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Season 3 generally

Question: What was Arthur Petrelli doing all that time he was lying in bed hooked to a respirator? Making plans of some sort?


Chosen answer: Basically, yes. Using others to further his agenda and ultimately restore his health and allow him to establish a powerbase.


Season 3 generally

Question: Maury objects quite heavily at the idea of Arthur giving the order to murder his son, Matt. Why is this? In season 2, Maury is shown to use his telepathy on Matt in a harmful way, not to mention the fact he abandoned him when he was quite young.


Chosen answer: There's something of a difference between Maury using his powers against Matt to take him out of the equation and actually killing him. Maury is prepared to work against his son if necessary, but doesn't want to see him dead.


Question: After completing the Adamantium procedure on Wolverine, why does Colonel Stryker want Wolverine's memory wiped?


Chosen answer: Logan only agreed to the procedure so that he'd be able to take down Victor. As Stryker is actually working with Victor, he obviously doesn't want Logan killing Victor off, so he orders his memory erased so that he doesn't remember the details. Plus, with no memory of why he left and subsequent events, it might be possible to bring Logan back into the fold, giving him another mutant agent to further his agenda.


Question: Is is true that there is a third ending to Wolverine? I heard it was about Deadpool picking up Weapon X1's head.

Chosen answer: There were rumours of as many as six different post-credit scenes at one point, but only two have been confirmed. It's possible that others were shot, but were ultimately never included to make things simpler - they may appear on a subsequent DVD release.


Question: Why does Sabertooth look so different in this movie than he does in X-men 1? Even in the comics and the cartoon that was on in the early 90's, he was always shown to be at least 7 feet tall and at least 400 lbs, and in the comics and 1st movie he was very animalistic looking; here he looks like a human with a bad manicure and small fangs. Does anyone know why this is?

Chosen answer: It's quarter of a century earlier - his appearance could easily have changed in that time. It's been shown that mutant powers can evolve over time - Victor may simply have gradually changed to a more animalistic appearance as the years have passed. Longer hair and a bigger beard would cover most of the changes.


Question: If Stryker was capturing mutants and put their powers in Weapon X1, how come he only used 4 powers (Wolverine, Cyclops, Wraith and Deadpool)? He could have used Emma Frost's powers to turn into a diamond, Bradley Bolt's power of telekinesis, Blob's strength, and Agent Zero's skill with weapons. If he used those powers he could win against Wolverine and Sabertooth.

Chosen answer: Stryker makes it clear that they've been experimenting to see which abilities can be successfully combined. They can't just throw in every power going, only those that can work in combination.


Question: Before going to play baseball, Edward says that there's a thunderstorm coming and that's the only time they can play, I heard Bella saying "I see why you need the thunder" but I don't quite understand why that is?

Chosen answer: The Cullens, as vampires, possess extraordinary physical power -- so when they play baseball, the sounds generated when striking the balls are extreme and need to be covered by the thunder (or blamed on thunder, should anyone hear them hitting the balls).

Brenda Elzin

Question: Does anyone know, what is the last word of the quote used on the back of the packaging?


Chosen answer: The quote reads: "Terrific entertainment fueled with endless invention." --Roger Ebert, "Ebert & Roeper"

Jean G

Question: What is the other short scene, involving Wolverine, at the end of the movie?


Chosen answer: Logan is sitting in a bar in Japan, drinking. The bartender asks him if he's drinking to forget. Logan replies that he's drinking to remember.


Question: When exactly is the movie set? I think it may be sometime in the 70s, but all of the technology has me confused. It all seems so advanced for the 70s.


Chosen answer: The finale of the film takes place around Three Mile Island and implies that the accident there is actually a result of the events of the film, dating it to March 28th 1979. That's an assumption, but fits with the chronology of the X-Men movie series given how young Professor X looks.


Question: Exactly why did The Terminator raid the police station and kill all those cops? Wouldn't it have been more prudent to wait until Sarah was released, make sure she was unprotected and then kill her?


Chosen answer: From his point of view, she was already unprotected. At least, unprotected enough for him to make an attempt on her life. The police can't stop him and concerns for his own safety do not enter his calculations. But he was programmed with one goal in mind: Kill Sarah Connor. When he sees an opportunity to do so, he takes it. He knew where she was. To wait would be to risk losing that information.


Question: What was the point of bringing the Elves to the Battle of Helm's Deep? I don't mean in terms of the action of the film - I mean, why would the filmmakers add in something that is completely off the book? Legolas and Gimli frequently comment in the books that they wish their kinsmen would come to help them. Legolas then says that war is raging on their lands, and they will not come. Why have them come in the film?


Chosen answer: It's to show that the other races aren't just sitting back and letting the race of Men fight the battles. They could, of course, simply have had Legolas and Gimli saying that their people are fighting elsewhere, much as the books do, but it's more interesting and emphatic to actually show that the elves are participating in the battle against evil, even if it represents a change.


Show generally

Question: In "The Stolen Earth", is The Doctor refering to an old episode when he says, "Someone tried to move the earth before"?

Chosen answer: Yes. The Daleks tried to destroy the Earth's core and replace it with an engine to pilot it through the universe in the first Doctor story "The Dalek Invasion of Earth."

Captain Defenestrator

Question: Does Colonel Stryker have more than one son? Assuming he is the same character played by Brian Cox in X-Men III, he has another son in a wheelchair that can't be Wade.

Allister Cooper, 2011

Chosen answer: First of all, Stryker was in "X2", not 3. Secondly, Wade was never his son. Stryker only has one son, named Jason. In this movie he can be seen encased in ice (to protect people from him), but it is obviously him (note his eye colour - one brown, one blue). It's far from unthinkable that sometime between this movie and "X2", his father's experiments on him put Jason in a wheelchair.


Question: At the beginning, why did the cops chase after Reese, what was their reason?


Chosen answer: He'd just mugged somebody in the alley for their trousers.


Six Months Ago - S1-E10

Question: Hiro Nakamura acquires two plane tickets to Tokyo for himself and Charlie Andrews. Why? Wouldn't it be a lot less time consuming to simply teleport her there?


Chosen answer: Hiro's powers aren't terribly reliable at the time - he's okay with using it himself, but doesn't want to risk her ending up somewhere unsafe.


Question: Towards the end of the film, why does Reese switch on all those machines? He says something about "cover, so it can't track us." What does he mean by this?


Chosen answer: It creates more heat, more noise and more motion in the area. It makes it harder to pick out two people running around, either by sight (machines blocking view), heat sensors (from the heat of the machinery) or listening out (the machines are loud).

Gary O'Reilly

Question: What is the exact timeline for this movie? Is it taking place at the same time that the Tokyo Drift is taking place? Or is it supposed to be before?


Chosen answer: It's a slightly tricky one to answer because the movie doesn't give very many clues. What we do know for a fact is the events at the start during and up to the conclusion of the Petroleum tanker heists was set before Tokyo Drift as evidenced by Dom speaking to Han with a view to returning back to Tokyo. After that it gets a little fuzzy. Some people claim the entire movie is before Tokyo Drift, but that simply cannot be the case as there are lots of 2008/2009 model cars around the movie, so the general consensus is the very start is before Tokyo Drift, and the time when Dom comes out of travelling/hiding and gets the phone call that Letty is dead is now after Tokyo Drift.


Question: One of the trivia entries states that after the credits there's a scene with Wolverine in it. Yet, one of the question's answers (and the clip I saw) states the scene is of Weapon XI. Are there different endings to this movie, or is the trivia wrong?

mechanical sponge

Chosen answer: There are two additional scenes after the credits, one with Wolverine and one with Deadpool. Which one you get to see depends on which theatre you are in at the time.


Question: Was it ever stated what the crop circles were meant to represent?


Chosen answer: Yes, they were intended as coordinates for the aliens to land and begin their invasion. Merrill comments on this while engrossed in the television coverage of the invasion.

Brenda Elzin



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