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I saw this movie years ago about a man and woman meeting in a sort of way station where it is decided if you have lived a good enough life to go to heaven or if you have to go back to earth and be reincarnated to try again. He finds out he was a tribesman eaten by an animal, she finds out she was Sir Lancelot or a knight. In the end she is going to heaven but he is not, and they fall in love and god lets them both go to heaven. Any idea what movie this is?

Me and my mum have been racking our brains to remember the title of a film we saw a few years back. We think it starred Ben Affleck. A guy who has a family has been away and is travelling back to them, I think his plane becomes delayed or something and 'Ben Affleck' gives his plane ticket to him so he can get home sooner. But the plane crashes, and the man dies. So 'Ben Affleck' finds himself feeling guilty for what happened to the guy and he becomes involved in the dead guys life. And plans to tell the wife of the guy what happened but ends up falling in love with the wife. Does anyone recognise this brief plot?

Looking for a movie title of around mid 80's, whereby the character has problems with seeing certain colours and if he physically see's red he would run superhumanly fast. If he saw yellow, something else would happen that I can't seem to recall. He was given a special pair of glasses that allowed him to control his powers. There is one scene where he chases a motorbike on a freeway. There is another scene where he avoids looking at a fire. The rolling credits end with him on top of a large building looking down on the city. Can anyone help?

I think about 15 years ago I saw a movie on televison, one of those saturday afternoon specials, that had a group of people in a house being attacked by lions. I think it was set in Africa, but the movie is almost exclusively shot in the house. They fashioned some sort of cage for themselves to get out using stuff from around the house. I have since caught the tail end of the movie one time before, maybe about 10 years ago, but I didn't see a title or remember any of the credits. If anyone knows the title to this movie I would be grateful. Also if you know if its out on DVD I would love to get this.

Answer: Savage harvest.

I'm looking for the title of a movie about a group of actors in a stage play. Someone was murdered and they are all suspects. It is not Rehearsal For Murder.

Answer: I think you are talking about Murder Most Foul. Its an Agatha Christie - Ms Marple story.

Answer: The 1964 movie, "Murder Most Foul," Margret Rutherford as Miss Marple. The third in the series of movies made in the 1960's.

I remember a movie from almost 10 years ago, give or take e few, where a boy and a girl, (they might tbe siblings) are in a house where an old(er?) man lives. They are trying to kill him, so the boy takes a picture of him and rips the head off, places it in a bowl and pours some kind of liquid over it. It didn't work. Can anyone help me with this one?

Answer: It sounds like the "Amazing Stories" episode from 1986 called "Go To The Head Of The Class". Christopher Lloyd is an A-hole teacher who treats a boy and girl like garbage so they break into his house, rip the head off of a yearbook picture of him, and do some voodoo. The teacher's real head falls off and he chases them around the house. The girl was Mary Stuart Masterson.

John Cyr

I am trying to find the name of a movie that i saw years ago,it was probably made in the 60's or 70's,about a free spirited girl who is in an unconventional relationship with a man. She has a cat she named "mouse". I think in the end scene of the movie she turns around three times saying "i divorce thee, i divorce thee, i divorce thee", i'm not quite sure, but i think in the beginning of the movie she marries him the same way saying "i marry thee" three times while turning around.

Answer: Così come sei (1978).

I saw a movie on TV about a year ago but didn't catch the name of it. It was about a bunch of Italian mafios-type guys looking for acting jobs and trying to beat their friends to the auditions. One guy does a celebrity immitation in one scene (I think during a card game) saying, "You talkin' to me?" Can you tell me the name of the movie. Actually, ANY information you can give would be helpful. Even if it's just the name of one of the actors. Thanks.

Answer: Could it have been "With Friends Like These...?

I'm trying to remember the name of a TV show that i watched when i was a kid. It was on Nickelodeon and was one of those short shows that was played during the commercials. It was a team led by a really stupid guy who looked like He-Man and then a sewage guy then a girl who i thought was wonder woman. What was the name of this show?

Answer: It was 'Action League Now' and it was part of the 'Kablam' Show. The 4 superheroes were The Flesh, Stinky Diver, Thundergirl and Meltman.


One classic movie cliche is an evil man tying a helpless maiden to some train tracks. Does anyone know which movie was first to include a scene like this?

Answer: "Barney Oldfield's Race for Life" (1913) featured the Villian tying Mabel to the tracks for rejecting his advances. Mabel's boyfriend must rush to the rescue.


Does anyone know which movie the line "to making it count" appears? All I can remember is people are making a toast in a bar I believe.

Answer: This was Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jack making a toast - in the first-class dinner scene from the movie "Titanic" - this toast follows a short speech he gives on how he goes about living his life, which to his surprise, intrigues many of the people at the table, who join him in his toast "to making it count".


I saw the very end of this movie on TV, but, alas, didn't catch the title. There was a man in a desert, talking to a leopard, who is tied up. The man says something and walks away. The leopard squeezes out of it's leash and attacks him. There's a struggle and the man stabs the leopard and it dies. He starts crying and cradles the leopard, which he then carries away. The film ends with a wide shot of him carrying the leopard through the desert. Any ideas?

Answer: Passion in the Desert (1997).

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There was a John Travolta movie where he said, "I'm so cool, the sheep count me". Do you know what movie this line was from?

Answer: The line "My motherf***er is so cool, when he goes to bed, sheep count him" is from the movie 'Heist', which does not star John Travolta.

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Is there some kind of horror film where a baby crawls along a ceiling and its head turns all the way around? It seems to have been parodied by Family Guy and The Simpsons. What is the film called?

Answer: The baby crawling on the ceiling is a reference to Renton's hallucinations while going cold-turkey in Trainspotting.

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I really need some help with a film I saw about ten years ago. I'm pretty sure it was an American movie. There was a boy who had a small, old closet in his room. He was playing with some toys, and locked up a little Indian doll in that closet. The next morning he heard some noises, and saw that the doll had come alive. I also remember that the boy had made a plastic deer come alive, so that the doll could hunt it.

Answer: I'm pretty sure you're thinking of the Frank Oz movie "The Indian in the Cupboard."

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Which movie (70's or 80's?) has a final scene with a man in a white suit putting his hands over his face and then the camera pans out and shows all these people going into cubicles? The music's classical, maybe Mozart.

I saw a movie quite a few years ago and all I can remember is the following. An American boy goes to a Shaolin temple because he wants to be trained in the arts. He sits outside the temple for days without food. They show the wind blowing leaves over him and the monks telling him to leave. After a few days or weeks they eventually let him in. The training included him jumping from one tree stump to another. It is not your typical van Damme type movie. Does anyone know the title?

Answer: What you are talking about is the pilot to "Kung Fu" the TV series, starring David Carradine, or possibly a movie called American Shaolin.

I am trying to figure out the name of a movie I watched. It started with a scene in a hotel, where a girl/hooker was killed in the bathroom. She was cut up in the bathtub. It was released around the same time as "Wild Things", as that is what I thought it was, but that wasn't it.

I'm looking for the title of a late 80's/early 90's movie about a yuppie couple having a baby. The husband is a columnist for a local paper and writes about the pregnancy in his column and the entire city follows along on their journey, to the dismay of the wife. He gets a police escort to the hospital when the cop realizes who he is.

Answer: I believe you are referring to "She's Having a Baby" (1988 Paramount Pictures), starring Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern. Alternatively a 1987 TV movie called Warm Hearts, Cold Feet. Starring Tim Matheson and Margaret Colins. They play rival newspaper reporters, who have a baby and they each report the highs and lows of pregnancy. The scene with the cop happens when he rushes home to conceive the child.


When I was a kid, I remember seeing a movie in the early 80's, and all I can remember is at the end, a ghost train comes crashing through the house in the living room. Prior to this, you can see the light approaching, and I think there was a kid that yelled that the train was coming towards the house. Anyone know what film this was?


Chosen answer: It wasn't a movie. It was the first episode of "Amazing Stories," an anthology program produced by Steven Spielberg. IMDB has a description here:

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