The Karate Kid

Question: I have 2 questions. 1) At the waterfall, why did Dre and Meyeing take their shoes off if they would put them right back on? And 2) I know Dre took off his socks as well, but did Meyeing?


Question: What did Cheng and Meiying say at the park when they were talking?

Answer: Because Dre has finally earned Chengs respect. The other Fighting Dragons bowed to Mr. Han because in China bowing is shown as a sign of respect as they see that he is a better teacher and a kinder master then Master Li.

Since this movie mirrors the 1984 original movie, this is like how Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and the Cobra Kai's (excluding Dutch [Chad McQueen]) finally respect Daniel Larusso (Ralph Macchio), after the latter defeats Lawrence-The only difference is that the Cobras do not bow to Mr. Miyagi.

Question: A few questions. 1. Why does everyone stare at Dre after he claps for Meiying for her performance? 2. Why is she told by her parents her and Dre can't be friends anymore? 3. Are there tournaments in China like the one in this movie? 4. Was this filmed in China at all?


Chosen answer: 1. It was unexpected. In China, not clapping is considered a compliment. 2. They feel Dre is a distraction. 3. Yes. There are martial arts tournaments in China as depicted in the film. 4. Yes. The scenes which feature the Forbidden City, Wudang Mountain, and the Great Wall were filmed on location.


Question: The park scene. When Cheng and Mei Ying were arguing...what were they saying?

Answer: I only heard this part: Meiying: What are you doing! Cheng: If your father knows, he would be very mad. Meiying: So what? You're not even my father.

Question: Why had Cheng snatched Mei Ying's practice sheet and thrown it on the ground, and why did he push Dre when he kept on trying to return the sheet to her?

Answer: Dre was interfering in the argument that has transformed between him and Meiying.

Answer: Looks like you answered your own question.

Question: Does Master Li's actor, Yu Rongguang, know English? I noticed that Master Li never speaks English during this movie.

Answer: Yes.

Question: So what are these tournaments called in China? I'm trying to find one similar to them but am having a hard time.

Answer: There are known as Wushu tournaments. Wushu means martial arts in Chinese.

Question: In the lunchroom cafeteria scene after Cheng sadistically and purposefully slams Dre's lunch tray all over him and knocking it over, Cheng says something to the teacher in Mandarin that is omitted by the English subtitles before Dre yells "Whatever he's saying, he is lying." What is Cheng saying?

Answer: Whatever Chang said, he said it too fast. I am Cantonese but I understand a bit of Mandarin. Even in 0.5 speed I either can't understand it or he said it too fast. I made out his last words (in ping ying), "ta Dar wour," that means, "he fought me." However, the rest might be the other reason why he flipped Dre's lunch.

He said, "I bumped into him and I apologised but he hit me."

Chosen answer: There's no reason given. It's just a personal preference.


Question: Why are Cheng, Liang, Zhuang and all the other boys so mean to Dre and why do they hate Dre so much even when Dre minds his own business? When Dre leaves them alone, why don't they leave Dre alone? They seem to be attacking Dre for no apparent reason like they're psychopaths. Are they purely malicious and evil at heart?

Answer: Cheng is picking on Dre because Dre developed a crush on Meiying, a violinist, but it is implied that she is Cheng's love interest since his family is close to Meiying's. After Dre develops a crush on Meiying and she reciprocates those feelings, Cheng becomes jealous and vindictive. From then on, Cheng and his gang continually bully Dre. As bullies usually do, they attack someone they perceive as being weaker, purely for malicious reasons.


It is not because of the crush but it is because Dre was trying to give the sheet back to Meying and Cheng pushed him to throw it on the floor. Then Dre challenged Cheng to a fight and tried his best. After that Cheng started showing no mercy to Dre and Dre became a prey.

Question: Why did Dre's mom make him go to school the day after he arrived into another country that he doesn't even speak the country's language yet? Besides both Dre and Dre's mom have jet lag so they'd probably sleep in even if they both had an alarm clock.


Chosen answer: Dre's mother had him learning the language before the moved, he would have known the language if he wasn't so lazy. Jet lag or not she wanted him in school.


Answer: Harry said "Hey, don't be like that to him." Cheng obviously said "Go!"

He also said something like "he's new he doesn't know about you".

Question: Why is Master Li evil at heart and why does he hold a grudge against Mr. Han? Also why isn't he on speaking terms such as the peace offering by Mr. Han?

Answer: Master Li is based on John Kreese from the original Karate Kid film, and much like Kreese the reasons for his behavior are never fully explained. It is only vaguely mentioned in The Karate Kid Part 3 that Kreese and Terry Silver's martial arts instructor taught them their philosophy on fighting: strike first, strike hard, no mercy. It is reasonable to assume that Master Li learned his behavior from whoever taught him Kung Fu. Master Li holds a grudge against Mr. Han because Mr. Han "attacked" his students. He doesn't accept Mr. Han's peace offering because he views this as a sign of weakness, which he despises.


The grudge is based on Sato and Chozen Toguchi from Part II (1986).

In what way? Sato had a very personal, openly stated reason for his grudge against Miyagi. There is no such indication that Mr. Han and Master Li had ever so much as heard of one another.


Question: I don't understand that when Cheng keeps picking on Dre, he's telling Dre to stay away from him and his friends. Can someone please explain that?


Answer: It is a common bullying tactic, telling someone to "stay away" from you knowing they cannot. Kids who go to the same school or live in the same neighborhood are bound to run into each other. It just gives the bully an excuse to antagonize the victim whenever they do run into each other because the victim isn't following orders to "stay away."


Answer: He dislikes how close he was getting with Meiying (Cheng's crush) and does whatever he can to scare him off so Dre doesn't talk to her anymore.

Question: On the Air China Boeing 747 plane, Dre hesitantly mumbles something in Mandarin. What is Dre saying before the Asian businessman on the same plane across the row is insulted and replies "Dude, I'm from Detroit"?

Answer: "Nihaw, mao"

Question: After Dre threw dirty water on Cheng and his friends they chased him to an isolated area and punched him hard several times in the stomach. Then Mr. Han jumped in and stopped them. But how did Mr. Han know Dre was in trouble and how did he know where to go to help him?

Answer: Most likely, at some point during the chase, he spotted the guys after Dre and knew he was in trouble.

Question: What does Dre's friend give him as a going-away gift?

Answer: A skateboard.

Question: Can you please tell me which type of kung fu Cheng used? I really like his style with his footwork (the spins he makes after punching or kicking, I think it's because of changing to the dominating side). If it's a mix of more styles, would you please name them if you recognize any of them?


Answer: Cheng uses a type of Chinese kung fu called "Wushu." This is a modern Chinese martial art with a training program, incorporating mixed martial arts exercises from famous traditional martial arts such as Shaolin, Wudang, Nga Mi, Khong Dong, Wing Chun, and Tai Chi.

Question: Where did Dre and his class go to on their class trip?

Answer: The forbidden city.

Factual error: At the end of the first semifinal, as Cheng's gang gather to congratulate him, the events are being recorded for posterity by a photographer standing about 6 feet away, who, unfortunately is using at least a 200mm lens. I'm not sure he could even get Cheng's left eye into focus.


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Dre Parker: Mr. Han... Do you know you got a car in your living room?

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Trivia: Whilst this movie is a remake of the 80's Karate Kid, and is named the same, no actual karate is performed at all. It's all kung-fu.


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