A Perfect Murder

Continuity mistake: A few times when Emily fights with the intruder, her hair changes from being in a ponytail, to down. (00:46:30)

Continuity mistake: Emily's hair scrunchie appears in her hair as she is answering the phone and seems to have fallen out during the struggle but reappears and disappears several times throughout the attack.

Revealing mistake: At the end a character is killed and you see him lying on the floor, dead, but still breathing.... (01:43:00)

Continuity mistake: The shoebox with the money in it goes from no rubber band around it to having one around it, when David takes it out of the bag.

Visible crew/equipment: In the loft scene when Stephen asks David to kill his wife, a crew member steps out from behind the cabinet behind Stephen.

Visible crew/equipment: When Emily is driven home to her mother and the mother opens the car door, a camera and microphone boom are visible in the reflection of the car window. (00:59:05)

Steven: How's that for wet work?

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Question: Is it important for the storyline of the movie that Emily (Gwyneth Paltrow) can understand the policeman, when he is speaking Arabic to his wife on the phone?

Answer: Not really. She being a linguist and able to speak the detective's language seems to create a bond of trust and understanding between them.

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