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Question: How did the sword get in the stone in the first place?

Answer: It's never revealed, it just appeared after the death of King Uther and forgotten about. In some stories it's suggested that Merlin placed it there to help convince people of Arthur being the rightful heir to the kingdom as he has knowledge of Arthur's destiny.


Answer: Disney pursued the image of a finely-finished longsword imbedded point-first into a boulder, which would be an impossible scenario outside of magical or divine intervention. However, there may be a grain of truth to the original Arthurian legend. Most ancient swords were not crafted by master swordsmiths, and military swords were quickly mass-produced in ancient times. The mass-produced swords were not conscientiously hammered and folded and shaped and tempered by a smith, but were simply smelted metal poured into open-faced molds. The metal casts were then extracted and finished with grinding and abrasives. Sometimes such a fast-food blade hardened and became stuck in the mold (in which case, in a primitive mass-production setting, they discarded the mold along with the sword, as they couldn't extract it without breaking the mold and/or the brittle sword. Both the sword and the mold were equally useless). Those discarded molds with blades locked in situ, recovered long decades or even centuries afterward, are likely the origin of Sword in the Stone legend.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: This particular depiction of the Arthurian legend doesn't address it. Other tellings have various theories such as Merlin placing it there intentionally, Uther driving it into the stone as he was dying, or it simply appearing magically. As this is a children's movie, it isn't considered important to the plot.

Question: After informing Egon of the incident with Oscar in the stroller, why did Dana ask him not to tell Peter about it?

Answer: Because she knew Peter would want to get involved. They didn't part on good terms and she hadn't spoken to him since her marriage. She just thought it would be awkward to see him again.


Question: Did the children originally sing "So Long Farewell" sitting on the steps in the original rather than standing in front of everyone?

Answer: If by "the original" you mean the 1959 stage musical upon which the film is based, then, no. The stage directions read, "The children line up near the stairs."

Question: Later on Poppy's hair is brown - was that a wig Emma was wearing?

Answer: Yes.

Spousal Privilege - S16-E8

Question: Why was A.J. only charged with reckless endangerment? The video showed him punching Paula in the back when she's climbing the stairwell, getting punched in the face by A.J. and then being dragged away unconscious. Shouldn't he have been charged with either aggravated assault or assault and battery instead considering how violent he was?

Answer: I didn't see the show so I don't know the details. A general answer would be because a reckless endangerment charge is easier to prove "beyond a Reasonable Doubt" in court and get a conviction. This charge would not require the prosecutor to prove intent, which would be required for proving aggravated or simple assault. Also, if there were no visible injuries, it is difficult to show bodily injury. Just because the reckless endangerment charge was specifically mentioned, it does not necessarily mean there were not other charges filed. Police often make multiple charges, like lesser-included offenses, so that the defendant's act will fall under one of them if the legal requirements are not met for the others, if they are not sure of the best charge to make (the district attorney knows and can decide), or to have something to plea bargain with.


Question: When the bad guys ring Nicholas from outside the motel Harry and Lloyd are staying at, how did they know that they were staying there? Sure they would have noticed the Mutt Cutts van BUT until the note on the door they didn't know that Lloyd even had a roommate. They didn't see them leave after they took the briefcase and legged it so how did they even know that they were travelling across the country in that van?

Answer: They see Lloyd and Harry together long before that...right at the beginning, in fact, when the two return home. After Lloyd says, "I fell off the jetway again", the henchmen pull up and see them enter their apartment building. The note explicitly says they "packed up and drove to Aspen", so it wasn't very hard to simply head that way and subsequently find them at the you say, the van is pretty distinctive.

Question: Why would the brides lay out in the open when they slept? After 400 years wouldn't they know better? Also, Are they falling in love with Harker?

Answer: They are lesser vampires whose power is tied to Dracula, who in turn is entirely preoccupied with Mina. And as Van Helsing noted, vampires are weak at daytime, further reducing their ability to sense unwanted visitors. And a decapitated vampire, in this universe and most others, is dead and cannot be resurrected, ever.

Jukka Nurmi

Answer: It's unlikely they were falling in love with Harker: they are sadistic, baby-eating monsters who regarded Harker as food and a temporary plaything. As for them sleeping in the open, the local populace dreads and avoids Dracula's castle, so there's hardly any fear of intruders. Van Helsing did enter and kill them, but they reckoned, mistakenly, that he too would be too afraid to do so, especially after their horse-mauling escapades the previous night.

Jukka Nurmi

Question: How did Beetlejuice leave the model and attack the Deetzes as a snake if no-one conjured him?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: Barbara did conjure him earlier in the movie when she saw lights in the model going off and then said his name three times. According to Juno, they let Beetlejuice out but didn't put him back, which gave him the opportunity to attack the Deetzs.

Question: When the girlfriend is at Dale Massey's grave at end of movie, it seems like it showed her angry face and then cut away to the credits. Were they possibly thinking of doing maybe a revenge sequel?

Answer: That may have been the intention if the film had been successful, but as it lost money, any chance of a sequel became moot.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why are Connie and the other woman wearing black and teary-eyed when Kay visits the children before her encounter with Michael? I believe the woman by the fish tank may be Kay's mother but Connie also seems tearful and upset and dressed as if in mourning. (03:05:30)

Answer: As I recall, this scene was shortly after Mama Corleone died. Connie would still be mourning and wearing black. The other woman is not Kay's mother, but probably a random Corleone relative. Connie is grieving her mother, but also is saddened by Michael's cruelty toward Kay and at seeing Kay's emotional secret visit with her children. Michael had prevented Kay from seeing them.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why would Michael Myers recognise the mask from the opening scene in the reboot of the original? When he was a child he was wearing a clown mask. The mask that is shown in the opening scene he started wearing when he first escaped from the mental institution in the first movie as an adult, it doesn't make sense.

Answer: You may wanna rephrase this question, because the wording doesn't really make sense as-is, and it's unclear about which movie you're even referring to. You seem to be asking a question relating to the reboot, but it's classified under the questions for the 2018 sequel to the original, so it's hard to tell which of the two movies you're talking about. If you're referring to the 2007 reboot and how Michael recognizes the mask he digs up when he escapes the sanitarium, it's because his sister's boyfriend wore the mask, and he also stole and wore it for a few minutes during the murders. If you're referring to the 2018 film and how Michael recognizes the mask Aaron holds up, it's because it's the same mask he wore 40 years earlier in the original film.


Question: Near the end of the movie Optimus wants Sam to put the cube in his chest before Sam instead puts the cube in Megatron's chest. Why did Optimus want that?

Answer: Putting the Allspark into Optimus' chest would have killed him and destroyed the Allspark (though apparently not completely considering the direct sequel). Optimus would not have fought Sam and would willingly have sacrificed himself to achieve this goal. Without the Allspark, Megatron cannot create more Decepticons (again, this idea is ruined by the sequels which show this not to be the case). Trying to kill Megatron with the Allspark was a huge risk, if Megatron had seen the attack coming he would have easily killed Sam and taken the Allspark since Optimus was momentarily incapacitated.


Question: The Alien brings Brett and Dallas back to its nest alive in order to create more Aliens. It seems that Brett had died in the process but Dallas is still alive. How then would the alien impregnate them without facehuggers complete with an egg?

Answer: Actually the alien was using Brett and Dallas to make new facehugger eggs. The scene, only shown in the Director's Cut, shows Brett partway through being turned into an egg and Dallas in what appears to be the very beginning of this process. This scene was cut from the theatrical release and as such, James Cameron did not include this feature of the alien lifecycle in the sequel. Cameron showed the eggs are laid by a queen and the franchise has continued with this approach since Aliens and has never revisited the idea that alien eggs are created from the bodies of humans. Since this scene only appears in the Director's Cut, its status as canon remains in question. However, some fans reconcile this by theorizing that in the absence of a queen a single alien can use human bodies to create more facehuggers.


Question: When things are normal again how do they cover up Principal Drake's death? And when we see Zeke at football practice, Ms Burke's watching him and smiling. So is she interested in him for real or what?


Answer: They don't need to cover up Principal Drake's death, the local paper reveals that the alien invasion is known to the public. Drake was infected so Zeke shooting her didn't even kill her. It wasn't until Marybeth threw the drugs in her face that Drake died. Since Marybeth is actually the alien queen in disguise, the murder is her fault. Ms. Burke is definitely interested in Zeke. She flirts with him earlier in the film. Since Zeke is repeating his senior year, he is at least 18 years old. Though she would still lose her job for dating him, it isn't illegal if he is an adult.


Question: In the scene near the end, fighting in the super structure, Picard doesn't seem to have a com device (no jacket). How would that work when Riker contacted him?

Answer: The station itself has a communication system. The Enterprise can use that to communicate with Picard.


Question: When the girls are drinking together in a bedroom, one of them comments about her mother saying that she was "born with a silver spoon" in her mouth. She jokes that the spoon is actually in her nose. What does she mean?

Answer: That she uses cocaine.

Brian Katcher

Question: The movie was made in 1958, why does the calendar in police station show July 1957?

Answer: Because movies aren't always set in the year they're released. Absent any conflicting information, the assumption must be that the events of the movie take place around July 1957.

Question: Is this filmed at the Grand Traverse Resort?

Answer: The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa is located near Traverse City, Michigan. The exterior shots of the wedding site were filmed at the oceanfront Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, California. The wedding and reception interior shots were filmed at Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory in San Marino, California.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: What was the picture of in the stained glass window?

Answer: As you are already aware, it is difficult to see! As far as I can tell, the large inner circle contains flowers - perhaps one large sunflower at the top and several smaller red flowers (such as tulips or roses) elsewhere plus a deer (or wolf or werewolf) smelling or eating a pumpkin or flowers/grass. The outer two concentric circles appear to be the artist's geometrical designs.


Question: #1 I have always wondered about this movie. The sea captain Konrad obviously had his boat either shrunk or completely rebuilt small, so why are most people in leisure land stuck with using the shared community vehicles? I wouldn't want to have to share a vehicle with all of my neighbors. #2 Why are the people from the original colony in Norway going underground long before they have to. The movie made it sound like people still had many years before the end of humanity, why not just wait till last minute?


Answer: Regarding Question #2: The Norway experiment wasn't about saving humanity at the last moment. It was taking proactive steps early on to save the planet before it reached the tipping point and minimizing humans' negative impact by reducing pollution and waste, conserving resources, etc.

raywest Premium member

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