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New this month Question: Why did Bond and the others go to see the 'dragon' and even attempt to incapacitate it?

New this month Answer: Bond suspected that Dr. No was collecting radioactive materials for his secret project to sabotage the American space program, and Bond suspected that heavily-guarded Crab Key was the center of Dr. No's secret operation. Bond knew that the "dragon" was just a mobile flame-thrower protecting the most vulnerable area of the island, and so he and the others deliberately targeted it (although they failed).

Charles Austin Miller

But they didn't need to seize it, did they? This whole scene appears to be 'forced' in order for Bond and the girl to be apprehended and Quarrel killed off (why didn't he just run?). It just doesn't seem right that Bond would attack an armored flame throwing vehicle with just a gun. The Bond I know would stealthily have followed it to the base, or even simpler, followed the tire tracks.

Well, it wouldn't be the first or last time Bond allowed himself to be captured in order to penetrate the heavy's inner-sanctum.

Charles Austin Miller

New this month Answer: Well, Bond knew that dragons didn't exist and when he was proven correct, he attempted to halt the 'dragons' advance.

Alan Keddie

In what way did the dragon have the upper hand? They did not know where Bond and the others were. Bond and the other two could have simply stayed where they were and the dragon wouldn't be any threat to them. Even if the dragon did manage to find them, they could simply run deeper into the woods/cross a river so they couldn't be followed.

New this month Question: Why are Hal and Mauricio going into a woman's fitness club to work out?

New this month Answer: Because they wanted to perv. On the pretty ladies.

Alan Keddie

Question: How did Hannibal manage to make it onto a commercial airplane at the end of the movie? Even if he had a fake ID, wouldn't being on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list make it virtually impossible for him to get through a high security place like an airport, where the feds would likely instruct security staff to stop anyone that even remotely resembles him? The fact that he cut off his own hand at the end of the film would make him easier to spot, as the FBI would definitely share that new detail about him.

Phaneron Premium member

New this month Answer: As seen in the first film and in this one, Lecter demonstrates an almost supernatural ability for eluding the law and seemingly being in two places at once. This film was made in the year 2000, before airport security became extremely tight in late 2001. At that time (before 9/11), it was still possible to enter an airport's main concourse through the baggage claim or even from the tarmac without passing through rigorous security. As ingenious as Lecter was, he could have accessed the airport in a number of ways back then. Relieving another passenger of his boarding pass and identification would be no problem for Lecter, either (simply leave the passenger's body in an airport toilet and assume his identity). For the most part, it was Lecter's calm, self-confident charm that allowed him to slither through society always ten steps ahead of the law.

Charles Austin Miller

New this month Answer: Perhaps he bribed his way through security onto the plane. Or maybe he murdered anyone who even remotely challenged him. He was probably wearing a disguise. It's possible that he had been planning this whole thing for an unspecified amount of time. And don't forget: he is a genius. And determined. He wouldn't let a little thing like protocol get in the way of his escape.

Alan Keddie

New this month Question: At the beginning of the movie, when Captain America climbs aboard the ship, he strangles a man and pulls him out of the screen. But he gets up very quickly afterwards and goes on to fight other pirates. We don't hear any neck snapping sound, so how did he take out the guard so quickly?


New this month Answer: With Cap's sheer physical strength, he could have quietly thrown the guy 40 yards.

Charles Austin Miller

New this month Answer: Choke hold would not require a snapping sound. Or he could have thrown the guy off the ship.

Alan Keddie

New this month Question: Is it possible that Jackal staged his ambush at the house as a way to test Valentina's abilities? It looks like he wanted to confront her again. (01:25:00)

New this month Answer: Maybe to a small degree. However his main motivation for that was the fact he learned that it was Isabella's house and he could get at Declan that way. Be it he was actually after Isabella, which is likely, or was just wanting to wipe out some of the FBI that was after him or both. The Russian mole had provided him with the FBI access code which allowed the Jackal to hear the voice reports by Witherspoon telling where Isabella lived. So most likely he was going there to take out Isabella to get at Declan. But Koslova and the FBI had already moved her and were stationed there finishing things up when The Jackal got there. So he was eliminating some of his obstacles at his goal since only 3 were there and he could easily take them out. Using Koslova to sending a taunting message to Declan was an added bonus.

Quantom X Premium member

New this month Answer: Yes. It is entirely possible. It was just a bonus that he got to take out three innocent victims in the process.

Alan Keddie

New this month Question: When the pickpocketer, on the request of Pazzi, had gotten Lecter's fingerprint he was also stabbed. He collapses and Pazzi takes a look at the wound which he was covering with his hand. It appears that Pazzi intentionally prevented him from covering the wound so he would bleed out faster. Why?

New this month Answer: I, myself, wondered this, too. I think that it's because the guy was a criminal and Pazzi didn't want himself to be linked to the pick pocket by either the cops or Hannibal, himself. Remember Pazzi was up to no good - he wanted the reward and so, would stop at nothing to get the money, even if it meant letting another person die. The pick pocket was a loose end that Pazzi had to tie up. The pick pocket's death would also prevent Pazzi from being blackmailed later on down the line.

Alan Keddie

Exactly, he didn't want any witnesses. It was convenient for Pazzi to have the pickpocket bleed out.


New this month Answer: Lecter stabs the pickpocket in the abdomen and gives the knife a quick twist, expertly severing the aorta, which was a fatal wound. Nothing could prevent the pickpocket's death, as he only had moments to live. Pazzi realises this when he inspects the wound. There was nothing Pazzi could do, either way.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: What does the necklace say?

New this month Answer: The Chinese character on the necklace means, "good fortune."


New this month Question: How does Angela Vickers know that it is George Eastman's birthday when they have just met in the billiard room? (00:29:55)

New this month Answer: Angela is standing near George when he telephones his mother. Angela is close enough that she can hear the mother say, "Happy Birthday" to her son.

raywest Premium member

New this month Question: The road leading up to Minnie's has been freshly plowed when the stage arrives. It is obvious because there are sharp boarders at the edge of the road and no tracks. Did the bushwhackers plow the road to eliminate evidence of their nefarious deeds?

New this month Answer: Good catch! This should be a revealing mistake entry. The plowing was part of the set preparation. I saw several scenes in the film where the roads had obviously been plowed. It's not hard to see if you look for the small ridges left by the plow on either side of the road.

Question: "To the death" and "God help us", which Ardeth Bay said when confronting the Army of Anubis, what are they in original Arabic (or Egyptian)?

New this month Answer: Allah Yufiquna is God help us in Arabic. Hataa Almawt is To the death.

oddy knocky

Question: How does James know that Edward is a mind reader?

New this month Answer: Irina was the Cullens' relative. So, of course, she knew their powers but she was in cahoots with Laurent, and Laurent is obviously going to tell James and Victoria the other vampires in town's gifts.


New this month Question: Mark says he will have to get to the crater, which is 3200 kilometers away. Mark says he has one working rover, designed to go a max distance of 35 kilometers, before the battery has to be recharged at the hab. During the nighttime scene, he says he has doubled his battery by scavenging Rover 1, but if he uses the heater he will burn through half his battery everyday. I did some math, and worked out that the max distance his rover would be able to go without using the heater would only be about 140 kilometers. How would he travel 3200 kilometers to get to the crater?

New this month Answer: Mark says he has 1 Rover that can travel 35km before recharging. He estimated he would need to travel for 50 days to reach the Ares IV site (down to approximately 22 days when not using the heater, as per your maths). Mark is shown using the solar panels (stolen from the Hab) to recharge the Rover during his journey. He drives for 4 hours before noon, waits 13 hours for the Rover to recharge to full and then starts driving again.

What does 22 days per my maths mean? I'm autistic.

"Per your maths" means according to how you calculated the math, the answer is 22 days.

raywest Premium member

New this month Question: Why didn't the ranger tell his supervisor about Ivy/the community?

New this month Answer: He suspects that his supervisor already knows what is going on inside the reserve. If he says anything, he might be fired because he would then be considered a risk to reveal publicly about the people living on the other side of the wall.

raywest Premium member

New this month Question: I'm asking this as a question, cause I'm unable to determine if this is actually a mistake with the weird writing... or if I'm just missing something. Right after The Jackal kills Lemont, it cuts to the FBI in a room trying to piece things together. Witherspoon walks in and says "Here we go, sir. Eleven days ago, Charles C. Murdock bought himself a brand new Dodge mini van. Now, that was a big surprise to Mr. Murdock, whose passport and wallet were stolen 16 days ago at the Helsinki Airport." He says this to Preston and the rest as if this is brand new news, a new lead they have to go on and a break they've needed. But then Preston just looks at him contemplating this and immediately responds. "Anything from the border? We sent a description of the van to every crossing from here to Manitoba." Him saying this as if they had this information long ago and already had people searching for it. To me this doesn't make any sense with how either of those characters said their lines. Witherspoon has been with Preston and the others almost this entire time in on the investigation and would have known if they already knew about the van. And if the van was actually a new lead Witherspoon just found and was telling them. Then what Preston said makes no sense. So where is the error in this or am I just missing something? (01:01:35)

Quantom X Premium member

New this month Answer: It seemed to me that they had a description of the van, but had not yet identified the owner. Witherspoon is saying the van was purchased with a stolen identity and therefore they still don't know who really bought the van.


But how did they even have a description of the van then? Up to that point it seemed they didn't know anything about a van. This is why i'm confused.

Quantom X Premium member

The film makers may have cut out some scenes that would explain it in better detail, but as it is, there's no mention when the FBI knew about the van. However, they did know the Jackal was using James' passport and flew into Montreal so they have been able to follow him, although they're always a step behind. I don't think it's a plot hole or bad writing though, but it certainly up for debate.


New this month Question: Why does Manolo prefer to be a musician instead of a bullfighter like his family?

New this month Answer: He has a natural talent that he wants to pursue instead of following family tradition. Being an artist and writer, I knew from the earliest age this was something I wanted to pursue more than anything else.

raywest Premium member

New this month Question: After meeting Douglas at the gay bar, The Jackal heads out and walks up to a car while putting gloves on. He fakes a cough and presses something to the driver window and it shatters with a bang. What exactly did he use and how did he break the window so easily with whatever that was? It appeared he simple just pressed a knife lightly to the window. What did he do? (00:43:20)

Quantom X Premium member

New this month Answer: He probably used a window punch. It's a small device used for breaking a car window in the event of an emergency. A recessed metal pin is within a plastic housing. When pressed against the window, the pin's pointed end pushes into the window, shattering it. I carry such a device on my key chain.

raywest Premium member

New this month Question: Why did Hip and his two nieces leave Bond behind at the karate school? Didn't the nieces let him know that Bond was running behind?

New this month Answer: Hip gets in the front and the two nieces get in the back and Bond slams the door shut as he passes to get in the other side, Hip naturally thinks Bond got in the car after hearing the door shut so drives off. The two nieces are shouting at him and for some reason ignores their pleas at this point Bond has to make his own escape.

New this month Answer: Simple misunderstanding. The two nieces were attempting to tell Hip but he thought that Bond had gotten in the back with his nieces. That, or he wanted to spare the innocent parties harm, so he split up from them.

Alan Keddie

Question: Why doesn't Aunt May say something to Peter after he tells her that Spider-Man killed Sandman? It was heavily hinted that Aunt May knows Peter is Spider-Man after the hero speech she gave him in the second movie. Wouldn't she be shocked or question him about killing Sandman?

New this month Answer: Well she does express surprise when Peter says Spider-Man killed Marko, stating that "Spider-Man doesn't kill." She then asks Peter what happened. Peter is obviously flustered by this response and asks why Aunt May isn't happy that Marko is dead. Aunt May then gives him a speech about how revenge is like a poison that destroys you and that Uncle Ben wouldn't be happy about Marko's death. So I wouldn't say she doesn't say anything to Peter, she seems to say exactly what he needed to hear.


Question: Wasn't the plan that Monty's father thought about actually bad, at the end? I mean, even if Monty started a new life far from New York and his friends and family and never got recognized, his father would be arrested when coming back to New York. Suddenly him and his father disappear and later on his father gets back to New York, a little bit suspect no?

New this month Answer: Monty's father was suggesting they go into hiding together. He was not suggesting that he would take Monty out west and return to New York himself.


Question: I know Coraline's parents are lured to the other world with the doll... but how exactly? The Beldam couldn't have lured them the same way she did Coraline, her parents are too mature to just go exploring and be fascinated by their new parents.

New this month Answer: The Beldam lures victims by offering them something they want. In Coraline's case it was more attentive parents. It's not said what exactly was used to lure the parents but it must have been something they both wanted.


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