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Anna and the King (1999)

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Factual error: The movie is set in the 1860s. During a performance for English guests, Anna has the King's children perform "Bicycle Built For Two". That song, otherwise known as "Daisy Belle" was written by Harry Dacre in 1892. (00:57:50)

Continuity mistake: When they are riding through the abandoned village, they go past one of the hanged people three times.

Continuity mistake: When the king's daughter dies her head falls back into her father's arm. When the camera shows the king's face one sees a bit of the girl's still upright head. (01:14:20)


Factual error: All members of the European orchestra at the banquet look as if they have their own, real-life haircuts, rather than appropriate for the period. (01:03:00)


Audio problem: At the end of the scene when Anna's wedding ring is thrown in the stream, The Kralahome, Prime Minister, says to King Mongkut "I believe there has been enough insult caused by this woman who believes herself to be the equal of a man." When King Mongkut replies, "Not the equal of a man, the equal of a King," Kralahome is very visibly mouthing his line.

Factual error: When speaking to the King of Siam or to the Royal Family, one speaks a special form of Thai called "Royal Thai." A person will never use everyday Thai to speak to the King as depicted in the film.


Other mistake: When Chowfa jumps from the wall to escape he injures his shin in a way which looks impossible the way he falls. (01:29:00)


Continuity mistake: When Anna and her son were riding the coach, Louis' hand is visible. He was holding on to something. But when the shot changes angle, his hand is no longer there. (00:04:10)

Continuity mistake: On the boat trip Anna's parting has a little twist in front. When she gets off the boat her parting is straight. (00:42:05)


Continuity mistake: When Anna and the king meet on the beach at night her long open hair is red. For the rest of the film it's ash blonde. (01:20:00)


Continuity mistake: On the boat trip the king's daughter's collar is standing upwards. When she gets off the boat the collar has a nicely ironed crease in the middle.


Audio problem: When Tuptim's servant comes to ask Anna for help her Thai words are not in line with her lip movement but dubbed. (01:33:20)


Revealing mistake: Tuptim's, the king's new concubine's hair is a very obvious wig. The reason may be that for the second half of the film she had to shave her head and the scenes weren't shot in order. (00:32:00)


Factual error: The prime minister follows the king, Anna and Louis into his 'harem'. This would have been totally against palace rules as the only man allowed into the Inner Court is the king.


Factual error: While it is true that there is a temple next to the Grand Palace, no monks have ever lived in it.


Tuptim: If love were a choice, who would choose such exquisite pain?

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Trivia: The film's producers wanted to shoot Anna and the King in Bangkok. Due to disagreements concerning the script with the Thai Government (King Rama IV in the movie was the great-grandfather of the present Thai King), the crew and cast were not allowed to film in Thailand at all. This film was shot in Malaysia instead.

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