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Corrected entry: When Batman uses the burglar as a bait to attract the parademon, he is hooked up by the waist but there's some kind of bar that extends to his collar to keep his back straight - presumably needed for health and safety reasons during filming.


Correction: Batman lands on him from atop the water tower and wraps him in a cable several times, both at the waist area and the collar area.

Corrected entry: While Batman is hiding behind the tank of water, the thief aims to the right, however the shot hits in the center.


Correction: He fires one shot to the right of the tank, then another shot which hits the tank.

Corrected entry: After the robber at the beginning shoots the water tower, water starts coming out. The next shot the tower is fully intact.


Correction: We see the tower still leaking from the bullet hole underneath the "Y" in the word city just before Batman jumps off the tower.

Corrected entry: While Bruce is on the cliff before speaking with Arthur he has his hood on, but in the next shot the hood is off.


Correction: Yes because he lowered his hood off camera, then removed his goggles on camera.

Corrected entry: The US flag in the Gotham City police station only has 48 stars.

Correction: Yes and it is framed and on the wall next to lots of other pieces of historic memorabilia.

Corrected entry: While Barry is in line to sign in at the jail the hairless guy is behind him, but in the next shot that guy is getting in line again.


Correction: He is still in line and just moves up further in line. We also see another bald man exiting and we see the reflection of the bald man as he is standing behind Barry while Barry is signing in.

Corrected entry: Before Arthur dives into the sea while he speaks with Bruce nobody is behind him, but in the next shot there is a crowd.


Correction: Two different shots. The first shot is tighter on Bruce and you can't see the crowd. You instead see the empty space above their heads. The next is wider and you see them.

Corrected entry: After the burglar shoots Batman on the rooftop, he has the gun in his hands, but in the next shot it disappears.


Correction: Incorrect. He shoots at Batman, pigeons are seen, then he is again seen with the gun pointing around searching for Batman until Batman comes out of nowhere and knocks it out.

Corrected entry: In the film it's established that the mother box used by Dr. Silas activated after Superman died, but in BvS the box was already used to make Cyborg.


Correction: It activated on its own after Superman died. Silas had to get it to work before then.

Corrected entry: If the the parademons can smell the fear and react, they would do so when Flash is having a panic attack.


Correction: The parademons are in a separate room with several hostages who are far more afraid than The Flash is, so their attention is focused elsewhere.

Corrected entry: If Steppenwolf could track two of the mother boxes without any trouble, why does he need to ask where the other one is?


Correction: Because he knows where Atlantis and Themyscira are, and these places are very small in comparison with the rest of Earth.

He couldn't know that the boxes were in Themyscira and in Atlantis.

He knows that the Amazons and Atlanteans united with the tribes of man to defeat him, so he correctly deduces that each group will have one of the boxes.

Corrected entry: When Steppenwolf takes the mother box from Atlantis he arrives alone, but after the struggle there is a body of a parademon in the water.


Correction: The parademon obviously came with him, but was off camera.

Corrected entry: Before Superman is resurrected by the League it's nighttime, after that it's daylight, then he takes Lois with him and it's almost nighttime again.


Correction: Yes because it is late in the morning when they dig him up, then after dawn when he is resurrected, then he spends most of the day in Kansas with Lois.

Corrected entry: In the fight after reviving Superman, Flash and Superman go full speed, while everybody else moves in super slow-motion. But Wonder-Woman should not appear as slow as Cyborg or Aquaman. In the beginning of the film, she was fast enough to easily catch bullets.

Correction: Wonder Woman, like Superman and The Flash, is only that fast when absolutely necessary, not all the time.

That correction doesn't make sense. There was no reason why Superman went full speed, while Wonder Woman flew through the air in slow motion.

If I remember correctly, she wasn't flying through the air, she was falling toward her sword. Super-speed or not, gravity will only pull you down so fast.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Spoiler: At the end of the film, Clark Kent gets his old home back, and he's shown walking the streets of Metropolis. It's one thing for Superman, an alien to "come back from the dead", but Clark Kent had an obituary, funeral and a tombstone. How is his resurrection explained away?

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: This isn't a mistake since we haven't been told he reentered society as Clark Kent, just shown that he is back in Metropolis. The sequels will need to explain his return, or alternatively, his creation of a new life and persona. Mostly likely they will claim the dead body that was buried was misidentified, but that plot device needs to wait for a future movie.


Corrected entry: At the start Wonder Woman stops a terrorist attack in London, and one of the terrorists tells her the bomb will flatten 4 blocks. This must be true as she is using her lasso of truth. But she just throws the bomb through the roof window and it explodes without damaging anything. A bomb with that blast radius would still damage nearby buildings, whether it detonated in the air or on the ground.

Correction: Yeah but the criminal could be wrong, he might actually believe that's what the bomb will do, and maybe that's what it's supposed to do, but the explosive balance is wrong and it simply doesn't work properly. Definitely not a factual error when it's about a claim, even if he's telling the truth.


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