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In many films, I have read, (and actually seen in the films) that an actor/actress onscreen mouths the words another actor is saying. It happens in Home alone 1, one of the Harry Potter films and in the latest Bond film. Why does this happen?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: I can't give a definite answer, but all I can think is that they've rehearsed the scene so often that they know other people's lines (possibly leading up to their own cue), so mouth along with them without even realising it, and no-one else notices. Kind of like during the filming of the Phantom Menace - Ewan McGregor was making lightsaber noises during the fights and wasn't even aware he was doing it until someone pointed it out to him!

Jon Sandys Premium member

There is a movie about someone who has to marry by a certain day in order to inherit lots of money. He ends up falling in love, and at the end of the movie, doesn't marry the woman in order to prove he loves her and isn't marrying her just for the money. But the next morning, she reveals that she is actually a millionaire. It's not, repeat NOT, "The Bachelor", starring Chris O'Donnell. Anyone know the title of the movie?

Answer: I believe the movie you are talking about is the Buster Keaton film "Seven Chances". The premise of the film is he has to meet a woman and marry her by 7pm.

Lummie Premium member

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