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In America (2002)

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Factual error: The movie takes place in New York City, yet a sign on the ice cream store where the mother works says "Take Away." I know they call it "take away" in Britain and Ireland, but in New York it is called "take out." The movie was filmed in New York and Ireland, so that shot was probably filmed in Ireland.


Continuity mistake: When the pregnant Sarah watches the girls trick-or-treating Mateo there's a shot of her belly where she looks like she's almost due, but in later scenes it's much smaller, especially when she tries to keep Johnny from leaving the apartment and holds her hand against her absolutely flat belly.

00:42:40 - 00:55:00


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Johnny wins the E.T. doll the onlookers keep moving between shots. First Sarah moves from the counter behind her daughters, and later the crowd are either standing still and staring at Johnny or moving and talking to each other in alternating shots.

00:20:55 - 00:23:55


Continuity mistake: When Johnny catches Sarah in the fee-fie-foe-fum game the right loose end of his blindfold moves behind his shoulder and back between shots.



Continuity mistake: When Mateo collapses on the staircase landing, Christy puts a coat under and around his head. The camera changes to a close-up of Mateo's upper body, and the coat is not there any more.



Continuity mistake: When Ariel throws a tantrum and Johnny tries to pacify her by wiping her face with a wet cloth, the way her curls stick to her forehead change significantly between shots.



Continuity mistake: After the snowball fight Mateo sits on a swing. Between shots the red end of his shawl comes out from under his coat, and keeps changing while he talks to Johnny.



Continuity mistake: In the street scene about two-thirds through the movie, where the father is talking to his two girls about schoolwork, the younger girl, Ariel, has her "adult" front-teeth starting to appear. In the rest of the movie she has "baby" teeth - suggesting it was a scene that was added later.

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Continuity mistake: When Mateo is chasing the girls around the apartment while wearing the mask, Christy is holding the camcorder and taping him. When the girls run in front of their mother, suddenly Christy no longer has the camcorder. But in the next shot, she has it and is taping again.


Jeff Swanson

Continuity mistake: When Johnny tries to win the E.T. doll no ball flies in the final winning throw. We see it in Johnny's hand when he swings back, but he drops it outside the frame, because in the forward movement the hand is empty. This is especially obvious as the shot where the camera follows the non-existing ball is in slow motion.



Factual error: When Christy performs a song on the school stage Johnny videotapes her from the audience. In the monitor we see a close-up of a part of Christy's face which would require a tele zoom with a factor many times of what a camcorder would feature even today (the movie is set in the early eighties), plus it's also too steady for a hand-held camera.



Continuity mistake: In the scene where Johnny says good-night to his daughters Christy says a prayer. In the beginning Ariel's arms are folded over her belly with Christy's arm on top. Then there is a close-up of Ariel's face with her folded hands in front of her face, but at the end of the prayer her arms are again resting on her belly.



Continuity mistake: When Johnny and Sarah make love, Christy and Ariel have been sent to "Heaven" to have some ice cream. A group of four gays come in and wave at the girls, the third one a guy in a white jacket, and the last one a huge transvestite in a white dress. In the next shot, when we see the men in a mirror walking through the parlor, the transvestite is gone, also in the following wide shot into the room.



Continuity mistake: When Christy videotapes her baby sister we hear her crying, but when we see the little girl she's peacefully asleep.



Continuity mistake: When the girls trick-or-treat Mateo, Christy tucks a large strand of hair behind her right ear, but in the next shot it's again hanging down her cheek.



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