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About Last Night - S3-E9

Question: Dexter tests the blood on Miguel's shirt, to see if it's Freebo's. It looks like he's just using a DNA sequencer and the blood result comes back "bovine." Can a DNA sequencer differentiate which species the blood came from like that? Or perhaps he was using a different type of blood analysis machine? Is there an analysis machine that's capable of that? I thought the way to test if blood is human or not, "anti-human serum" is mixed with the blood to see if it will clot. So wouldn't the only way to tell it was bovine blood is to inject it with "anti-bovine serum"?


Answer: The short answer is yes, it could. but, it would have to be set up to analyze results to differentiate species. The sequencer will report the base pairs for any properly prepared sample, but interpreting the results is a software package. The software is available, but I would think it unlikely that an analysis package used in a forensics lab would have the capability to be so specific. More likely it would report "Non Human Sequences Found."

Question: In the lunchroom cafeteria scene after Cheng sadistically and purposefully slams Dre's lunch tray all over him and knocking it over, Cheng says something to the teacher in Mandarin that is omitted by the English subtitles before Dre yells "Whatever he's saying, he is lying." What is Cheng saying?

Answer: Whatever Chang said, he said it too fast. I am Cantonese but I understand a bit of Mandarin. Even in 0.5 speed I either can't understand it or he said it too fast. I made out his last words (in ping ying), "ta Dar wour," that means, "he fought me." However, the rest might be the other reason why he flipped Dre's lunch.

Question: Near the end, the guards turned into animals when Pacha knocks the potions at them and Izma turns after crushing one. Why didn't Kronk turn when he poured his potion on his shoulder while pretending?

Answer: The potion was consumed by Kuzco - he drank it. As for the others it looks like they inhaled it while it was in smoke form. Maybe it needs to be ingested somehow in order for the person to turn into an animal.

There was a scene that showed Yzma pouring the potion onto a cactus which, she thought at the time, was poison. In the next scene, the cactus had taken on the shape of a llama. This could imply that the potion could affect somebody any number of ways.

The Long Honeymoon - S6-E1

Question: Are the Dunphys Jewish? Claire mentions Hanukkah in this episode.

Answer: No, they're not. It was just a joke because they said they've only had 8 consecutive days of bliss, which just happened to be in December 2007, and it was the Dunphy's version of Hanukkah. They're just comparing it to Hanukkah because Hanukkah also lasts 8 days. The Dunphys have been shown to celebrate Christmas, with presents, Christmas tree, etc, and the Pritchetts have Christmas traditions (see s01e10 "Undeck the Halls").


Question: I'm confused about Mason's step-siblings. Is their mother dead or did she just leave their dad?

Answer: She is divorced from the dad. When Mason's mum leaves him with her kids she says that she has contacted their mother and child services.

Question: I believe that Carrie did not actually die at the end of the film and is waiting to torment Sue and whoever else messes with her. Anyone adhere to this?

Answer: That was always the impression I got until the sequel was released in 1999 (The Rage: Carrie 2) that made it clear Carrie White was definitively dead.


Question: At the end of the movie, when the ship finds Richard, Emmeline, and baby Paddy in the lifeboat, Richard's father asks if they are dead. A crewman tells him that they are only asleep. Are they really dead and the crewman was trying to spare his feelings by lying to him, or are they really only sleeping?

Answer: The ending is meant to be ambiguous, and is identical to the ending of the original novel on which the film is based. It is never answered whether they are alive or not.


Question: How does Coraline wake up in her room when she goes to sleep in the Other World? Is it part of the Other Mother's magic?

Answer: It's part of the other mother's trap. Coraline thinks she goes back home, but really, she's still in the other world.

Question: When Carrie begins using her power to get revenge on everybody, a quick shot shows Sue on her phone. Who was she calling? The screams of the students made it impossible to hear.

Answer: After seeing Carrie get soaked in blood and Tommy get killed by being hit with the bucket, Sue leaves the building. Sue returns while talking on the phone just in time to see Heather crash into the gym window due to Carrie's shock-wave. As Sue rushes away, still on the phone, we hear her say, "There's been an explosion!" Sue was most likely calling the police to tell them about the prank that Chris and Billy pulled, so she could get some help for Carrie. She then gave them more information upon witnessing Carrie's rage.

Question: How did Steve return the soul stone?


Answer: As the guardian of the Soul Stone, the Red Skull presumably just showed Steve the spot where he needed to return it. As for how Steve got to Vormir in the first place, he could have either borrowed a spaceship from Asgard or had Heimdall teleport him there via the Bifrost after returning the Reality Stone.

Phaneron Premium member

Asgard doesn't exist at the time Steve would return the stone.

It did when they took it so its still there when he brings it back. It's shortly before the dark elves attack.


Yes it does. Clint, Natasha, Rhodey and Nebula all traveled to Morag in 2014 when Quill took the Power Stone, at which point Clint and Natasha took the Guardians' ship and traveled to Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone. Steve can travel to Asgard in 2014 and ask Heimdall to teleport him to both of those planets. Asgard wasn't destroyed until just before the events of Infinity War.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Is it ever stated in the movie what Marcellus' reason was for Butch to throw the fight?

Answer: Marcellus was fixing the fight. Marcellus paid Butch a large sum of money to throw the fight so that he and others could bet even more money on Floyd to win the fight. If Butch had done what he was paid to do it would have been a guaranteed win for Marcellus.


Question: When Hitch is being set up at the zoo, how did the guy know to use Albert Brenneman's name? The only connection they had at that point was Vance. If they actually suspected Albert had help how did they not suspect Hitch already because of the art show tickets?

Answer: He should not have known. I think it is a plot hole.

Question: When the bell rings for the end of Indy's college class, what exactly is he pointing at?

Answer: He's not pointing at anything. When the bell rings, he makes a hand gesture that I interpret at "wait, class, one more thing before you go" (something I've done myself). From there, he's just moving his hands around as he speaks, which is a common thing for people to do.


Question: What was that man at the airport saying in English?


Answer: He is way better than you and good looking.

Question: The Bandit and Buford come face to face in the diner. Buford orders a diablo sandwich, and then runs to the door and hollers at Jr and asks if he wants something - when Jr. orders, Buford's response was "We don't have time for that!" - then why even ask Jr to begin with, if that's going to be his answer?


Answer: Junior asks for hush puppies, which are basically deep-fried dough balls...they would probably take a couple of minutes to make. The diablo sandwich, on the other hand, seems to be prepared in advance, since the sheriff gets his seconds after asking for it. Still, hush puppies probably would have been ready by the time the sheriff finishes his conversation with the Bandit.

Answer: Depends what he ordered - if it was something more complicated than a diablo sandwich, they wouldn't have time. Or he's just being a jerk.

Answer: I think he said "Onion rings daddy" - but I guess it would depend on what consists of a Diablo sandwich that is easy to make as opposed to waiting to having the rings made (it's a trivial point, I know...but it's been bugging me).


Question: Dr Evazan and Ponda Baba (the two that confront Ben Kenobi in the cantina in Star Wars) have a small cameo in the city of Jedha. Is the assumption that they made it out of the city before the empire destroys the city within the short time of their cameo?

Answer: Yes. They were on their way to the starport when they were encountered. They left the planet a short while later, before the Death Star attack.

Question: When Adam and Barbara start to age and die near the end of the movie, I don't get how they didn't "die" again. How did they end up completely fine at the end?

Answer: Otho is attempting to exorcise them (remember how the afterlife janitor said exorcism was death for the dead), but Beetlejuice interrupted the ceremony, restoring them.

Brian Katcher

Answer: It's not completely clear what was happening to them but it's somewhere along the lines of the ritual making them corporeal or even partially resurrecting them but the ritual wasn't done properly so their bodies started to decay. Beetlejuice reversed that process and turned them back into ghosts.


Question: Did Erin make it out alive?

Answer: Erin along with the child make it out alive however the fate of them both following the events of the film are unknown.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: When Damian learns that he is the Antichrist, he is seen being very upset about it. Later in the movie, why does he choose to embrace who he is and his destiny?

Answer: Having lived as a "normal" boy, Damien is initially shocked to learn his true identity. After having time to adjust and being surrounded and groomed by satanic supporters, he eventually embraces his true persona.

raywest Premium member

The answer is correct, and I'm just going a into a bit more detail. During the events of the first film, Damien is normal until Mrs Baylock entered his life. She started teaching him about who he was, but he was only five or six, which would have been far too young for him to understand. He started acting more malicious after this point. After the movie ended, it skips ahead to Damien living with his uncle, aunt, and cousin. During that time, it's conceivable that the forces surrounding him decided to give him a period of peace. He was raised by his aunt (secretly a Satanist), but she might have been instructed to give him a normal upbringing so he wouldn't call attention to himself. As a result, he probably forgot about it, and started to believe he wasn't any different. Once he learned of his unholy lineage he began to remember and eventually embrace it, especially since he had several followers (Buher, Neff, and many others he may not have met yet) to help and protect him.


Question: Wasn't President Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" speech as heard in the movie given before Congress on January 6, 1941? The movie, or some of it, takes place December 6th/7th 1941.

Answer: FDR's Four Freedoms speech (which was his eighth State of the Union address) was originally given on January 6, 1941, some months before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The filmmakers appear to have deliberately compressed the two historical events to emphasize the dramatic change in the world. FDR gave the speech to gain public support for the U.S. aiding Britain and the other allied forces, even though it was not yet involved in the war.

raywest Premium member

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