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I remember a comedy Western about a bandit leader who is tempted into going straight by a rich blond heiress, she gets him caught, he tries to go straight but reverts. There is an attempt to catch him by a retired sheriff who sets letters to catch him on fire, at one point he says "I learned never trust a beautiful woman or a lonely midget'. He finally escapes by wearing the heiress' petticoats?


Answer: That's the TV Movie Evil Roy Slade (1972).

I saw a movie years and years ago. I think it was a kids or family movie from the early/mid-90's. I just remember either the opening scene or the second scene introducing the hero (who was like a teen or pre-teen boy) playing Nintendo... and he was using his index fingers on the controller instead of his thumbs. I could swear the main character was played by Tobey Maguire, but I can't seem to find the scene anywhere, so it was probably someone else. (Maybe he was in the movie but didn't play the main character?) Does this ring anyone's bell?


Answer: As has happened a few times now, I stumbled onto the answer between submitting the question and it actually being posted, haha. It was evidently "Revenge of the Red Baron" that I was remembering. I was going through Maguire's filmography trying to find the answer and found that someone had gone ahead and posted the whole movie on YouTube. Watched a few minutes and the scene I remember was there. (I thought it might have been "The Wizard" too at first).


Looking for three short films I saw once. One was about a homeless man who wanted to get arrested, so he can go to an island for six months where he would be warm and kept well-fed. At first, he refuses to pay at a restaurant and is thrown out. Then he tries to steal someone's umbrella but gets away with it. The end of the skit has him being arrested when he tells a cop that questions him about what he's doing, and he responds that he's not doing anything. The second is about an elderly man who invited some of his elderly colleagues to his house and says that he found the fountain of youth. To prove it, he takes a dead flower and puts it in a pitcher of water and it becomes a fresh flower again. The man also warns about what would happen if they drank the water. The third is about a woman who works with scientists who create a time machine and bring a cro-magnon boy into the future that the woman cares for. At the end, the woman decides to go back to the past with the boy she took care of.

Answer: You're right about the third story, "The Ugly Little Boy." The first story is O. Henry's "The Cop and the Anthem," and the third is Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment." The last story was part of a segment of 1963 movie, "Twice Told Tales." Starring Vincent Price, a variation of the original story. Also a variation of O. Henry story was made into a 1978 cartoon, "A Pink Christmas." Starring the Pink Panther.

"The Cop and the Anthem" is part of the anthology movie O. Henry's Full House.

Answer: The last one is probably The Ugly Little Boy (1977), based on a story by Isaac Asimov.

All answers are correct. Thanks.

I am trying to remember a specific movie that I had seen on Youtube that I can't remember the name of now. It is an Asian action B film from the early 2000s or late 90s that involves 5 men that have dealings with the mafia. The opening scene is a title for the movie on a black screen with gun shots that go off in the background while you can hear someone running away I believe that you can see a Raiders football poster in the opening scene when one of the characters decides to hide behind a wall. At the ending of the movie the 5 men meet up in a restaurant to conclude their dealings with one another and head off on their own ways. Two leave in cars and the other walks down the back alley of the restaurant while the opening song playing in the background as he walks off into the night. The film received some awards or at least was nominated for them. I know it's not much to go off but I would really appreciate it if someone could find out what the name of the film I am remembering is.

Cameron James Topping

I remember seeing trailers for a TV show a while back. It was either the very late 90's or the early 2000's. (I'm leaning more towards early-2000's.) I don't remember too much, but it was about a cop who had something wrong with his mind. He was a little unhinged and didn't seem to have any sort-of mental filter... like it he had a thought, he would immediately verbalize it without control. Ex. I swear I could remember a bit in the trailer where he was talking about having a song stuck in his head, and he was like babbling about it to someone in a car. It might have been as a result of an injury or like a mental breakdown or something. If I recall correctly, it was a hard-boiled cop show and I'm pretty sure it was on one of the major networks. Does this ring anyone's bell? (For reference, I'm in the US, so it was most likely an American show).


Answer: It's possible the show was Touching Evil. It was on the USA network in 2004, It starred Jeffrey Donovan as an FBI agent who returns to work after being shot in the head. As a result of the head injury, he has almost no impulse control. He says or does whatever he feels like regardless of social norms.

af4dable Premium member

There was a movie with Nicholas Cage in it. In the movie, his mom is lying in the hospital and is about to die. Just before she dies, she wants Nick to promise her that he'll never get married. When he refuses, she tells him why she doesn't want him to get married. When Nick's mom finally dies, he screams at the top of his voice that he promises to never marry.

Answer: Honeymoon in Vegas. Sarah Jessica Parker plays his girlfriend, who pushes him to get married. He gives in and they head to Vegas, but still has that fear of breaking his promise to his mom. When he loses a fortune in poker, a mobster offers to forget the money if he lets Sarah go on a date with him. Nicholas then realises how much he loves her and the chase is on to get her back. A romantic comedy. In most of the scenes there is a reference to Elvis Presley.

I remember seeing a haunted-house movie on TV in the early/mid 90's. I don't remember much about it outside of a scene where the family cat is found dead early in the film. (I think it was a black or darker-colored cat, and I seem to remember there's blood on or around it, too, but I'm not 100%.) That's literally all I remember. It may have been a TV movie just from what I recall based on how it looked. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


In the 1970s as a kid, I remember a commercial where kids were pretending to be cars or maybe playing with toy cars, and at the end of the commercial, an announcer said "Remember, a car is NOT a toy" followed by a kid's voice impersonating a siren as the commercial ended. Does anyone remember this and what was the product or advertisement for exactly?

I remember a cartoon we used to have on VHS back when I was a kid. So the cartoon would have been from sometime in the 80's or at very latest the early 90's. I think it might have been Japanese, but I'm not sure. I just remember there was either a light pink or baby-blue creature that I wanna say was a dragon (I can't remember what color it was)... but it would float on the water. The only comparison I can make is that it kind of looked like a "Lapras" from "Pokemon." I wanna say it was a movie, but it honestly could have just been a few back-to-back episodes of a series on the tape we had. Does this ring anyone's bell? I've been curious about it for years, because I have memories of watching it, but can't remember what it's called.


Answer: Just a suggestion for you to review. "Serendipity the Pink Dragon." It's a Japanese anime show from 1983 and only lasted 1 season. An English dubbed version was released on VHS in 1989. Here's the intro scene.


Yeah, I stumbled onto a rip of the movie on YouTube not long after I submitted the question. I also looked at the cover art online, and it seemed a little familiar. I'm a solid 75% sure that's it.


Answer: Just an update: While visiting my mother, I was able to confirm 100% that it was "Serendipity: The Pink Dragon." Showed her a picture of the cover and she said she definitely remembered us having it based on the cover image.


Answer: I'm about 75% sure it was "Serendipity: The Pink Dragon." But there's a small chance it could be something else, so if there's any other answers that fit the bill, please let me know.


I remember watching part of a movie on TV when I was about five or six years old I was old enough to read because the movie had subtitles. All I remember is a mom and two kids get off a train somewhere, and she speaks in a different language to an officer. It had subtitles and I remember the man tells the lady that she can keep only one of her children and the other one has to go. She keeps saying that she can't choose and to not make her choose. I remember some men come and threaten to take away both of her kids but at the last minute she tells them to take her daughter. A soldier then takes her little girl away screaming and crying. I remember the scene was pretty scary and I didn't watch anymore of the movie after this. So does anyone know what this movie was called?

Answer: You're describing "Sophie's Choice" (1982) where Meryl Streep, Sophie, is sent to Auschwitz with her children and has to choose which child will be sent to the children's camp and which one will die. She chooses her daughter to die and the soldiers take her away.


Trying to think of a movie that I saw many years ago. Mid 90s maybe, I can't remember anything about it aside from a scene where the villains possibly hijacked a school bus full of school kids, and they stop and at one point the villain tells one of the kids to take his glasses off and the kid replies "but I need my glasses to see." Very vague I know, sorry I don't have any more.

Answer: It's from a movie called They've Taken Our Children: The Chowchilla Kidnapping. The movie is also called Vanished Without a Trace. Https://

Answer: There is a TV movie from 1996 called "Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17." One man hijacks a bus full of special needs students and there are a few students who wear glasses. I tried to skim through it to see if I could find a scene about taking off the glasses, I didn't find it but I might have missed it.


This is a story that my class read in middle/junior high school, and we watched a movie or TV show that was based on it. A boy is friends with a middle-aged or elderly woman. She might be an older relative. She is either mentally handicapped or very socially awkward and quirky. One of her quirks is never getting out of bed on the thirteenth of the month. At one point, she allows the boy to drink alcoholic beverages. The woman's two sisters decide that she and the boy should not be friends any more. I think it takes place in the 1800s, or at least before the 1960s.

Answer: This is "A Christmas Memory" by Truman Capote. It takes place in the 1930s. First published in 1956.

Answer: It was also a 1994 TV-Movie, with Henry Winkler, Swoosie Kurtz and Katherine Hepburn. Its setting was Christmas in New Orleans during the 1930's.

Only saw the trailer for this twice but never the actual movie. The trailer is about a mom and daughter who become bounty hunters. They are in a fast food place, and they tell a male employee that they've come to arrest him, but he laughs thinking they're joking.

Answer: In 1980, there was a movie titled, "The Hunter," based on real life bounty hunter, Ralph "Papa" Thorson. "The Huntress," which started as a TV-Movie sequel, was about him being killed chasing a bounty, which left his widow and daughter to run the business. FYI, "The Hunter" was Steve McQueen's last film before he died.

Answer: There was a cable TV series called "The Huntress" a while back.

raywest Premium member

I remember seeing part of a movie years ago and I'd like to revisit it. It had a TV movie feel. I remember a woman in a gallery or museum, following a man around trying to catch sight of him (I think he had picked up a glove she dropped?) and she eventually followed him outside. He was in his car, and I think he was holding the glove out the window. She got in his car, and they started fooling around, the scene cut to his place, they had obviously had sex, and she was nosing around his stuff, and found a medical letter which revealed he had recently been diagnosed with VD. She is horrified, and I'm pretty sure he appeared and killed her. Any ideas?

Answer: Because the filmmakers of today view therm as parodies. I admit the writing and directing style is not as sophisticated as today's work, but they told good fun stories. Back then they tried to keep costs down by any means necessary.

Answer: It hedges bets in case the action doesn't work, studio can claim they meant for this all along. Also the Mission Impossible films are played straight.


Answer: I'm not claiming to know the definitive answer, but I suspect it is for the same reason there have been remakes of old movies: Hollywood is out of ideas for original movies, tries to keep a steady supply of releases to make money, and it is easier/quicker. Playing them "straight" would require creating a new, meaningful story which is much more demanding than "making fun" of something already done. Moreover, the old TV shows turned into movies probably will do better (make a higher profit) if the audience is not largely limited to the older generation who may have watched the old TV shows. Presumably, the younger generation doesn't find old TV shows appealing and may even already make fun of them. Others do not even know what the TV shows were about, so making a contemporary version would not have the same meaning (or nostalgia) for those viewers. Comedy is something all generations can enjoy... or find more interesting than a lame story about old TV characters who have been forgotten.


I'd concur with this - it's the "four quadrant" idea: movies which appeal to both male and female audiences, and both over - and under-25s. An action-comedy has broader appeal than a pure action/drama, and especially given the three examples referenced are viewed as somewhat cheesy throwbacks now, regardless of the appeal at the time, it makes sense to take a more light hearted approach. Miami Vice is once example that was played straight which could have been ripe for mockery - it got mixed reviews and didn't set the box office aflame.

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Who does the narrator's voice in, "Caltiki, the Immortal Monster"? Is this the same person who does the voice of Prince Amat in "Alakazam the Great" and the voice over for Pietro in "Black Sabbath"? They sound like the same man.

In what movie or TV series does someone say "TV dinner!" in the end of the intro? Could be something like "bring out your TV dinner!", I really just remember the TV dinner part.

I'm trying to find a TV show or movie where a girl is in a friend group that are all seniors except for one girl, who is a sophomore. That sophomore loses her "virginity" to the f boy or douchebag of the school. The douchebag or the guy keeps spreading rumors about the sophomore girl to the point where the girl is in an emotional mess. The main character, the senior girl, stands up to him asking him why he has to prey on little girls like her friend. She says something like this after, "Is it because of the inferiority complex you have because your father doesn't come to your games?" and then she tells him to grow up in a growling, in rage tone of voice. She then leaves him speechless. The boy was shocked, which is probably why he begins to talk to the main character more and tries to get to know her better. He then starts liking him. The main character also starts liking him learning that he isn't a total douchebag. Then they both fall in love at the end. What's the name of the show?

I saw an old black and white movie back in the early seventies on a late, late show that involved a woman going to the hospital for a face lift. I remember two scenes vividly: one where the doctor and his team cut, then peel off her face, and a scene where a woman (the same?) wakes up with surgical clamps and forceps still attached to her face, and she is confused and frightened, calling for a nurse's help. Anybody have an idea what was the title of this old movie?


Answer: Sounds like the 1960 French film "Les Yeux sans visage" (Eyes Without a Face). The American release version was named "The Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus."


What movie has a police sting to catch criminals by inviting them to a Yankees meet and greet, a man and his son are late, the cop feels sorry for him and tells him to get lost?

Answer: "Sea of Love" (1989) staring Al Pacino. The "meet the Yankees" is the opening scene. After the sting, the man and his little boy show up and Pacino (Detective Keller) doesn't want to arrest him in front of his boy. He tells him they're all booked up and flashes his badge as he gets in the car to give the man a hint.


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