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Fright Night (1985)

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Revealing mistake: When Charley stabs Dandridge in the hand with his pencil, he stabs the hand holding him by the neck. The depth of the wound on Dandridge's hand reveals that the pencil should have stabbed Charlie in his neck and given him a severe wound, if not kill him.


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Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the film where Charlie watches Dandridge and Cole move the coffin into their house, there is a close-up shot of Amy removing her blouse. The film then cuts to a close-up again of Charlie and in the background Amy's blouse is still on (probably only visible in the widescreen version of the film). (00:05:20)

Other mistake: Before the wolf changes back into Evil Ed you can see the black cables pulling the fake wolf across the carpet.

Leonard Hassen

Revealing mistake: Charley stabs Jerry Dandridge in the hand with a pencil. Look closely as he removes it, you can see it comes out in an 'antenna' fashion with a sucker attached in the palm of his hand.

Paul Andrews

Other mistake: When Jerry is in the nightclub starring at Amy you can see his reflection in one of the mirror columns of the dance floor. He is a vampire and shouldn't have a reflection. (01:02:51)

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the burger joint when Amy grabs the kid's BBQ sandwich and smashes it in Charlie's face for ignoring her. First the two tomato slices fall completely off his face, then one slice reappears on his right cheek, and in the final shot no more tomatoes.


Continuity mistake: When Charley is about to be thrown from the bedroom window by Jerry, he accidentally grabs Amy's picture from his desk and throws it to a fence post below. But watch closely and you'll see: this picture is the very same one that fell to the floor in a struggle just a second before Jerry lifted up the window. (00:29:55)


Visible crew/equipment: When the wolf begins to transform back to evil, as the wolf tries to take the wooden stake out of his heart, he leans forward and you can actually see the human arm behind him. He can't have an animals arm and a human arm at the same time - the arm is of an operator working the animatronic.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie and Amy run into the nightclub to get away from Jerry she is wearing a blue purple plaid jacket to match her skirt and blouse. The jacket disappears when Jerry takes her to the dance floor, and she is not carrying it or wearing it when Jerry makes his escape from the nightclub, kidnapping Amy. Then in the scene when Amy wakes up in Jerry's house dressed in the white gown, she begins to focus and look at the portraits on the wall. Directly below and to the right of the first portrait are her clothes, folded neatly over the back of a chair - purple skirt, blue blouse and the matching plaid jacket, which has magically reappeared.


Continuity mistake: As Peter watches Evil's wolf form drag itself across the floor in pain, the balusters and broken wood fragments on the floor rearrange themselves. (01:20:55)


Revealing mistake: A string is visible pulling the rocking chair on Jerry's porch as Charley approaches the house. (01:14:20)


Revealing mistake: Near the end, when Peter stakes Jerry while he is lying in his coffin, it's visible that the stake is held under his armpit and not into his chest.


Visible crew/equipment: As Charley watches Billy dump a heavy black bag into the Jeep, the shot changes to a first-person view of Jerry walking on the roof getting ready to take flight as a vampire. As he jumps, a crew member and filming equipment are visible. (00:15:15)


Revealing mistake: Look carefully when Chris Sarandon jumps through the stained glass window - you can see it is his stunt double and not him, plus the stunt double is wearing gray sneakers instead of gray dress shoes.

Derek Tabotabo

Audio problem: Right before Charley gets thrown into the closet doors, Jerry has him by the throat threatening to kill his mother if she wakes up. In the shots of Charley trying to free himself of the grip, Jerry's lips are moving but no sound can be heard. (00:28:15)


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Continuity mistake: When Jerry has Charley pinned to the cracked bedroom wall by his neck, he suddenly drags him over to the window a few feet away - which is nailed securely to the frame - and lifts it up effortlessly. Next, we see Charley looking over to his right side, but now he's back up against the cracked wall in this shot, not a window. (00:29:50)


Continuity mistake: When Peter presses the cross to Evil's forehead, it's level. But, in the shot when he pulls it off, it's tilted to create the X burn.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie and Peter find the bitten wounded Amy lying unconscious on the floor in Jerry's bedroom, she is shaking as she transforms into a vampire. Her hair also changes back and forth between the shots. From a perfect curly coif to a longer frizzy vampish do. Then when Peter enters the room alone, and she gets up, it's suddenly long and curly down her shoulders.


Continuity mistake: When Peter Vincent is fighting back Jerry in bat form he is scratched on the cheek drawing blood. When the bat flies away and for the rest of the movie there is no scratch on Peter's cheek. (01:34:20)

Continuity mistake: After Lieutenant Lennox drives away, Charley rushes over to Evil's house and begs for some vampire-related advice. He agrees to help (at a cost). As Evil is asking where the vampire will likely strike first, he runs both hands through his hair then drops them to his side. But in the following shot, Evil's hands are instantly back on top of his head again (widescreen only). (00:21:35)


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Trivia: This can only be seen for a brief second on the widescreen side of the DVD. In the scene where Dandridge follows Charlie and Amy in Club Radio, there is a man standing by a mirrored column, and Dandridge walks behind him, and for a second you can see Dandridge's shoulder reflected in the mirror. Vampires do not have reflections.

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Question: During the scene where Dandridge is enthralling and dancing with Amy in the nightclub, the song they're dancing to sounds similar to REM's "Personal Jesus", but I don't believe it is that song. I can't tell what song it might be or even if it is on the soundtrack listing on IMDB. Does anyone know the name of that song and what group/person/composer is playing it?

Diana Lucas

Chosen answer: First of all, REM didn't record "Personal Jesus," Depeche Mode did. The song I think you're referring to is Ian Hunter's "Good Man in a Bad Time." The other song Amy and Jerry danced to was Evelyn Champagne King's "Give it Up" which could never be confused with "Personal Jesus." I hope this helps!

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