Being There

Being There (1979)

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Continuity mistake: Whilst having dinner with the Rands, there is a brief shot where Chance's white wine glass is empty - it is full immediately before and afterwards. This is happens just before Mr. Rand launches into his "businessmen are just like gardeners" metaphor. (00:44:54)


Continuity mistake: When Chance has mistaken the bed controller for the remote control, the head of the bed rises and the pillows fall forward onto the unraised portion of the bed. When Rand and Chance leave the bedroom, the pillows are back up against the headboard as before.


Continuity mistake: When Chance sits down at Mr. Jennings' bed, the dead man's head, which was rested on a rather small pillow, now almost disappears in a pillow about twice the size. (00:07:20)


Continuity mistake: When Mr Rand is dictating his will the text on the screen - the transcript of his words - changes after the doctor walks in. (01:48:23)


Continuity mistake: When Chance and Mrs Rand are walking in the greenhouse Mrs Rand says "Last night you mentioned an old man that died. You must have been very close to him" - the pair jump to a different part of the greenhouse between the two sentences. (01:08:40)


Continuity mistake: When Rand is getting his blood transfusion and Chance gets wheeled in there's a nurse sitting at the end of Rand's bed holding his hand. When the camera is only on Rand the nurse is not there, although she should be in the picture the way she is leaning forward. Also the way the blood tube is positioned changes between lying flat and coiled up in different camera angles. (00:38:35)


Abraz: Bullshit. Who sent you here, boy? Did that chickenshit asshole Raphael send you, boy?
Chance the Gardener: No. Mr. Thomas Franklin told me I must leave the old man's house. He's dead, you know.
Abraz: Dead, my ass. You tell that asshole, if he got somethin' to tell me, to get his ass down here himself! You got that, boy?

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