Other mistake: When Dr. Seward first goes to see Renfield, he gets bitten on the right side of his neck, but then grabs the left side as if in pain. (00:26:00)


Revealing mistake: In one of the first scenes, Winona Ryder (as Vlad the Impaler's wife), is lying on the floor, dead. Gary Oldman's Vlad falls to his knees, heartbroken, right next to the "dead" Winona, who flinches. (00:03:34)


Continuity mistake: When Van Helsing is drawing blood from Lucy Westenra, she alternates from having one breast exposed to being covered up from one cut to the next. (00:59:35)


Revealing mistake: When the vampire women are drinking Jonathan's blood, as Dracula flies the room, the board carrying him is visible. (00:32:50)


Factual error: When Mina is with Dracula within Dr. Seward's room, she is wearing a white nightgown through which, at times, you can see her tiny underwear (more visible when he confesses to be Dracula and she is upset about him having killed Lucy - turning her into a vampire), in a fashion that would not be likely to be worn by women in the late 19th century.


Continuity mistake: At Lucy's dinner party, we see Quincey Morris pick his hat up off the sofa so Jack Seward does not sit on it. Once Jack sits down, he gets a funny look on his face and then magically pulls Quincey's crumpled hat out from under his butt.


Continuity mistake: On the carriage ride to Dracula's Castle, Jonathan looks out the window and sees the wheels of the carriage. In the next shot, the wheels are covered by a sheet of fabric. (00:11:40)


Audio problem: When Holmwood has the gun pointed in Van Helsing's face in Lucy's crypt, Van Helsing explains about the undead. Switch to a shot behind Helsing and his jaw is still moving even though he has stopped speaking. (01:25:35)


Revealing mistake: Dracula has no reflection, as seen when Jonathan is shaving, and when Dracula buys the newspaper in London. But when he assists Jonathan with the shaving, every time he dips the blade into the water bowl, his red robe can be seen reflected in the bowl. (00:26:40)


Continuity mistake: When Keanu reeves is in the train chasing Dracula,his hair changes colour dramatically from black to white to brown to slightly gray.


Continuity mistake: When Dracula sees Mina's picture in his castle, her face is turned to one side; when we see the picture again in the train scene, later in the film, the photo is reversed and her face is turned to the opposite side. (00:09:32)


Revealing mistake: When they are in the crypt to kill Lucy, they open the stone lid and look down. Clearly you can see glass on top of the inner coffin, yet later when Lucy goes in the coffin there is no glass. (01:24:55 - 01:27:05)


Continuity mistake: When the wolf scares Mina in the movie theatre, her hat switches back and forth from being forward on her head, to being tilted back. It does this in about 5 shots. (00:53:40)


Continuity mistake: When Dracula stabs the cross and blood pours out of it, in one shot it is slowly creeping towards Mina's dead body and in another shot it is rushing past her and in the next shot it's slowly creeping again. (00:05:20)


Audio problem: When Dracula and Mina first meet on the street they begin to speak. Dracula's voice has not been dubbed during the first sentence or two. Then in mid stream his voice changes from a high pitched regular rehearsal voice to the heavily accented Romanian voice used throughout the rest of the picture. (00:45:20)

Dracula mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: After the hairy beast Dracula attacks Sadie Frost, Winona Ryder comes to get Sadie in the garden maze. While they're walking back, you can see the camera's shadow on Winona's back. (00:43:35)


Continuity mistake: In the last scene, when Mina Harker lays Dracula's body in the cathedral's altar, she kisses the vampire's lips and he turns into his human self. His face is covered with blood down from his nose, but after the kiss Mina's lips have no sign of blood. (01:58:45)


Revealing mistake: In the chase scene near the end, when Dracula is hiding inside an earth-filled coffin in the gypsy carriage, you can clearly see the tip of one of his rubber-made finger extensions bending.


Continuity mistake: When the peasant woman gives Jonathan the crucifix in the carriage, the chain falls over the side of his palm. When he opens his hand to look at it, the chain runs between his fingers.


Visible crew/equipment: When Dracula is going to enter Lucy's bedroom for the last time, an unseen force knocks Cary Elwes backwards. Upon careful inspection, you can see a wire or cable pull him back.

Dracula: The blood is the life. And it shall be mine.

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Trivia: Out of all the movies ever made about Dracula, this is one of the very few that depicts his downward crawl on the wall in Castle Dracula, as mentioned in the original Dracula novel by Bram Stoker.

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Question: Why do the guards in the mental asylum wear cages over their heads?


Answer: For protection from the inmates.

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