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Trivia: The prison guard is played by Mark McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in the original 1978 Superman movie.


Trivia: The black and red check jacket that Henry Cavill wears when he's talking to Ben Affleck on the farm at the end of the movie is near-identical to the one worn by Clark Kent in the original 1978 Superman movie, when he's telling his mother he has to leave.


Trivia: After a family tragedy, coupled with studio executives' dissatisfaction with the production, Zack Snyder left the film and was replaced by Joss Whedon, who rewrote and re-shot large portions of the movie. After several years of fans demanding an "original" cut, HBO Max funded Zack Snyder's Justice League, restoring the director's original vision for the film, which garnered mostly positive reviews, being largely viewed as an improvement on Whedon's version.

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Trivia: In Justice League, Jason Momoa has one line of Icelandic. His pronunciation was so atrocious that when shown in Iceland, which normally subtitles English-language movies, the Icelandic also had to be subtitled...into Icelandic, just so people could understand what he said.

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Trivia: At the end Cyborg says "Booya," a classic line from him in the comics and the cartoons.


Trivia: In a nod to the prior film adaptations, composer Danny Elfman included several musical cues that included elements of his compositions from the original Tim Burton "Batman" and John William's iconic "Superman" theme.

Trivia: The red phone used by the guard in the prison to call Bruce is similar to the one used by Gordon in the classic 60's Batman TV series.


Trivia: There is a mid-credit scene and an end credit scene. In the end, Lex is talking to Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke. Lex and Slade were members of the Injustice League in the comics.


Trivia: The ACE chemical sign (a classic Gotham landmark) can be seen in the city while the heroes are on the street and the Batsignal is visible.


Trivia: Barry makes a small reference to Gorilla Grodd when he tells Bruce that he speaks gorilla language with his hands.


Trivia: Cyborg's armour at the end is very similar to that in the new 52 comic book series.


Trivia: In the battle against Steppenwolf with the Amazons and the Atlantic people, Green Lantern is visible at least twice. Zeus, father of Diana, is also seen.


Trivia: Cyborg wears gray sport clothes just like he does in the cartoon animated series.


Trivia: The poster of Prince may be a reference to Tim Burton's Batman film. A couple of Prince songs are on the soundtrack, and he produced an entire soundtrack album of music based on the 1989 film.


Trivia: When Batman wears the black goggles he resembles Night Owl from Watchmen, another Zack Snyder movie based on a graphic novel.


Continuity mistake: When Aquaman returns the sailor to the bar after saving him from the ocean, he drinks whiskey from a glass and notices parademon blood on his hand and the glass, in the next shot the glass is clean. (00:43:05)

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Barry Allen: I eat a lot of snacks. I'm like a black hole of snacks...I'm a snackhole.

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Question: What is the story behind the strange makeup blunders in Justice League? Early in the film, both Henry Cavill's and Ben Affleck's facial features seem oddly, almost creepily unrecognizable (in the smartphone sequence of Superman and in the private jet sequence with Bruce Wayne and Alfred). Also, Bruce Wayne's hair color seems to randomly change throughout the movie. As I understand it, between the directing upheaval and editing, many old scenes were deleted and new scenes added, requiring a lot of re-shooting. Is that the reason for the sloppy makeup continuity?

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Answer: I don't know about the Ben Affleck portion of your question, but when the film was going back for reshoots, Henry Cavill had grown a mustache for his upcoming role in "Mission: Impossible Fallout" which he was contractually obligated to keep. The special effects crew had no choice but to digitally erase his mustache in post-production, which is why his mouth area looks so odd in some scenes (if you have seen the trailer for "Deadpool 2," Deadpool makes reference to this when he notes that the special effects for Cable's metal arm are not finished, and remarks that it's not like they are trying to remove a mustache). Interestingly, a person on YouTube posted a video of them removing Henry Cavill's mustache using a $500 computer, and it looks remarkably better than what this film did with a $300 million budget.

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