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Corrected entry: At least twice in the film you hear that uniforms are only worn on uniform day - once from the principal of the school and once from Meiying. Yet several different scenes show Dre in street clothes while the students from the same school are wearing uniforms. When Dre is almost beaten to death by Cheng and his friends they are all wearing uniforms, Dre isn't. When Dre and Meiying play hooky from school she is wearing the school uniform and Dre isn't.


Correction: Dre was new to the school and not yet familiar with the uniform schedule. If you remember, he wore his uniform on his first day while the other children were in street clothes, so it's very plausible that he would wear street clothes not knowing it was uniform day.

Corrected entry: When Dre and Mei Ying are behind stage at the shadow theatre and make a "pinky swear", they first join their right pinkies, but when they release their hands, they release their left hands.


Correction: I watched this scene several times and Dre and Mei Ying start off making a pinky swear with their right hands and when they let go it is still their right hands.

Corrected entry: Dre's white uniform never picks up any stains during the tournament. Sweat is rolling down his forehead, but there are no sweat stains on his jacket. He also keeps rolling and twisting on the mat, but again, no stains ever appear on his jacket.


Correction: Sweat doesn't stain until it dries. If you mean wet spots, then it's simply explained by breathable fabric. The moisture is absorbed then quickly evaporates. A lot of athletic apparel is made from this type of material.

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Corrected entry: At the start of the movie Dre and Sherry are in Detroit, and they take a flight to Beijing on Air China, but Air China doesn't fly into or out of Detroit.


Correction: TheY lived in Detroit. We see them leaving home, then arriving at the airport with no real indication of how much time passed in between. They didn't necessarily stay in town.

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Corrected entry: After Mei Ying told Dre they coudn't be friends anymore he went to go see Mr. Han, and while he was on his way he got a text message from his mom saying, "Where are you, you need to get home." At the bottom of the text, the date was listed as "June 8th, 6:08 pm". When Dre got to Mr. Han's house minutes later, Mr. Han said it was July 8th. (01:26:35 - 01:27:30)


Correction: You set the date and time on your phone, and it gives you information accordingly. He messed up when doing so. Understandable as he's 10 and the two months are right next to each other on the list and both start with "J".

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Corrected entry: Mr Han says he smashes his car once per year and is then rebuilding it. Giving the state of the car after he smashed it in the movie, he is certainly in the wrong job. He has a career as panel beater in front of him. Assuming the car looks every year the same after he is "finished" with it the look of the car before he smashed it was rather stunning. All panels were straight, no visible damage. Even the frame was a complete write off beforehand and looked more it was run over by a tank.

Correction: We see the car at the end of it's 'repair cycle'; after Han has spent a whole year fixing it. He works on it every day and only repairs the cosmetic damage - he's only trying to make it look the way it did before the accident. After years of smashing and repairing the car he is getting very good at it, and the pieces damaged beyond repair (glass, mirrors, ets) are obviously swapped out with replacement parts.

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