Reservoir Dogs

After an argumant between Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi) and Mr. White (Harvey Keitel), while Mr. Orange (Tim Roth) lies bleeding on the other edge of the warehouse, Mr. Blonde (Michael Madsen) arrives with a cop hostage. They all beat the cop and tie him to a chair untill Nice Guy Eddie (Chris Penn) arrives. He takes Mr. White and Mr. Pink for a talk and leaves Mr. Blonde in the room, who uses the time to start torturing the cop - he slashes his face with a razor blade and cuts off his ear, before taking a gasoline cantine from his car and pouring it on the cop. Before setting him on fire, Mr. Orange wakes up and fires a whole cartridge at Mr. Blonde, thus killing him. Mr. Orange then reveals himself to be undercover officer Freddy Newandyke, just before Nice Guy Eddie, Mr. White and Mr. Pink return. As they find dead Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange tells them that he shot Mr. Blonde because he was planning to kill them and the cop. As a response, Eddie shoots the cop noumerous times, thus killing him. As Joe arrives, he draws a gun at Mr. Orange, claiming he's the cop. Mr. White tries to protect Mr. Orange and Draws a gun against Joe. Eddie then draws a gun against Mr. White, and they all shoot each other. Mr. Pink is the only one to survive, and makes it our with the diamonds. Badly wounded Mr. White embraces bleeding Mr. Orange as the sirens are heard, thinking they will go to Jail togather... but then Mr. Orange reveals himself to be a cop, and outraged Mr. White points a gun at his head as the cops storm in, calling him to drop the gun - Mr. White ignores, and kills Mr. Orange off screen. Teh cops then shoot Mr. White to death, killing the last Dog remaining.


Continuity mistake: When Mr Blonde cuts the ear off the cop, we cut to a shot of him holding the ear, it is covered in blood. However, when we cut to a shot of Mr Blonde talking into the ear, there is no blood on the ear.

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Mr. Blonde: Eddie, if you don't stop talking like a bitch, I'm gonna slap you like a bitch.

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Trivia: In the opening scene of Reservoir Dogs Quentin Tarantino says that Madonna's "Like a Virgin" song is a metaphor for big dicks. Long after the movie was made, Quentin met Madonna and she gave him a copy of her album Erotica and inscribed it with "To Quentin - it's about love, not dick."

Kelsey H.
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Question: Why did Mr. Orange tell Mr. White that he was a cop? Surely he must have realised he would take it badly.


Chosen answer: Having just been shot a second time, he was probably dying by that point. He'd done many extremely questionable things - even murdered an innocent mom - and stood by as other terrible crimes were committed in his presence. He'd grown close to Mr. White, who'd just murdered two friends and taken a bullet for Orange's sake - even as Mr. Orange was betraying him all along. So partly this was about his attachment to Mr. White, and partly a death wish stemming from his own guilt about his actions. He knew full well what would happen but told Mr. White anyway, disregarding the consequences.

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