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Question: How does Angela Vickers know that it is George Eastman's birthday when they have just met in the billiard room? (00:29:55)

Answer: Angela is standing near George when he telephones his mother. Angela is close enough that she can hear the mother say, "Happy Birthday" to her son.

raywest Premium member

Question: The road leading up to Minnie's has been freshly plowed when the stage arrives. It is obvious because there are sharp borders at the edge of the road and no tracks. Did the bushwhackers plow the road to eliminate evidence of their nefarious deeds?

Answer: Good catch! This should be a revealing mistake entry. The plowing was part of the set preparation. I saw several scenes in the film where the roads had obviously been plowed. It's not hard to see if you look for the small ridges left by the plow on either side of the road.

Answer: Yep, gotta be a mistake. If they even had snow plows back then, the plow would have had to been between the bad guys and the stage and would have arrived, or passed by, at a very inopportune time. I think the director just missed this, or didn't think anyone would notice.

Answer: Think you mean the plow would have arrived before the stage. But yes, a mistake for sure.

Question: "To the death" and "God help us", which Ardeth Bay said when confronting the Army of Anubis, what are they in original Arabic (or Egyptian)?

Answer: Allah Yufiquna is God help us in Arabic. Hataa Almawt is To the death.

oddy knocky

Question: How does James know that Edward is a mind reader?

Answer: Irina was the Cullens' relative. So, of course, she knew their powers but she was in cahoots with Laurent, and Laurent is obviously going to tell James and Victoria the other vampires in town's gifts.


Question: Mark says he will have to get to the crater, which is 3200 kilometers away. Mark says he has one working rover, designed to go a max distance of 35 kilometers, before the battery has to be recharged at the hab. During the nighttime scene, he says he has doubled his battery by scavenging Rover 1, but if he uses the heater he will burn through half his battery everyday. I did some math, and worked out that the max distance his rover would be able to go without using the heater would only be about 140 kilometers. How would he travel 3200 kilometers to get to the crater?

Answer: Mark says he has 1 Rover that can travel 35km before recharging. He estimated he would need to travel for 50 days to reach the Ares IV site (down to approximately 22 days when not using the heater, as per your maths). Mark is shown using the solar panels (stolen from the Hab) to recharge the Rover during his journey. He drives for 4 hours before noon, waits 13 hours for the Rover to recharge to full and then starts driving again.

What does 22 days per my maths mean? I'm autistic.

"Per your maths" means according to how you calculated the math, the answer is 22 days.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why didn't the ranger tell his supervisor about Ivy/the community?

Answer: He suspects that his supervisor already knows what is going on inside the reserve. If he says anything, he might be fired because he would then be considered a risk to reveal publicly about the people living on the other side of the wall.

raywest Premium member

Answer: Of course the Supervisor knew. It was the Village Elders who hired them. To keep people out and disturbing their way of life. If you're wondering why he seemed so nonchalant about the situation. I've been in security for thirty years, sitting outside and doing nothing is the most boring way to make a living.

Answer: I don't think the supervisor knew. I think the guy just felt bad for her or understood her. And if the supervisor found out about it, he probably would have reported it and it would have became public. IMO.

Question: Why does Manolo prefer to be a musician instead of a bullfighter like his family?

Answer: He has a natural talent that he wants to pursue instead of following family tradition. Being an artist and writer, I knew from the earliest age this was something I wanted to pursue more than anything else.

raywest Premium member

Question: After meeting Douglas at the gay bar, The Jackal heads out and walks up to a car while putting gloves on. He fakes a cough and presses something to the driver window and it shatters with a bang. What exactly did he use and how did he break the window so easily with whatever that was? It appeared he simple just pressed a knife lightly to the window. What did he do? (00:43:20)

Quantom X Premium member

Answer: He probably used a window punch. It's a small device used for breaking a car window in the event of an emergency. A recessed metal pin is within a plastic housing. When pressed against the window, the pin's pointed end pushes into the window, shattering it. I carry such a device on my key chain.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did Hip and his two nieces leave Bond behind at the karate school? Didn't the nieces let him know that Bond was running behind?

Answer: Hip gets in the front and the two nieces get in the back and Bond slams the door shut as he passes to get in the other side, Hip naturally thinks Bond got in the car after hearing the door shut so drives off. The two nieces are shouting at him and for some reason ignores their pleas at this point Bond has to make his own escape.

Answer: Simple misunderstanding. The two nieces were attempting to tell Hip but he thought that Bond had gotten in the back with his nieces. That, or he wanted to spare the innocent parties harm, so he split up from them.

Alan Keddie

Question: Why doesn't Aunt May say something to Peter after he tells her that Spider-Man killed Sandman? It was heavily hinted that Aunt May knows Peter is Spider-Man after the hero speech she gave him in the second movie. Wouldn't she be shocked or question him about killing Sandman?

Answer: Well she does express surprise when Peter says Spider-Man killed Marko, stating that "Spider-Man doesn't kill." She then asks Peter what happened. Peter is obviously flustered by this response and asks why Aunt May isn't happy that Marko is dead. Aunt May then gives him a speech about how revenge is like a poison that destroys you and that Uncle Ben wouldn't be happy about Marko's death. So I wouldn't say she doesn't say anything to Peter, she seems to say exactly what he needed to hear.


Question: Wasn't the plan that Monty's father thought about actually bad, at the end? I mean, even if Monty started a new life far from New York and his friends and family and never got recognized, his father would be arrested when coming back to New York. Suddenly him and his father disappear and later on his father gets back to New York, a little bit suspect no?

Answer: Monty's father was suggesting they go into hiding together. He was not suggesting that he would take Monty out west and return to New York himself.


Question: I know Coraline's parents are lured to the other world with the doll... but how exactly? The Beldam couldn't have lured them the same way she did Coraline, her parents are too mature to just go exploring and be fascinated by their new parents.

Answer: The Beldam lures victims by offering them something they want. In Coraline's case it was more attentive parents. It's not said what exactly was used to lure the parents but it must have been something they both wanted.


Answer: I suspect that you need the doll to be granted access to the world, at least at first. The parents would have been worried about Coraline, so my guess is that they went through the door looking for her. Or perhaps the Beldam did offer something else that they wanted.

Remember When - S6-E15

Question: Why was Phil annoyed over Doc taking some food? Is it an Italian thing? Or is Phil just really petty?

Answer: It's a mafia thing. Taking food off another made man's plate in public view like that is comparable to the guy in Casino taking off his boots and putting his smelly feet up on the table.

Party's Over - S2-E5

Question: Does the pharmacist that Longmire talks to violate any sort of confidentiality laws? Walt doesn't come in with a warrant, but the pharmacist is giving Walt information pertaining to other people still alive, not just the victim. I could see the law allowing him to tell Walt "no" that someone didn't pick up any prescriptions, but to mention she picked up antibiotics or that Gerry had back surgery seems unethical.


Answer: This appears to be movie fiction. In real life, a pharmacist could not legally give out confidential patient information without there being a search warrant. Not abiding by confidentiality laws could result in a pharmacist facing legal issues and losing his or her license.

raywest Premium member

Question: At the end of Bride of Chucky, the Tiffany doll has a stitched scar on her forehead from being hit with an axe by Chucky. In the end of Cult of Chucky, the Tiffany doll is revealed and does not have the scar she had previously. What happened to it?

Answer: It's been years since the injury. Maybe she transferred her soul to another doll? Maybe she repaired her head? Maybe she copied her soul into another pristine doll as she can now inhabit multiple hosts at once? Take your pick, as it's a relatively insignificant matter.


Question: The scene after Daniel and his mother are given bonsai trees by Mr. Miyagi, Daniel tries to avoid talking to Ali. But why?


Answer: He thought that she was getting back together with her ex, and Daniel's chief tormentor, Johnny. (I could be wrong it's been a long time since I've seen the film).

Alan Keddie

Answer: She was with her friends and her friends don't like him. So he probably just wasn't in the mood to deal with that. He also had some battle wounds from getting "pushed" down a hill on his bike and wasn't ready to face her yet.

Question: Near the end of the film a high school year book is shown. What school is it from and what year?

Answer: Hogan High School, in Vallejo California. 1968.


Question: How could Thaddeus be convicted of the vault robbery? He didn't have means, motive, or opportunity for the crime. There wouldn't be any forensic evidence tying him to the crime.

Answer: He confessed under the pretense that he didn't want an expensive trial but really because he was in charge of the Eye all along.

Question: I loaded the film up on Netflix, and it seems that the dialogue in one scene was edited. In the standard cut of the film, Jeebs says "You insensitive prick!" to K, but in the version I saw on Netflix, Jeebs says "You insensitive jerk!" What's the deal with the Netflix version changing this one single line? The original "prick" line appears to be on both the VHS and Blu-Ray edition I own.


Answer: As more films become available online and are accessible to a wider audience, the studios edit mature content that is unacceptable to under-aged viewers. It's the same as movies that are shown on airplanes where the adult content is edited or removed altogether.

raywest Premium member

Netflix doesn't censor their movies, though... So this explanation makes no sense.

It just seems odd, as Netflix basically never censors content in other films they host (since they're supposed to be hosting the officially released versions anyways), and the rest of the profanity/violence in this particular film is unedited.


Question: Why did Eddie smile when he received the Symbiote? I mean he seemed terrified at first but when he was on the ground he smiled.

Answer: The symbiote is shown to have an influence over its host, demonstrated by the change in Peter's personality after he bonded with it. Eddie, who was already bitter and angry by this point, could feel the symbiote taking over him, and while initially terrified, he quickly began to understand, accept and enjoy the change occurring within himself.

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