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Question: Bruce Wayne tells Clark that in order to get back the foreclosed Kent family farm, he bought the bank that owned it. Why didn't he just buy the house directly? It was for sale.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Bruce Wayne is not only rich and powerful, he's also dangerously vindictive. If you cross him or his friends, he'll pull the rug out from under you, at best, and destroy you, at worst. At the end of "Batman vs Superman," Bruce Wayne realises how horribly wrong he was about Superman; he even feels a kinship because both of their mothers were named Martha, and he was finally able to "save Martha" (something that had haunted Bruce Wayne for his entire life). I'm thinking, once Bruce Wayne discovered that Martha Kent's house was foreclosed, he acted to not merely save the farm but to punish the bank that foreclosed it. So he bought the bank and probably ruined a few financial careers in the process, out of sheer vengeance.

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: It was partly done as a joke. But it seems less likely that Bruce would just buy his friend a farm. What most likely happened is Bruce bought the bank and then in essence cancelled the foreclosure, turning the Kent farm back to Martha. Then Martha would continue making her mortgage payments to the bank.

Answer: Like all billionaires, Bruce Wayne wants to make more money. It's much more lucrative to buy an entire bank, and the foreclosure would be cancelled at the same time.

Question: What is the story behind the strange makeup blunders in Justice League? Early in the film, both Henry Cavill's and Ben Affleck's facial features seem oddly, almost creepily unrecognizable (in the smartphone sequence of Superman and in the private jet sequence with Bruce Wayne and Alfred). Also, Bruce Wayne's hair color seems to randomly change throughout the movie. As I understand it, between the directing upheaval and editing, many old scenes were deleted and new scenes added, requiring a lot of re-shooting. Is that the reason for the sloppy makeup continuity?

Charles Austin Miller

Answer: I don't know about the Ben Affleck portion of your question, but when the film was going back for reshoots, Henry Cavill had grown a mustache for his upcoming role in "Mission: Impossible Fallout" which he was contractually obligated to keep. The special effects crew had no choice but to digitally erase his mustache in post-production, which is why his mouth area looks so odd in some scenes (if you have seen the trailer for "Deadpool 2," Deadpool makes reference to this when he notes that the special effects for Cable's metal arm are not finished, and remarks that it's not like they are trying to remove a mustache). Interestingly, a person on YouTube posted a video of them removing Henry Cavill's mustache using a $500 computer, and it looks remarkably better than what this film did with a $300 million budget.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: When Bruce tracks down Aquaman in the Icelandic village, they have a conversation in which Aquaman calls Bruce "Batman" within earshot of strangers; since Bruce Wayne is highly protective of his secret identity as Batman, isn't this a bit careless on Aquaman's part? Even if the Icelandic villagers didn't understand English (unlikely, since most Icelandic people are at least bilingual), they would still recognize the word "Batman" and be able to put two and two together.


Answer: It is implied that the village is isolated. Bruce says that Arthur helps the villagers survive the winter by bringing them fish, which indicates they are so cut off from the world they would die out without Arthur's help. There is no indication that any of these people have ever heard of either Bruce Wayne or Batman. Neither appears to be particularly famous outside of Gotham, Clark didn't recognize Bruce Wayne in the previous film at the party and Batman had only recently made national news.


Question: If they know the mother boxes are dangerous why not destroy them? Surely they'd have figured out some way before Steppenwolf came back.


Answer: "Surely they'd figure it out" is hardly a suitable solution. If they knew how to destroy them, they would have. They did the next best thing by hiding them in different places.

Question: Why does Steppenwolf call humans primitive being for using missiles, which are way more advanced than the axes, arrows and swords he has faced? Why are technologically advanced missiles considered primitive? He says nothing of the sort to the Amazons even though human technology is light years ahead of them. Humans could take out all Amazonians in a day without breaking a sweat.

Answer: He comes from a technologically advanced planet, he been to thousand of other words with the same advancements. In the comic book universe, Earth is still a backwater planet. As far as the other aliens were concerned it was the dark ages.

Question: How did Bruce actually find Barry? It says they have someone at the prison who will get the address, but when Barry visits all he does is sign, the guard touches the paper then calls Bruce, how does that help Bruce track him?

Answer: He tracks him from the prison. The same way Lex caught him: cameras. He just needed to know when Barry would be at the prison and track from there. Barry maybe fast but that isn't his only form of transportation. He uses up a lot of energy doing that.


Answer: The guard is letting Bruce know that Barry is there. He's nearly impossible to track because of his speed.

Question: The last shot in "Batman v Superman" showed the soil on top of Superman's casket beginning to levitate, inferring that Superman was still alive and on the verge of bursting out of his grave. Why then, in this movie, do the other heroes have to exhume his body and use the Motherbox to bring him back to life if the former movie made it clear he wasn't actually dead?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: It's sort-of a crappy answer, but the truth is... like many sequels, this movie simply ret-cons and "forgets" the last few seconds of the previous film. This happens more often than you'd think. The filmmakers decided that rather than go with the notion that Superman might still be alive as implied by the ending of BvS, they'd instead add in a sequence where he's brought back to life in this one. I'm sure if you really stretched, you could also say that the dirt rising was a hint that he might be able to be brought back or wasn't beyond being saved, and that some of his power still existed somewhere.

Answer: Zack Snyder said "It's always been symbolic of hope and lessons learned." Sounds like it was more of a fourth wall wink nod to the audience than the literal sense he was actually doing it.


Question: In the first scene, who was the shadowy man on the roof who asks Batman if this is happening because Superman died? Is it the burglar he was fighting with? If so, why is he chatting with a man he just tried to shoot?

Brian Katcher

Answer: Yes, he is the burglar who was just fighting with Batman. He is chatting because meeting a parademon face to face has caused him to realise that the world is seriously in trouble. He is genuinely curious whether or not Batman can stop this threat.


Question: What was the green stuff on Aquaman's hand and on his cup when he was drinking in the bar?

Answer: Parademon blood, from when one hit the boat.

Question: Why leave all three Motherboxes on Earth? Wouldn't it have been wiser to let the Green Lantern Corps take at least one of them?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: Darkseid's minions killed a Green Lantern. The humans, Amazons, and Atlanteans were the ones who were actually strong enough to fight off his forces.


Answer: To start, oftentimes it's hard to establish a Green Lantern character without establishing a vast "universe." You have the Green Lantern Corp filled with thousands of aliens from across the galaxy, the Guardians, a power ring that creates virtually anything, etc. It's easier to do this in animation over live-action. Ryan Reynolds' "Green Lantern" film underperformed and future projects were scrapped, failing to set-up a Green Lantern universe. So when Warner Bros. Set up the DCEU, they went with Superman (from the "Man of Steel" film). After DC's "New 52", Cyborg became a founding member of the Justice League (along with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern). So it's not that film makers replaced Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) with Cyborg, they simply left Green Lantern out.


Continuity mistake: When Bruce talks with Barry to joins him into the league, he shows him a paper with Barry on it and his fingers move between shots. (00:36:35)


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Diana Prince: You wanted me to be a leader. But leaders get people killed. So I follow, always.

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