Edwards. It's about kids playing Nintendo. Tobey Maguire has an uncredited role in the film as a "goon."


Looking for three short films I saw once. One was about a homeless man who wanted to get arrested, so he can go to an island for six months where he would be warm and kept well-fed. At first, he refuses to pay at a restaurant and is thrown out. Then he tries to steal someone's umbrella but gets away with it. The end of the skit has him being arrested when he tells a cop that questions him about what he's doing, and he responds that he's not doing anything. The second is about an elderly man who invited some of his elderly colleagues to his house and says that he found the fountain of youth. To prove it, he takes a dead flower and puts it in a pitcher of water and it becomes a fresh flower again. The man also warns about what would happen if they drank the water. The third is about a woman who works with scientists who create a time machine and bring a cro-magnon boy into the future that the woman cares for. At the end, the woman decides to go back to the past with the boy she took care of.

Answer: You're right about the third story, "The Ugly Little Boy." The first story is O. Henry's "The Cop and the Anthem," and the third is Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment." The last story was part of a segment of 1963 movie, "Twice Told Tales." Starring Vincent Price, a variation of the original story. Also a variation of O. Henry story was made into a 1978 cartoon, "A Pink Christmas." Starring the Pink Panther.

"The Cop and the Anthem" is part of the anthology movie O. Henry's Full House.

Answer: The last one is probably The Ugly Little Boy (1977), based on a story by Isaac Asimov.

All answers are correct. Thanks.

I am trying to remember a specific movie that I had seen on Youtube that I can't remember the name of now. It is an Asian action B film from the early 2000s or late 90s that involves 5 men that have dealings with the mafia. The opening scene is a title for the movie on a black screen with gun shots that go off in the background while you can hear someone running away I believe that you can see a Raiders football poster in the opening scene when one of the characters decides to hide behind a wall. At the ending of the movie the 5 men meet up in a restaurant to conclude their dealings with one another and head off on their own ways. Two leave in cars and the other walks down the back alley of the restaurant while the opening song playing in the background as he walks off into the night. The film received some awards or at least was nominated for them. I know it's not much to go off but I would really appreciate it if someone could find out what the name of the film I am remembering is.

Cameron James Topping

I remember seeing trailers for a TV show a while back. It was either the very late 90's or the early 2000's. (I'm leaning more towards early-2000's.) I don't remember too much, but it was about a cop who had something wrong with his mind. He was a little unhinged and didn't seem to have any sort-of mental filter... like it he had a thought, he would immediately verbalize it without control. Ex. I swear I could remember a bit in the trailer where he was talking about having a song stuck in his head, and he was like babbling about it to someone in a car. It might have been as a result of an injury or like a mental breakdown or something. If I recall correctly, it was a hard-boiled cop show and I'm pretty sure it was on one of the major networks. Does this ring anyone's bell? (For reference, I'm in the US, so it was most likely an American show).


There was a movie with Nicholas Cage in it. In the movie, his mom is lying in the hospital and is about to die. Just before she dies, she wants Nick to promise her that he'll never get married. When he refuses, she tells him why she doesn't want him to get married. When Nick's mom finally dies, he screams at the top of his voice that he promises to never marry.

Answer: Honeymoon in Vegas. Sarah Jessica Parker plays his girlfriend, who pushes him to get married. He gives in and they head to Vegas, but still has that fear of breaking his promise to his mom. When he loses a fortune in poker, a mobster offers to forget the money if he lets Sarah go on a date with him. Nicholas then realises how much he loves her and the chase is on to get her back. A romantic comedy. In most of the scenes there is a reference to Elvis Presley.

I remember seeing a haunted-house movie on TV in the early/mid 90's. I don't remember much about it outside of a scene where the family cat is found dead early in the film. (I think it was a black or darker-colored cat, and I seem to remember there's blood on or around it, too, but I'm not 100%.) That's literally all I remember. It may have been a TV movie just from what I recall based on how it looked. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


In the 1970s as a kid, I remember a commercial where kids were pretending to be cars or maybe playing with toy cars, and at the end of the commercial, an announcer said "Remember, a car is NOT a toy" followed by a kid's voice impersonating a siren as the commercial ended. Does anyone remember this and what was the product or advertisement for exactly?

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