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Saw a black and white movie on TBS in early morning hours in 1981. Guy with an eye patch holding a woman hostage in an apt that was sub ground. Looking out of the window she saw people's legs walking by. Anybody ever see it?


What was the name of the movie about a young boy named Matt and his neighbor who was an old woman recluse? He broke her fence and she made him repair it, and little by little they became friends - she taught him many things. She dies at the end of the movie.

Saw some of this movie sometime in the ‘90s. A man is released from prison and goes to live in a small community. It's known by everyone who lives in the community that the man was a rapist, so they let him know they don't approve of him living among them. One day, he comes home and finds his dog was murdered. The end of the movie had him taken someplace else where he'll be safe and is told he can come and go freely from his new home when he wants.

Several times I've only seen the ending of this movie. A man goes to an abandoned construction site at night to rescue a woman and her son who have been abducted. When he gets there, he sees little robotic machines. The kidnapper tells him that the machines won't attack him and he goes to the top of the site. When he gets up there and confronts the kidnapper, he's told that the machines will attack and kill the first person that appears on the ground floor. A fight ensues and the kidnapper gets knocked to ground level and is killed by his own machines.

Answer: Sounds like the ending of "Runaway", 1984 with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons. Http://

David George

Why do cartoon shows often portray characters with three fingers (and a thumb) instead of four? For example, The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park.

Answer: This is done because according to animators, it's easier to draw hands with three fingers instead of four. This is a practice that dates back to the early days of animation; characters such as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny. And Popeye were usually drawn with three fingers, thus setting the precedent still in use today.


Answer: The answer is pretty complex and there's YouTube videos delving into the many reasons. It started in the 1920's and the idea behind Mickey Mouse, in 1928, having 4 fingers is the style he was drawn in, with rounded shapes, making 5 fingers too crowded. Walt Disney allegedly said with 5 fingers Mickey's hands would look like a "bunch of bananas." Additionally, there's a theory called the "uncanny valley", which basically states that humanoid objects that look almost, but not exactly, human tend to make people have uncanny feelings of eeriness (think of life-like dolls or why some CGI looks strange to us). For some reason, 4 finger characters make us recognize they're human-like, without that eerie feeling. There are several other theories and ideas behind the 4 fingers (such as many characters being anthropomorphized animals.) Although Japanese anime often have 5-fingered characters for cultural reasons (in fact some 4-fingered characters have been edited with 5 fingers when released in Japan), so it's not always based on saving time or money, but tradition. With the aid of computer generated animation and people breaking from tradition, the future of cartoons may include more and more 5-fingered characters being the norm.


I once saw a film where, in one scene, a girl tastes a bit of a cake, a man sees her do it, and the girl says she was "just looking at it." The girl also gets taken in to the home she stays in. Any idea what movie that was?

I am looking for an action movie set in either the 20's, 30's or 40's that came out within the last three years.

Answer: Finding movies released in the last 3 years is difficult, but some films set in the 20s-40s are: Allied - 2016 Public Enemies - 2009 Cinderella Man - 2005 Hugo - 2011.

A Demon Premium member

I remember seeing this cheesy movie on the premium channels (I think it was Showtime Beyond or one of the similar channels) a lot in the early 2000's. I don't remember much about it, except a few details. The movie was stylistically very peculiar. Many shots were at a tilted (usually "dutch") or otherwise strange angle, there was often not a lot of music (many scenes had none at all), and the colors seemed to always be a bit desaturated, overly contrasted and have an orange or green tinge to them. It was on one of the genre-channels, so I'm assuming it was either an action/suspense or Sci-Fi movie? But there weren't any aliens or anything more blatant like that. The main character was a sort-of scruffy, tall Caucasian man wearing a jumpsuit (like a mechanic or prisoner-type one-piece work outfit), and I think he was either on-the-run or had a time limit to get somewhere? It was pretty bad, and it looked fairly low-budget, so I'm guessing it was either an indie film, a direct-to-video/TV movie, or a limited release. The only specific scene I recall was the main character confronting a fairly large obese man in a near-empty parking lot, the main character kicks the fat-man in the groin, and the fat guy topples over on top of him. It was supposed to be funny, but it was just kind of awkward. Any ideas?

Saw an old black and white war movie. It had a bunch of students who were friends with one of their teachers. Eventually, the students were drafted into a war and when they see their teacher walking into the barracks, they are very happy to see him and even make jokes when he informs them that he's their superior officer. His pleasant demeanor which he showed as a teacher is changed to being tyrannical to the point that the cadets finally tie him up in a huge bag and drop him into a huge mud puddle as for revenge for the harsh treatment he gave them.

Answer: The film you are referencing is the classic WW1 movie "All Quiet on the Western Front" starring Lew Ayers and Louis Wolheim.


I'm looking for a cartoon seen in the early 70s (but may be from earlier decade). I was a very young kid at the time so my info may be slightly off. All I remember is someone not too strong was given strength from something in the shape of a missile, and you heard a low voice (or voices) with music in the background saying "Guided Missile, Guided Missile " etc. Does anyone know what this was from?

Answer: I actually found the answer to what I was looking for. It's Harecules Hare (from the Beany and Cecil cartoons of the 60s). It was actually Guided MUSCLE (not missile) that Harecules Hare made out of an invention (a golden fist-looking robot type) that destroyed an eviler character.

What was the movie in which a vampire rematerializes in one of the opening scenes when a wooden stake is removed from a coffin?

Answer: I'm sure this happens in multiple films. One that immediately comes to mind is House of Frankenstein.

Does anyone know what TV show this episode is from? It was a scary anthology/short story type of show. I saw it on TV a couple of years ago, but it was made in the '90s or possibly '80s. A woman visits her pregnant sister. The sister is either trapped or basically stuck in a room. The woman sleeps with the sister's husband/serious boyfriend. It turns out that he is a monster. I think he had insect-like qualities, but I am not certain.

Answer: It sounds like an episode from "Tales From the Crypt" that originally aired on HBO from the late 80's to the early 90s.

raywest Premium member

This is something I watched as a child so my recollection of it is incredibly vague. I believe it was 80s or early 90s movie. Main character is a girl with thick glasses. I remember a scene where she puts her face into a mask looking thing on the wall and it gave her instant makeup. Then, I think, she ended up going to an underground city or something.

Chosen answer: I believe the movie you're describing is a 1988 science fiction film, called Alien from L.A., that stars Kathy Ireland as a young woman who visits the underground civilization of Atlantis. "Wanda Saknussemm (Ireland) is a nerdy social misfit with large glasses and an intolerable squeaky voice who lives in Los Angeles and works at a diner. After being dumped by her boyfriend, Wanda is informed by a letter that her father, an archaeologist, has died. She flies to North Africa and while going through her father's belongings, she finds his notes about Atlantis, apparently an alien ship that crashed millennia ago and sank into the center of the Earth. Wanda comes across a chamber beneath her father's apartment and accidentally sets off a chain of events that ultimately cause her to fall into a deep hole."


I read a book and watched the movie about a young boy racing the sun over the mountains by himself. I think an Indian boy, but not 100% sure, I loved that movie and book and cannot for the life of me remember what it was called.

Answer: There was a book called "Racing the Sun" by Paul Pitts that seems to fit your description of a 12 yr old boy named Brandon finding out about having Navajo roots. I can't find anything on a movie or show though. Is this what you were looking for?

oddy knocky

I am trying to identify a movie that I saw a part of as a child. I only saw the ending, and this was back in the 90's when I saw it. It was at least a late 80's to early 90's film and I saw it on TV at my grandmother's house. But I only remember once part. That there were two cars racing down a street, but towards each other for some reason. And there was some distance between them as there was not direct line of sight, but they went over hills and around corners. All I can remember is one car was like a purple Lamborghini or such. Or it might have been black. It's hard to remember. But as they two cars drew near to each other, it would cut back and forth to the other driver's face, and then his point of view. And for some reason before the cards met, the point of view of the other driver was seeing the Lamborghini as a man and not a car. Just standing perfectly still but moving towards him in the street. But this man, to my memory was in a full classic diver outfit. Like the old time ones from Scooby Do cartoons where it's like a big metal bowl on the divers head with a window on the front. However he was all purple. And the other driver only saw this, but as they hit. It was a head on collision and both cars exploded. This is all I can remember, and it was 20 years ago so my memory of the exact details is probably off.

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: The Wraith (1986) starring Charlie Sheen and Nick Cassavetes.

Gavin Jackson

I only remember bits of the trailer for this 60's (??) British film. It's possibly an espionage or spy spoof that starts by showing a man running down a street wearing a black and white graduation cap and gown. A voice-over says (sic) "See this man? Very good. Carry on." He then is in a classroom with a bunch of beautiful college-aged schoolgirls/students. He asks a question to the class and then, after they answer, he exclaims, "Right, my children!" He then asks one beauty a personal question to which she replies (in letters) the man's name, which spells out on the screen and is (I think) also the name of the film. Any help here?

CCARNI Premium member

A Hollywood movie musical from the 40's or 50's that features a bizarre choreographed dance in it, where a whole bunch of people in a park get up and start dancing and yelling, "Weeeeee!" They're dancing this wild and weird dance. Anybody know this movie?

CCARNI Premium member

Answer: Few more details needed I think as there were many musicals at this time with various dances and pretty much guaranteed somebody in these films goes "weeeee" when dancing. Any actors or actresses you recall? Black and white film or colour film? Genre? (was it a Western?) Any recollection of the dance or its style?

Neil Jones

I'm trying to remember where I have seen the following scene in a cartoon as a young child in the early 70s... the scene is an animal (either large cat or bear or something) captures a tiny baby fish in the water and the fish cries out "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" and then the big father fish attacks or destroys the large animal, freeing his son. Anyone know what cartoon this was from?

This is a TV movie from the early or mid seventies. A lady is in a sculptor's loft with several disassembled statues. A head of a statue sitting on a table starts speaking, saying to her, "you killed me, Rachel, you killed me!" She screams, picks up the head and smashes it on the floor. Anybody have an idea what the name of this movie was or who was in it?


Answer: It's an ABC Movie of the Week horror called Sweet, Sweet Rachel (1971), starring Alex Dreier, Pat Hingle, Louise Latham and Stefanie Powers, Scene head (46:59)


There was a movie that had Jerry Lewis and some other guy but I can't remember his name. In the movie, the guy is a famous performer who isn't getting many people to attend his show. Jerry plays a guy who is the man's biggest fan and during one of the guys shows, Jerry appears on stage and starts doing things that make the audience laugh such as wearing girls clothes and giving the man a flower. They prove to be such a hit together that they start performing and become celebrities. The guy falls in love with a woman and eventually gets angry at Jerry causing Jerry to leave. When the guy tries to get a show done, it doesn't go so well but Jerry reappears and helps the guy and the guy makes amends with Jerry.

Chosen answer: That's "The Stooge". Http://

Answer: Definitely "The Stooge". 1953 b/w with Polly Bergen.

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