The Karate Kid
Movie Quote Quiz

Mr. Han: You've already accomplished everything you wanted to. Why do you still want to fight?
Dre Parker: Because win or lose, I don't want to be afraid any more. And I'm still afraid.

Mr. Han: Sometimes the most important fights are the ones you avoid.

Sherry Parker: So... How many students do you have?
Mr. Han: Including Dre?
Sherry Parker: Yes...
Mr. Han: One!

Dre Parker: Be kinda hot if I won this thing, huh, Mr. Han?
Mr. Han: Be kinda hot if you focused.
Dre Parker: Yeah, well, after that.

Mr. Han: Your focus needs more focus.

Mr. Han: What happened to eye?
Dre Parker: I ran into a pole.
Mr. Han: interesting pole.

Dre Parker: Mr. Han... Do you know you got a car in your living room?

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