Reservoir Dogs

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mr. Blonde is pouring gasoline over the cop, the cop's legs are flying around trying to kick him. Later, we see that the cop's legs are still taped to the chair.

Continuity mistake: When Mr Blonde cuts the ear off the cop, we cut to a shot of him holding the ear, it is covered in blood. However, when we cut to a shot of Mr Blonde talking into the ear, there is no blood on the ear.

Deliberate mistake: In the torture scene, Mr Blonde turns the radio on and listens to "Stuck in the Middle with You" as he proceeds to torture the cop. Mr Orange shoots him before Mr Blonde turns the radio off, but somehow the radio is never heard again in the film.

Other mistake: During the post-robbery flashback where Mr. White has just killed two police officers, there is a shot of Mr. White saying, "Let's go." after determining that Mr. Brown is dead. As Mr. White & Mr. Orange leave the scene, you can see 3, maybe 4 men standing perhaps 20 feet away, lounging in front of a dark blue truck. For all the car-crashing & gunshots easily within earshot, those witnesses seem awfully nonchalant. (01:25:40)


Continuity mistake: There is a scene where the cops are chasing Mr. Pink. Keep an eye on the hardware store which is followed by a grey building with a sign each side of a door - Mr. Pink runs past it, then the cops run past it, then Mr. Pink runs past it again.

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Continuity mistake: When they bring Marvin Nash to be tortured, his hands are cuffed behind his back. They start kicking him and his hands are then seen cuffed in front. Then, they switch back just a few moments later and his hands are back behind his back again.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mr. Pink is running away from the police, he gets hit by a car. He pulls the woman out of the car and leaves the bag on the ground. The shot changes to the police, then back to him and the bag is gone even though he's still trying to open the door. (00:21:00)

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Continuity mistake: During the torture scene, Mr. Blonde gets his sleeves bloody, but when he is holding the ear, the blood disappears. A few seconds later, the sleeves are bloody again.

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Continuity mistake: When Mr. Blonde is in the warehouse with the cop, it shows close-up of the cop, and he has blood on his forehead on the left side. After Mr Blonde slaps him in the face, the blood has disappeared. It reappears later.

Continuity mistake: During Mr. Pink's flashback, he's chased by three cops across the sidewalk of a long, straight avenue - apparently, they all pass the same exact spot numerous times. Notice the white van parking next to the sidewalk as the policemen run next to it - it is followed by a yellow truck. Look closely beneath it, and you'll spot a place where the sidewalk mixes with the road. Later on, in the wide shot of Mr. Pink running, he passes next to the same exact white van, and the same spot where the road mixes with the sidewalk is visible just next to it, right as he picks up the briefcase behind it, yet the yellow truck is gone. Since the cops are behind him, that place should be far away, as he's been running along a long avenue. [To make the street look longer, the filmmakers shot the chase a few more time on the same short street to make it look like a long avenue. Yet the white van marks the same spot, and thus it is a mistake.].

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Continuity mistake: During the chase, we see that there are only three cops (we see a head-on shot of the three cops with an empty sidewalk behind them), but when Mr. Pink opens the car door and starts firing in the direction of the cops, the first three cops (the thin ones) scramble back around the corner. Just then, a fourth cop (the fat one) pops around the corner from nowhere and gets shot.

Visible crew/equipment: The boom mike's shadow is visible when Joe gives out names. It is easily seen moved to the left when he says "let's go to work!" (01:19:25)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Mr White gets out of his car after it crashes to shoot the cops coming in their patrol car, keep an eye on the rear passenger window of his car where a boom mike can be seen. (01:13:10)

Leonard Hassen

Revealing mistake: In several driving scenes, the cars are visibly higher than the rest of traffic. Obviously a flatbed truck was used instead of a trailer for the filming of the interior shots.

Continuity mistake: In a flash back scene, Mr Blonde and Nice Guy Eddie are about to play fight. However, when they hit the floor, they have both changed sides, even though the way they were going for each other showed they would not fall opposite sides.

Continuity mistake: After the climactic shootout near the end of the movie, Mr. White falls on his elbows, facing Eddie's body. In the next shot, Mr. Pink leaves. When he is leaving, Mr. White is facing the back of the warehouse, where Mr. Pink hid. That is a near 45 degree turn when Mr. White was in both shots.

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Pink and Mr. White reflect on Mr. Blonde's madman behavior during the robbery, Mr. White says "I came this close to taking him out." A few minutes later, that line is unintentionally attributed to Mr. Pink. It happens just after Mr. Blonde arrives at the warehouse with his soda, when he and Mr. White nearly get into a fistfight. As Mr. Pink moves to stop the fight, Mr, White says something to the effect of, "Now you're taking his side?" a few minutes ago, you said you thought about taking him out." An incredulous Mr. Blonde says "You said that?" Mr. Pink admits that he did, even though he didn't, but now maintains that Mr. Blonde is the only one he can trust: "He's too homicidal to be working with the cops." This mistake is caused by QT changing the original script (where the "I came this close" - line was originally for Mr. Pink) but forgetting to also alter the later reference.

Audio problem: In the scene when Mr Blonde comes to the warehouse and asks Mr White if he's going to bark all day, Mr Pink rushes in to break them up and right after he says 'calm the f**k down', he says 'hey come on' but his mouth doesn't move.


Mr. White: If you shoot me in a dream you better wake up and apologise.

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Trivia: In the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino says that Madonna's "Like a Virgin" song is a metaphor for big dicks. Long after the movie was made, Quentin met Madonna and she gave him a copy of her album Erotica and inscribed it with "To Quentin - it's about love, not dick."

Kelsey H.

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Question: Why does Mr. White snap his fingers when trying to light his cigarette lighter?

Answer: It's a way of lighting a zippo lighter. If you snap your fingers close to it, your middle finger will strike the wheel and light it.

Nick N.

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