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Looking for a TV show/movie/short series, either staring Tyne Daly or Stockard Channing, about some girls in a boarding school, growing up together, one getting pregnant, one marrying a Saudi prince or something. Lots of backstabbing and drama.


Chosen answer: Sounds like Lace. A young actress gathers some women together, who all went to the same boarding school, and asks "Which one of you bitches is my mother." Brooke Adams is in it, as well as Phoebe Cates.

Jodi Hendon

I'm looking for the name of a movie made between 2000-2010 where a woman and some thugs (which include a brother, sister, her boyfriend and I think 1 or 2 others) are trapped or locked in an abandoned building (possibly an asylum), but something happens and they catch something or there is a toxin and start dying off. Please help. I don't believe it was a US made film. Thanks.

My question is about a movie where the two main characters are Woody Harrelson and Al Pacino - the two are professional sports gamblers?

Answer: Harrelson and Pacino have never starred in a movie together. Pacino was in Two for the Money (2005) with Matthew McConaughey, which is about the world of sports gambling.


I remember seeing a TV Christmas movie (possibly Hallmark or Lifetime) from maybe the late 1990s or 2000s about a boy who visits an old man (possibly his uncle or grandfather) who lives in the woods. However, that's all I can remember about it. Thanks for any ideas you might have.

Loren Collins-Blakeslee

Chosen answer: It could be "Out of the Woods".

Does anyone know the name of a movie about an African American family that buys a mansion and turns it into a bed and breakfast at the end of the movie? Criminals stop at the mansion to collect money they know to be hidden there. The son burns it while his family is held captive. I think it came out in the late nineties.

Melissa Curtis

I'm trying to remember a movie that I saw on TV years ago. It tells the story of a rich man (a lawyer I think), who is married to a much younger woman. The movie starts with the woman's birthday, her husband offers her a yacht as a present for her birthday. Later on, it appears that the woman has a lover and she plans along with her lover to kill her husband.


Chosen answer: I'm not 100% sure but I think the film you're talking about is Buried Alive 2.


This was a Christmas movie probably made for TV before 1985. It was about a young boy who wants to buy his mother a music box for Christmas. He does odd jobs to raise the money especially shoveling snow. Does anyone know what the title of this movie might be?


This was probably a TV movie made before 1980. It was about a boy named Toby who is the new boy in town. The other kids don't like him and he ends up fighting a boy who falls and seriously hurts himself. Toby and this boy become friends and they play chess together. When the boy is healed and goes back to school, he pretends not to like Toby because his other friends don't like him. Anyone know the name of this movie?


A parody western movie I saw in the late 50's. The hero was a rather simpleton character, he rode like he was glued to the saddle, because he was. He was a square shooter, his pistol barrels were square. I believe there was a mine and a couple of kids, boy and girl. Any information especially the title would be appreciated.

I saw a movie early last year on Netflix where a blonde woman moves into a trailer park and it's a little weird. She witnesses two people having sex through a window in one of the trailers and the other thing I remember is she was later chased up a concrete structure of some sort. It was a pretty good movie and I'd like to see it again.

Answer: Sounds like Far From Home. The blond actress being a young Drew Barrymore.


I can't remember the name of a movie. It's about a young girl losing her older sister because her older sister goes to Europe where she joins some kind of movement. She disappears/dies and years later when the little sister is old enough she travels to Europe where she meets up with her sister's ex (and I think they get involved) and follows her older sister's footsteps, possibly by letters she's received from her sister, trying to figure out what happened to her. There's this one scene from the movie I specifically remember. It's a scene where the little sister has been given a stamp with LSD on it and she walks about town and when she looks in a shop mirror, she hallucinates seeing her sister's reflection.

Tanja Egestrøm Jensen

Chosen answer: The Invisible Circus.

I'm trying to remember the title of a movie I watched many years ago. I do not remember any of the people who starred in it. This movie was about a man with O.C.D. Then there was a girl. I think it was his girlfriend or soon to be girlfriend. I believe she found out something strange about him, so she searched his house when he wasn't there. She checked his closet and found something odd. She heard a noise so she quickly put things back and got out of there, forgetting about his O.C.D. She greeted him and they went to have some wine. She accidentally spilled her glass all over the carpet. She apologized and apologized. He was trying to keep calm when out of the corner of his eye he saw something out of place in his closet. He got up and looked around. He found out she was in there and started asking questions. He got mad and he tried to kill her. He chased her around the house with a knife. That's all I remember! Please help me! I've been dying to know what this movie is called. It's going to bug me until I figure it out... Thanks!


Answer: Sounds a little like "Sleeping with the Enemy".


I'm trying to remember a movie I saw several times on TV In the 1970's. It starred a famous blonde older movie star as the mother, and a young man who played her son, who was often in 70's made for TV movies. I thought the actress was Barbara Stanwyck but this movie doesn't seem to be listed in her bio. The younger actor always played smooth, creepy roles. It was a thriller where the young man had an obsessive relationship with his mother, and would murder for her or because of her - I think whenever he became attracted to a woman, he would eventually murder the woman because she was a threat to his feelings for his mother. They lived in a big mansion with a large staircase and at the end was a scene where I believe she finds out he is killing for her, and rewards him with incestuous affection.


I'm looking for the title of a film before 1970, not a Hitchcock film, that features a woman becoming crazy by voices she hears in the mist. Her husband tries to drive her crazy. It's for my father, he is searching for this film for a long time and I thought and promised him that I could find this film easily on the internet, without any success until now... Looking forward to your suggestion(s). Thanks! Jan Willem.


Chosen answer: That sounds like Midnight Lace with Doris Day and Rex Harrison. Doris Day is newly married to Rex and one day while walking through the park near their London home she starts hearing whispered threats in the fog. She starts being terrorized, but no one believes her. At the end, it turns out Rex Harrison was having affair with her best friend and they were trying to drive her crazy to get her money. Http://

Does anyone know a movie that begins with a witch transporting a woman's child (in utero) to a cow before birth? I believe it's the same movie that has some magical creatures that have bat-like wings that envelop unsuspecting humans and devours all but their bones in a matter of seconds...anyone know of this film (name and year made)?

Answer: The movie is called The Beastmaster, starring Marc Singer. It came out in 1982.


Does anyone know the name of the TV show when a boy is accused of killing his girlfriend and he gets locked up, but they let him out years later and almost the whole town wants him dead because they think he's guilty?

Answer: I think you are talking about Rectify, on the Sundance channel, which is about a guy who was on death row for 19 years for killing his girlfriend, and then released because of new DNA.

In the early to mid 90's, my sister and I used to watch a movie all of the time and I cannot remember what it is called. I remember it starts out with a woman who is in jail who gets released and somehow ends up getting a job as a nanny for a little boy and a little girl. The siblings are obsessed with eating pizza. I think at one point during the movie the nanny tries to sell the kids to another couple who asked the kids to find a contact on the dad. Like an eye contact. I know it sounds weird but I just can't think of the name of the movie. Does this ring a bell for anybody?

Answer: The Crazysitter.

I'm having trouble finding a movie I saw on Netflix a couple years ago. It was about a 17 year old boy that enters college early and ends up being attracted to an older classmate in his art class. He ends up sleeping with her and finds out she has a 14 year old daughter who ends up liking him. When he doesn't like her back she falls into bad company, and a guy tries to force her into sex, but the 17 year old shows up with a cop and saves her.


Chosen answer: The movie is called Cherry -

I started watching a movie the other night, but fell asleep midway through and have no idea what the title of the movie was about. There were two women in a female prison/jail and they were in the gym talking. A few minutes later a guy walks in. He was either doing construction work there or was a janitor/maintenance worker. Him and one of the girls have sex behind the bleachers and he leaves. But he falls in love with her and marries her when she gets out of prison/jail. Anyone?

Answer: I think that you are talking about "And God Created Woman" starring Frank Langella and Rebbeca De Mornay. It came out in the late 80's and I think it is a remake of a 50's movie.

Around 1980 there was a foreign film (French, maybe?) which had a scene where one woman was instructing an inexperienced young man how to make love to a second woman. Any idea what film this was?

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