Defending Your Life

Continuity mistake: When Daniel and Julia visit the Past Lives Pavilion, they show everyone coming in to where the booths are in a single line. The PA announcement tells them to take the first available booth on the left, yet they all walk to the end of the row and THEN pick a booth.

Other mistake: When Daniel is at the Italian restaurant with Julia, the waiter says he will bring Daniel 9 pies. When Daniel is carrying them into the hotel after dinner, it is clear is only carrying 8 pies.

Continuity mistake: When Daniel and Diamond are having lunch, Diamond is drinking some red drink and Daniel has water. Both glasses jump all over the table and the liquid levels change as well.

Continuity mistake: When Albert Brooks sits in the audience watching the comedian, in one cut, you can clearly see the back of Meryl Streep's head as she watches the show, then after a quick cut back to the stage, her chair is empty.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie when Albert Brooks' judgement comes in an envelope is handed to Rip Torn. The envelope is clearly unsealed. They walk in to Rip's office and opens the envelope which is now sealed.

Continuity mistake: At the Italian restaurant, Daniel asks for just a touch of cheese on his broccoli. With the camera on the broccoli, Eduardo pours so much cheese on it that it overflows. Off shot you can see him continue to pour, so you'd assume that it would be absolutely saturated and a big mess, but when they pan back to the table, the broccoli has very little, if any, cheese on it.

Ian Hunt

Continuity mistake: When Albert Brooks is watching the weather channel in his room, the TV has a scrolling bar which says Temperature 76 degrees, and perfectly clear. However, a couple of scenes later when he is leaving the hotel on his way to see his lawyer, you can clearly see clouds in the background.

Other mistake: When Daniel goes into the sushi place and he looks at the sushi that will "make him throw up", it's just rubber bait food.

Ian Hunt

Continuity mistake: In the pasta scene at the Italian restaurant, when Julia turns her head with the linguine noodle still in her mouth, Daniel grabs the noodle, and it breaks, but in the next cut, it's still intact, hanging from her mouth.

Edwin Erst

Continuity mistake: In the Italian restaurant, the couple sitting behind Julia (over her left shoulder) switches between a young couple (female dressed in a dark suit) and an elderly couple dressed in the white.

Shirley MacLaine: Welcome to the Past Lives Pavilion.

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