Reservoir Dogs

The movie is a bout a bank robbery gone awry leaving several criminals dead and one wounded the rest shaken. Most of the movie takes place n a warehouse where the criminals debate what to do. They realize one of them had to be a police informer. Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) shows up with a cop (Kirk Baltz) he captured. The thugs beat up the cop and ask who is the informer. The cop claims he dosen't know. The criminals go to hide the cars, leaving Mr. Blonde and the wounded gangster Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) with the cop. Mr. Blonde tortures thecop and cuts off his ear, but is shot by Mr. Orange who turns out to be the police informer. The felons return and kill the cop. And Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) protects the cop they all shoot each other. The police burst in and deliver the finishing kill to Mr. White and the credits roll. Note: this movie is very psychological (as most of quentin tarantino's films are) with some slow parts and
having the scenes in a different order in which they occur. It is an overall well done film.

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