Corrected entry: When the carriage that brings Jonathan to the castle pulls away, you see the tracks of the wheels in the dust, but no horse hoofprints.

Correction: Because the horses are supernatural.

Corrected entry: Something is very off about Jonathan's escape from Dracula's castle. He steps out of a window and onto a small ledge. For effect, he looks down at his feet and sees the cliff plunging down from his position. Jonathan then creeps sideways until he reaches a corner. As he rounds the corner, he appears to almost roll off it, as though it was a flat surface, and hits the water almost flat as well, rather than vertically. It seems that the crew used a standard set for the first few shots and then laid the set down for Keanu Reeves to creep along on his back for the later shots.


Correction: The scene is supposed to be a little "off". We have previously seen the strangeness of some odd gravitational effects (the oil/perfume dripping upwards) - this scene is supposed to show again how supernatural Castle Dracula is.

Corrected entry: When Mina first meets Dracula, she asks Dracula if he knows her husband Jonathon. At this point in the movie Mina and Jonathon haven't yet gotten married.

Correction: No, but she wants to get away from this stranger who accosts her in the street and is bothering her. She lets him believe she has a protective husband nearby that will drive him off if necessary.


Correction: This seems unlikely, given the film's adult content and Drew Barrymore's young age at the time, and the fact that Winona Ryder was selected for the role of Mina even before pre-production began: As stated on page 9 of the 1992 official behind the scenes book "Bram Stoker's Dracula: The Film and the Legend", she had read the screenplay and was interested in playing the role even before director Francis Ford Coppola became involved. She then gave the script to Coppola, who agreed to direct and to cast her in the role of Mina.


There's a few articles/sites that make this claim, although none seem original (like they're just repeating what's online) and there's no source cited. Another article says she auditioned, which is more likely. But just because she auditioned didn't mean she was "considered." Most of these trivia entries where they say "considered" usually don't mean the person was seriously in contention to get the role.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, when Vlad and his wife are parting, as his wife grabs his shoulder, you can hear that the armor is plastic.

Correction: Plastic and thick leather can sound very similar.

Corrected entry: Jonathon stamps some legal papers as Dracula stands next to him. Dracula claps his hands together and on the wall behind him, his shadow then claps its hands together. The two are not in sync. Since Dracula's shadow is supposed to be a reflection of his true intentions and later is shown strangling Harker's shadow, it's possible this miscontinuity was done intentionally.

Correction: Right, this was done intentionally, not a mistake at all. It's so obvious that the hand clap isn't in sync, the movie makers are using it to tell us to keep an eye on the shadows, without being TOO obvious. I mean, Jonathan doesn't turn around and say 'Hey, your shadow is goofy...'

Corrected entry: In the chase scene near the end, when Dracula is hiding inside an earth-filled coffin in the gypsy carriage, you can clearly see the tip of one of his rubber-made finger extensions bending.

Correction: I've examined the scene and watched every shot of Dracula inside the wooden box multiple times. Not once do we see any of his fingertips bend like rubber. In the shot where he first senses Mina's presence, there is a moment where the index finger on his left hand bends, but it does not look like anything out of the ordinary.


Corrected entry: In the party scene where Lucy is receiving her guests the 'cowboy' character leaves his hat on the sofa, where it is sat on. A moment later he is holding it in his hand and it is in perfect shape. (00:22:25)

Correction: This is incorrect. After Dr. Seward sits on Quincey's hat, he gives the hat to Quincey in the same shot. The hat is not seen again for the rest of the scene.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Jonathan is closing the transactions in Dracula's castle, the position and arrangement of the papers and objects on the table changes dramatically between shots, without anyone redecorating the table. (00:15:20 - 00:16:20)


Correction: I've examined the scene closely multiple times and the position and arrangement of the papers and objects seems to remain consistent throughout the scene.


Correction: Jonathan's hair turns grey from stress after he escapes from Dracula's castle. Throughout the rest of the movie, the amount of grey in his hair keeps switching back and forth, even going from slightly grey to completely grey and back again, but this is very blatant and obvious; it seems to be a deliberate move by the filmmakers to show the effect of Jonathan having been subjected to the predation of the vampires.


Corrected entry: In the crypt scene, Van Helsing, as you can see, cuts off Lucy's head. But when the head pops off, you can see that where there should be blood, guts, flesh, etc., there is only some white blankness. (01:27:45)

Correction: I've watched the scene several times and there is both blood and flesh when the head pops off.


Corrected entry: When Dracula helps Jonathan shave, he first asks Jonathan for the letters that he requested to be written. In the initial shot, he's holding the letters but in the next he is not. (00:27:41)

Correction: If you watch his hands at the end of the first shot, after he replies, "Good", you can see him open his robe and stick the letters inside them.


Corrected entry: When Arthur is guarding Lucy, just before he sees Dracula, a female voice can be heard saying "Now", cuing him to turn his head. (01:16:20)


Correction: While it is possible to interpret the sound as a woman saying "now", the manner in which it would be said makes it very unlikely it was someone on set giving a cue. It is long and drawn out, more like "neeoow." Someone on set would probably say and concisely "Now." It is far more likely this is another place in the movie where many sounds are overlaid for eerie effect. If I had to pin it on something exactly I would say it represents Lucy responding to Dracula's presence with an inviting sound.

Corrected entry: When Mina drops the small bottle, as Prince Vlad catches it, the liquid is yellow. When his hand is magically higher up a second later, it's obviously not the same bottle; the liquid is much darker. (00:44:00)


Correction: It all happens in a single shot, so the difference is probably just due to lightning. It could've been intentional to subtly show Draculas' supernatural abilities, but that is doubtful. There is no reason to believe it is anything but that Dracula is now holding the bottle with his full hand, reducing the amount of light reaching the bottle, making it appear darker.

Corrected entry: Dracula's castle contains steel beams. Steel had at that time only been around for 23 years in England, which is rather short to have made it into a castle centuries old in the middle of nowhere.

Correction: Could it not have been iron?

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dracula discovers Elisabeta's dead body at the foot of the altar, she is dry except for a few spots of blood and water on the suicide note in her hand, and the running drops of blood at the side of her mouth. In the previous scene, Elisabeta was supposed to have died from plunging herself into the river.

Correction: It's not clear how long it's been since her body was pulled from the river; there's no reason why it couldn't have dried.

Corrected entry: When Wynona Rider (as Dracula's wife) receives the fake message of her husband's death, she commits suicide by jumping off a cliff into a raging river below. When Dracula comes back from battle, she's laid out on the floor of the chapel, completely dry, holding a suicide note, and with only a trickle of blood coming out of her mouth. Wouldn't she be significantly injured from such a fall? And how exactly did she get to the chapel floor?

Correction: The priests got her out of the river and placed her on the floor infront of the cross to pray over her, and that is how Vlad found her.

Corrected entry: Lucy gives Mina her engagement ring as an early wedding present but can be seen wearing the same ring when Dracula kills her later in the film after he's transformed himself into a wolf.

Correction: I've examined both scenes closely and while the ring Lucy wears when Dracula kills her has a similar design to the one she gives to Mina, it is a different ring.


Correction: It might have just been similar-looking. We don't see it in detail during that scene.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie,they say that Dracula's home is in Romania. Dracula lives in Transylvania,the time is the end of the 19th century (about 1890).Transylvania belonged to Hungary until 1917, not to Romania.

Correction: The movie never actually states that Dracula lives in Romania: After Jonathan escapes from Dracula's castle, Mina merely says that her fiancé is in a convent there ("He's safe, Lucy. He's in a convent in Romania."). In the train scene at the start of the film, Jonathan states that the district where Dracula's castle is located is on the border of three states, Transylvania, Moldavia and Bukovina; Moldavia was part of Romania at the time the movie is set. Presumably, Jonathan escaped across the border to Romania after his ordeal.


Correction: Actually, Dracula was only born in Transylvania, he lived in Targoviste, the royal court in Walachia, which is a part of what became part of Romania in the 1860s. Being that by birth Vlad Dracula is from Transylvania, there is no error, and we can assume he in fact merely went to the region of his birth. Transylvania is the setting of Stoker's book, and this production of Dracula attempted to combine the real history of Vlad Dracula with the Transylvanian fiction of the book.

Corrected entry: When Madame Mina and that guy get married, they are married in an Eastern Orthodox Church, but the priests make the sign of the cross with their right hands. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the sign of the cross is made with the left hand.

Correction: In the Eastern Orthodox Church the sign of the cross is made with the RIGHT hand never with the left.

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Dracula: You will forgive me if I do not join you, but, I have already dined, and I never drink wine.

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Trivia: The marriage scene between Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder was performed by an actual Romanian Orthodox priest. Contrary to rumours this made the marriage legal, that wouldn't be possible without corresponding paperwork, which of course they wouldn't have had.


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Answer: For protection from the inmates.


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